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  1. What is causing it is the fact that the server limits the download speed highly when you allow people to download from the server itself, you have to setup a Fast Download redirect in order to achieve decent speeds. This is built in to the engines.
  2. First of all, when you did the bzipping, you ensured that it was correctly made yes? If so, good, you can check by opening the file and trying to extract the original. Second. You created a structure similar to that of which nmrih is. it should be nmrih/maps/ and place all the bzipped files in to the maps folder there. So, for my full one it would be http://frienemygaming.net/downloads/nmrih/maps/ Thirdly. On the server you ensured that you uploaded the NORMAL files, and not the bzipped ones. Bzip only goes on the Fast DL server. And lastly, when you add in the server.cfg you ensured it was like this. sv_allowdownload 0 sv_allowupload 1 sv_downloadurl "Urlhere" Maling sure there are NO // in the way. If you have done all that and it's still not working, then you have another issue somewhere else, and I recommend you speak to oyur hosting provider at once.
  3. I thought Timelimt was the one that worked, and mp_roundlimit (Or whatever it was again, far to early to think) was the one that didn't?
  4. What's in your server.cfg Ensuring that you have mp_timelimit set to a time over 0 it'll change maps when all players are dead after that time.
  5. They won't be. This software has been available for the linux distro's for a hell of a long time, and it's time for them to pull their finger out and get updated. Especially as more and more games are needing it to work, they will soon find themselves cut out of everything soon if they don't get updated at long last. RHEL 7.0 should fix them ones, but that's going to be a long shot yet.
  6. Well, first things first your OS in linux needs to be on the latest of glib. That's a big one, RHEL and I think it was Debian are out of it, they seem to be highly out of date with this sadly. So a bit of prior research as it may be another one not Debian. Then for your specs, I'd go with at least a Duel core and a couple of gigs of ram, a decently sped HDD and at least a dedicated up and down of 10/mbps. This is all good and well for at least a small one or two. I run a quad core quad thread CPU with 32GB of ram and 0/1 raid 2TB HDD's on a 200/mbps up & down. I was able to run a good several and still manage other things as well, so there's that if you are wanting to go ahead and pump out some power. The issue I have no sadly is I am on a RHEL system, CentOS 6.4 and it's 3 years out of date on glib dependencies.
  7. You have to install both Metamod and Sourcemod first. When done do, the Sourcemod will create a cfg file in the cfg folder called sourcemod.cfg, in there is where you modify that setting.
  8. By installing both Metamod & Sourcemod I believe they come with a reservation slot system. It would limit the server to 7 people and the 8th would be reserved for whomever has the reservation slot permission.
  9. I'm not sure at all what you mean or what you are asking for. There's no RPG system out there for this game yet, so zombies cannot give you XP points for killing them. That's what I'm picking up from this.
  10. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=How+to+setup+mapcycle.txt
  11. What are you talking about? The print screen link? It's a program called Lightshot, it allows ytou to screen cap something on your desktop and give it out as a URL link, it's a widely known program and there's a fair few out there like it. As for the second link, it takes you straight to the Red Hat Enterprise site.
  12. Basically, create an MOTD itself. (The image is fine). And store the motd.txt file somewhere on another server area, throw it under a domain name or something. Then link it back by putting the link to the MOTD in to the servers motd.txt http://yoursitehere.com/nmrih/motd.txt That'll then call the URL link every time someone opens the MOTD and display the offsite MOTD you stored elsewhere, I know it's complicated for something simple, but it wouldn't be so if they didn't limit the motd file so much.
  13. If that's the case, then I doubt there's a single thing we can do for this person.
  14. That's due to the file being to big, you need to store the motd off site and link it back in with a URL.
  15. http://prntscr.com/249qgy I recently saw this when I viewed the CentOS wiki page, had a little dig through and found this, http://www.redhat.com/about/news/press-archive/2013/9/red-hat-releases-red-hat-developer-toolset-2-0-with-update-to-gcc We might be having a fix for those glib issues shortly if this is what I hope it is, as GCC seems to be updated as well in there. So we may not have to wait for RHEL 7 to come out first, let's cross fingers and hope this gives us enterprise distro users the fix we desperately need.