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  1. Throw a grenade into a crowd of zombies to get them softened up, then stab them all. Alternatively, hit each of them in the face once with an uncharged fireaxe, and then stab them all.
  2. Just as a disclaimer, I don't do model replacements cuz "lol ur modls suk teh dick :^]" so if anyone from the dev team is looking at this, I don't want you guys to get that impression. No More Room in Hell does in fact, have fantastic models, but sometimes I like to change it up for something visually new and refreshing, and modding allows me to do that. K, now that that's over with, look at this shit. I also made a version that replaces the bayonet version of the SKS, but take my word on this, it just look like the model I just showed you, but with a bayonet at the end. Too lazy to get screenshots. I might make it do that PING! sound whenever you reload, but I'd need to see which sound would be suitable for replacing that, since the reload sequence uses and re-uses some of the same sounds, so it'd be weird to hear the ping 2-3 times during one reload. No idea who made the model, I just took it off the gmod workshop. Download link here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/5hfjb1w971lkaxa/m1+garand.zip For those of you who don't know how to install custom stuff, follow these steps 1) Download the M1 Garand folder from the link 2) Extract its contents (Materials, Models, Sound) to desktop for convenience 3) Go to Program Files (x86 if that's what you have) > Steam > steamapps > common > nmrih > sdk > hl2mp > custom > my_custom_stuff. If you don't have the folder "custom" or "my_custom_stuff" then make them 4) Drag and drop the materials, models, and sounds folders you extracted to desktop into the "my_custom_stuff" folder 5) Launch NMRiH 6) Success
  3. This was originally gonna be drawn on MS Paint, but Gmod looked way easier to get scenes done quickly. I now present to you, the things I've learned about No More Room in Hell. This will be added to probably regularly until I run out of ideas, feel free to let me know what you think, and if there's anything I should add. Bear in mind I'm not making fun of the game or the team's hard work, kk? #1. Expect to kill your doppelganger, a lot... #2. If you get punched in the dick, there's a chance your kidneys may explode and hemorrhage uncontrollably #3. A shotgun's effective range is about 38 centimeters, don't bother with any longer distances #4. There is always a runner behind you, always... #5. If you're not sure how you're feeling, you can always count on your teammates to let you know
  4. Bumping because 'tis the season
  5. So I've updated this pack to include some reworked classic models, and even more monster models for an authentic, NMRiH Halloween experience. Whatever that may be. Now all zombies (except children zombies, because they use a different rig I wasn't willing to dick around with) are replaced with Halloween-esque monsters. Monsters include: * updated Vampire model (now has three skingroups) replaces Jogger * updated Suited Skeleton model replaces Office Zombie * updated Skeleton (now has four skingroups) replaces Casual 02 * updated Frankenstein's Monster model replaces National Guard now, because bigass metal forehead acts like a helmet. Aim for the face! + Bloody Mary now replaces Julie + Witch (has four skingroups) now replaces Tammy + Nosferatu replaces Herby - Deer Haunter unchanged - Mummy / Burnt Corpse unchanged INSTALLATION Download the Model Pack here, and then drop the .vpk file into: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\nmrih\nmrih\custom\ then launch the game and prepare to get spooked. HAPPY HALLOWEEN
  6. Alright, just gonna release the stuff I've made that's never been made publicly available. Disclaimer: The NMRiH team makes good weapon models n' shit, I don't dislike them at all, I just love modding. EDIT: I didn't know that clicking "reveal hidden contents" would gradually reveal all the non-shown ones as you go down the page. All of the mods are contained within this first post right here, I just assumed some fell into the void so I made more posts with the thought-to-be-excluded ones included M1 Carbine replaces 25 round magazine Ruger 22 Rifle https://www.dropbox.com/s/rio6zsxp9hfvw8h/carbine.vpk?dl=0 Silver M92FS https://www.dropbox.com/s/8dpra6da1ubiut6/silver beretta fixed.vpk?dl=0 Brown-handled Colt 1911 https://www.dropbox.com/s/4fa4awcvrrjuubs/colt 1911.vpk?dl=0 Classic Crowbar https://www.dropbox.com/s/v85c5i2f192m1fa/crowbar.vpk?dl=0 M1 Garand replaces SKS (bayonet and non-bayonet version) https://www.dropbox.com/s/2bomcodms9nclbp/m1 garand.vpk?dl=0
  7. Sure thing. As long as all the weapon parts (triggers, pumps, bolts, levers, etc) are in the same place as the weapon they're replacing, I can. I don't do custom animations, so that's why the guns must be similarly pieced together. I'll see what I can do for the p345 tomorrow.
  8. Hail to the king, baby If enough people bug me about it, I'll upload it for public use.
  9. Because personally, I prefer when the barrel doesn't far surpass the length of the tube. Thoughts? Also, totally forgot to put the second "l" in "barrelled". Whoops.
  10. Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. The official, finalized horizontal double barrel is here, fixed, and ready for public release. I used the double barrel model from Call of Duty: World at War, and the gunfire sound from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (thanks Vampir) I fixed the reload animations. Now both reloads are handled by the same animation of ejecting and inserting two shells at a time, and it functions online. Third person muzzleflash is fixed, and the breach lever doesn't bork either. Everything is set and good to go. NOTE: if you use both shells and then reload, there will be 40 frames of idle-ness before you can shoot with it again. This is because I had to make the animation take the same amount of frames (180 frames as opposed to the half-reload's 140 frames) in order for it to work online. DOWNLOAD THAT SHIT HERE (it's a dropbox link) Sorry about the wait, but after 13 months this thing is ready to go. I'd give you a bunch of excuses for not having it ready, but you guys don't care about that. Grab that shit, and go make those primitive screwheads hail to the king! INSTALLATION - download "doublebarrel.vpk" - navigate to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\nmrih\sdk\hl2mp\custom\my_custom_stuff" - plop it in "my_custom_stuff" "custom" - if you don't have the folder chain for hl2mp, custom, or my_custom_stuff, then make them.
  11. I'm pretty sure that nmo_junction is referring to the city in the Hudson River area of Connecticut, Union City. The achievement for completing is is called "Havana on the Hudson" as well, and NMRiH is predominantly set in the Atlantic Northeastern area of the United States, namely New York City, and Connecticut isn't too far from there.
  12. Oi, forgot the forums were a thing. Okay, so I'm actually overhauling this mod entirely, using an entirely different (and better) double barrel model. The shells are proportionate and not giant tuna cans, and other misc jazz has been improved. I'm still trying to fix the reload animations, since it's being a bit of a bother to try to get working online. I'll have to get crafty, but yes, I'm still alive. Just trying to create the perfect double barrel for you guys!
  13. Bump, because 'tis the season. Also, I accidentally the old post.
  14. Oh, right, this is a thing. Okay, so I actually couldn't fix the reload animation. It only worked sometimes. It wouldn't kick me out of the server, it'd just flat out not let me reload the gun at all, yaaaaaay. So if you guys are totally fine with him loading in an invisible third shell, then I'll get this published ASAP. In the meantime I'm still trying to figure out the muzzle flash, because it floods the console with red error messages, which is a little bit concerning. Also, this thing likes to come off kinda crooked while reloading, but otherwise it cooperates O rly?
  15. When it's ready.
  16. So, I'm not normally the type to enjoy those terrible "cabin" maps that are just kill boxes full of ammo, let alone make one, but decided I couldn't resist making one if it was a familiar environment. I'll presume we've all played Resident Evil 4, or at least know of it. Remember that part where you hold up in the cabin with Luis against waves of ganados? Yep, I made that for our enjoyment in NMRiH! Additionally, I couldn't resist making a simple challenge, because while short, this map is pretty tough yo. 1 wave, 225 zombies, 1 zone, very limited ammo Upstairs is not considered part of the zone because it would be too easy to defend, but they come in up the ladders to eat your face anyway. Massive thanks to Dr. Hammer for setting up the navigation on this map! You should go check out his maps too. I only put weapons that were RE4-ish on this map. - M92fs - Sako85 - Chainsaw - Mossberg 500a - Shovel - etc Known Bugs - the shelves need to be cleared of all items before you can barricade the windows - zombies sometimes get stuck while going in through windows, but they get unstuck eventually - if you die, you'll likely never respawn due to the sheer number of zombies right downstairs Download Here SCREENSHOTS
  17. - I put rain sounds in there, they're in the soundscape. Make sure the soundscape file goes in your scripts folder. - In Resident Evil 4, there was no lamp on the second floor (yet the room still stayed completely lit up as if by magic), so I stayed true to the game. - No, I put those clips there so players wouldn't sit on them to be safe and keep the zone alive. - The lack of respawns, while unintended, I think makes for a good challenge. I might look into it, I'm not really sure.
  18. But what tangible assets will you bring to the table? Code? Animation? Models?
  19. Yo, put some env_sprites on those candles Puts a tiny little effect on it, good for candles and other small lights
  20. Not terrible, not terrible. One thing that can certainly help make a room look less bland though is details in the corners and along the ceilings. If you have detail on the floors and corners, that alone can make a room seem more detailed than it really is. Then, obviously you can full up the wall space with all the props you want. Also, what Porkchops said. Source engine isn't the biggest fan of wide open spaces (hence why all of HL2 is tight turns and halls with the occasional small arena) so you're going to want to break the player's line of sight whenever you can, break it up into nice little segments.
  21. Pics. Now. EDIT: It's Colo18's Evil Dead cabin.