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  1. Finally a non-spam thread here in Mapping!
  2. Then it must be map-specific, phew, what a relief. Although just checked, there actually seems to be a damage nerf.
  3. Is it the map that has tweaked shambler health, or is it the axe getting damage nerf in the recent patch?
  4. Probly late, but back then when I checked on this topic and clicked the link, I didn't see any babes inside. Please, add hot naked catgirl double penetration big boobs action dildo creampie babes next time, thanks.
  5. Not even griefing, just dumb shit. Fellas don't know how to grief these days.
  6. Don't forget to drop me the .vmf as well, I'm pretty curious if it is a Hammer problem again, so I'd like to manually check the file should you not wish to do so.
  7. If you already think that your .vmf is corrupt again, why don't you manually check it again?
  8. Nah, the problem isn't in the color coding or reward system. Points simply aren't a reward here, it's just being a pro and pulling the team through the objectives all by yourself, and then seeing a negative score in the end isn't much of the fun, should you care a littlest about it, especially if you've died to respawn-cure the infected state. It's just harder to distinguish players by skills to know to whom you can stick to, and to whom you can not, unless you play a few with them. Health loss/life length usually distinguishes players that way, but that's the only thing I can think of.
  9. Well, knowing at least two languages is still nice for you, even if these are just English and Spanish. The more, the better though, it is quite entertaining. As for the idea, I think NMRIH lacks some new concepts for mapping, not just new maps. Something stylish, I mean.
  10. So how did the testing go? Any fixes going in?
  11. Remember that a Zippo lighter has recently saved Russian Olympics.
  12. Perhaps some specific kind of joke, but funny as hell.
  13. Giantism is a common map disease for any mapper, but once you get through, your maps will be immune to it. Like chicken pox or hepatitis A. Actually tunnels themselves aren't a bad idea, corridoric they are. Might be not gameplay wise for NMRIH though.
  14. Actually skybox is less polys than usual wall brushes most of the time. It was 2 polys per face (no matter the scale), if I remember correctly. Sky was used like nodraw back in GS before null texture was introduced with some version of ZHLT.
  15. Disabling it client-side is a bad idea, for NMRIH.