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  1. I love NMRiH and I wanted to contribute to it, but I wasn't sure how. I model and skin as a hobby (have experience with Source modeling in Left 4 Dead 2), so I thought it would interesting to edit the child zombies because it is a controversial aspect of the game. Here's a quick shot from Blender (no shaders, no normal mapping). The body is from NMRiH, I made the shirt and the hairstyle and edited the textures. The model has 7414 faces (original has 6426). I also doubled texture map sizes and edited from there (2048x2048 px for the body, 2048x1024 px for the head). It is fully rigged and pretty much ready to be put in-game. I think it could be used for both boys and girls with perhaps a haircut change and the addition of pants for boys. P.S. I didn't realize making this could make me feel so sick to my stomach.
  2. I understand. I thought that it won't be an issue since there are lower-poly level of detail meshes. You'll only see this version of the model up close. EDIT: After looking at it for a bit, I realized that her top should have way less polygons than what it currently has.
  3. I'll be away for several days but once I'm back I'll present an in-game preview.
  4. Thanks guys, and lol Abilities those images are spot on. It's easy to create color variants (since NMRiH is using them now).
  5. Someone brought up character customization earlier. I believe that might be the best option for NMRiH, because it will allow more variety between different players. Since the developers have limited resources, I would suggest splitting the character model to 3 main pieces: head, torso and bottom. Perhaps accessories could be introduced at a later date. For example: the head group would ideally include a small amount of main meshes (could be different ethnic groups: Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, African-American etc.), each having a few different selectable variations in texture that were made beforehand. if done right, these could produce a different look based on the same mesh. The torso group would include about 6 meshes or so, these should be pretty simple tops like t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, buttoned shirts etc., each of those also having different color textures and patterns. The pants should also be produced in a similar manner. What I've been thinking about for accessories would be items that would go over the default mesh in order to allow further customization: bags, harnesses, equipment belts etc. all come to mind. I think this is possible to create a system similar to that with Source's features. I definitely do not think this game needs a Sims-like character customization system, but this could be a nice feature in this game. It would also be less work for the developers, because in theory, they wouldn't have to worry about specific character concepts. I'd also like to think that some players would create less-than-forgettable characters with this tool, and that'll add something fresh to this game.
  6. It looks really uninspired and dull. They probably thought people are going to pay for it if it has zombies. Sadly, they are not wrong. =/ And I hear it's a recycled variation of another game of theirs?
  7. I'm pretty sure the team said they don't have the resources for female characters right now. It makes sense, because females would need a voice actress, a new first-person model and a new (or modified) set of animations. And that's without mentioning how long it takes to actually produce a new 3D model.
  8. Yes, I'd like to see a death match scenario put into the game. Why not? It may attract more players, and they're more likely to try out the rest of the scenarios this game has to offer. It could be a campaign map with a twist: Players race to the next objectives. The one who finishes the most objectives (and stays alive) is the one with a better chance to be rescued, thus winning the match. For example: You could imply that a secret cure exists, and the players must obtain it. The one who holds it by the end of the death match gets rescued. I'm not sure what your opinion is about the existence of cures in NMRiH, that's why I said you could "imply" it exists. It doesn't have to be a real cure. It's more horrifying to think the universe of NMRiH does not have actual cures.
  9. I'm working on a Hebrew translation, although I am not entirely sure Source will display Hebrew letters correctly. Should I continue regardless?
  10. Perhaps you could place a temporary downtime for the spawn mechanism for areas that have been cleared of zombies. New zombies will not spawn as long as the player is there or in nearby areas (in case they're zombie-free), the mechanism should wait a while before spawning new zombies (I've noticed that zombies happen to spawn zombies too soon after players have proceeded forward/backwards). I think that altering this feature will be a positive thing to players. Cabin is mostly an in-doors scenario, thus making the spawn timing crucial. A lot of players are killed right after leaving the attic due to the amount of zombies. It's less of an issue in a large group, but even when you're in such a group, players might proceed faster than you expect them to, hence leaving you deserted. I'm glad you're testing new features, I wish you good luck!
  11. Suicide action for infected humans. A scream or shout to warn us from incoming runner zombies (à la Dead Island), as you can't tell them apart from regular zombies and they often get you by surprise from behind or so. Should be more than useful when dealing with children, as you can easily miss them when looking straight forward. Right now, zombies may spawn in places where they've previously been dealt with. It's illogical in maps like Cabin, where you walk mostly through mostly empty corridors where there are no corpses and no logical places for zombies to spawn. Maybe these zombies hide below floor planks? I'd also be nice to see a replacement of the zombies' spawn locations. In maps like Favela and Chinatown zombies can spawn in front of the player, or even behind them. Congratulations for being Greenlit on Steam!