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  1. hi I was just wondering if you could make the server spawn ammo boxes more often, I dont realy want the infinite ammo mod but I think that "more ammo" spawns would be good also is there a way for me to alow SV_cheats so that only I can use them from the server CMD box thing [so anyone logged in cant use them] I dont want anyone thats IN the server to use them [not even myself] I only want have access to them if im CMD screen One last thing is there a way to set maxping on servers I cant seem to find it in the server.cfg I was hoping to set it to 300 or 350 as it seems if people get up about the 500 mark it starts to lag everyone else on the server
  2. Sorry I cant seem to find where the server "IP" is so i can change it atm its set to lan [] but i need to change it, I used to just type "ip ?????????" int he server but I have forgotten the command to refresh/update the server [its staying at the lan IP] the IP isnt in the server settings where i thought it would be
  3. the server is dedicated and the problem isnt knowing what my IP its the fact that my server is running its IP as instead of the internet IP 120.148.??.??? so noone is able to see my server or connect via console, was wondering how to change the server IP to "120.148.??.???" im pretty sure you used to be able to type "ip 120.148.??.???" into the server console then refresh the server but I have forgotten the server refresh command so its not updating the IP [its staying as the lan IP] sorry if this sounds like nonsense im not great at explaining things
  4. I am trying to make it so that I can use the "sv" or "give" commands thrue the server console but not put on sv_cheats 1, I was wondering if there was a way around it it seems like thegregster101 seems to think making an rcon account or somthing would help but im just wondering how that works now
  5. so do i just set up an !rcon password then in the server type somnthing like "rcon" then teh password? I used to know most the commands for CSS but I have forgotten most of them >_< should look them up I presume they will be on the net somewhere
  6. I have been running a server for acouple days now and I was wondering... is there still a command to turn people into chickens like in CSS? or was that some kind of addon... also is there a way to spectate your game without kicking a player 8/8 but still check to see if anything is going on because I would rather get a good look at whats going on to see if i should kick someone rather then text from players. thankyou a drunken Diaboles