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  1. https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Sv_downloadurl That is why, perhaps you could have saved yourself asking the question and instead read the developer page regarding why i "Threw" it in the guide, or you might wish to ask whoever maintains that page why they still tell ppl who read that page to enable that svar. Incase you again don't bother reading the dev page here it is quoted for you Again try reading before asking and instead of coming across as an ass try to be constructive and inform ppl instead of belittling them?Then again berating ppl who help others might be your thing, Meh i am out good riddance, sick of arrogant condescending ppl who want others to think they know it all by catching mistakes others make instead of being constructive in the first place and just putting time in themself to make a guide. As for any replys to my post i won't read them i am out of here good luck with the project hopefully you remember in future endeavours that making a mod or a map etc does not entitle you to be an ass especially to those who try to involve themself and contribute.
  2. Other options do save, I have restarted the game and or restarted steam (even the pc) and it still fails to save the sound option to headphones.
  3. Read the following Two pages linked below. https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Net_maxfilesize https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Sv_downloadurl Basically if the map is larger than 64MB you will need Sv_downloadurl 1 and Sv_allowupload 1 in your server.cfg and also to point the clients to the URL / IP address containing the map'(s), so they can download it and the maps'(s) have to have the same folder structure as the server, (i.e., copy /cstrike/maps/... or /tf2/maps/... from the game server to /cstrike/maps/... or /tf2/maps/... on the HTTP server). If the map size is less than 64MB than just using Net_maxfilesize 64 in the server.cfg will be suffice, however downloading a map from the server is not a very fast solution inc Comparison to the above solution. Notes: Bzip2 File Compression Bzip2 is a program which can be used to significantly reduce the size of the files on the Fast Download server. Source natively supports Bzip2, so it's known that this will work. Bzip2 can reduce a file's size by up to 75%. This means a 50mb file can be 15mb or less, allowing players to download it faster. This also means if you have bandwidth limits, you'll save bandwidth with smaller files. Every single file that can be used by Fast Download can be Bzipped. However, the files on the Game Server must be the original files. Only the Web Server needs the bzipped files The normal files do not need to be on the web server if you use Bzip2. Once the files have been uploaded to the Fast Download server (and put in the appropriate places), that's your work done. Source automates the rest, when the client downloads the file, they'll be automatically unzipped and cached etc. You can either get Bzip2 and use the command line, or use 7Zip which has support for zipping into Bzip2 format. Automation Utilities SourceRSC: http://www.brainless.us/downloads.aspx?cid=1 can update your fast download server automatically. If custom content is missing from the fast download server it will bzip the files, create the appropriate folder structure, and properly 'virtualize' the addons and gamemodes folders on the fast download server. Supports accessing the game and fastdownload server locally or with FTP. Works on Windows and Linux.
  4. I choose headphones for the sound options in the game menu and it sets it after i click apply, however when i start a new game it is still on 2 speakers and has not saved the setting to headphones. Win 7 x64 SP1 Realtek Sound driver 2.70
  5. Not sure what the reply on alliedmods meant but here it is. Does that mean it is working if you manually update it, perhaps from the latest -dev snapshot of 1.5xx? (perhaps broken english.) Or does it mean it requires more work in order to finish the offsets for nmrih.
  6. Hey great looking map but i have this msg appear when trying to download it via the URL:
  7. Can we get a FEMA zombie then that way we can take out our angst on his or her skull. ;-) Also Malek maybe onto something, the one issue i face is when i see a dropped item near the supply drop that someone has discarded that i need for e.g. I go to grab it and instead most of the time i end up viewing the inside of the drop container when i am looking at the item on the ground that has been discarded. I find my self having to crouch and angle the view which can be a giggle when a zombie decides he or she wants to chew on my brain in either situation.
  8. Mods, Emulators, Servers and Hardware - without these things i am bored.

  9. Thanks a tonne RonaldLee, I will attach a msg there also or in the AM forums and see if the issue can get bumped to the nxt dev release or when they get time, i am guessing since CS:GO is still fresh they are conentrating on that alot also currently. Thanks once more mate for the info and reply.
  10. Would be good if a system that allows the players to nominate certain supplies as vote prior to the drop or at the start of a certain wave, perhaps after players have a chance to consider properly based on the items they already have found is one suggestion i am sure there is other methods that could be applied that work better. You could think of the nominations / requests as being what a survival situation might be like, in that the said survivors havea group leader who then radios or sneds morse code as to what they need most - pirority wise. It doesn't mean you will get them it just could be a forumal that gives the survivors a higher chance % wise perhaps that they do get the items or part of the list. Also suggestions are what evolve a game like this, those who oppose pls dont berate or jump on ppl for doing so otherwise i am sure other suggestions that might later be fundamental in the success of the mod, might just not be suggested due to ppl who would otherwise suggest things not bothering because of others sniping from the sidelines or just down right berating their suggestion.
  11. Ok thx for the reply, but i am still unsure why other games i can use cheat flagged variables on my servers running sourcemod / metamod / sdkhooks etc with sm_cvar attached to the front of the variable that is cheat flagged yet in this mod i cannot. Also i wouldn't enable sv_cheats 1 as it would leave the server'(s) open to ppl crashing / restarting them easily.
  12. I posted on Desura last night when i was on the client updating and buying a few indy games, i happened to post a msg on there about this mod, see below: The reply was: My side question is, I always assumed and have had no issues in hosting Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 servers when using the sm_cvar command to change sv_cheat variables without setting sv_cheats 1 in the server.cfg so in that assumption i figured that certian variables regardless of being flagged as a cheat should still be functional using the sm_cvar in the examples i posted in my quote. As seen from the Sourcemod Wiki sm_cvar is as follows: "sm_cvar basecommands cvar <cvar> [value] Retrieves or changes a cvar value. Protected cvars can only be accessed with rcon access, and sv_cheats can only be accessed with cheat access." Thanks for reading.
  13. Thanks, i already use the overrides.cfg its jsut i have a second steam ccount my wife uses and it has z access (i use sometimes as it is in a different location in the house and easier to utilise.) and she has a habit of mashing the keys and well it might end up in a cmd being sent that will crash it if in the menu. All the other admins are on lower lvl access.
  14. Yeah i have been searching [ANY] plugins some are working some are not and as stated some cmds will crash the server, i have to edit the .sp and remove those cmds i think so the other admin on the server doesn't accidently use any that are causing the crashes. If you want i can give you access to my server to test any plugins you have made or would like to try, as it is currently on 1.05, running sourcemod 1.4.6, metamodsource 1.9.0 and SDK Hooks 2.2.0 dev snapshot hg205 (windows versions). Thanks for the fast reply. EDIT: Seems the !give cmd crashes the server sadly, not sure if it is because of the gamedata file that plugin comes with could be the issue.