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    3d modeling!
  1. Thanks everyone! So happy right now OK looking forward to your message Maxx.
  2. Allright just check them when you get home and we will talk later
  3. So you want me to create something else to prove my abilities? If yes tell me as soon as possible and I will try to do it although I think you should be able to see that I can learn this style and eventually get better at it plus my current state of ability from what I already have created for you. Also Max, tell me if you still cant see the image and I will make sure to upload it to another host. Thanks, Tal
  4. I actually have a phongmask on my diffuse texture already. Dont have a normalmap on it. So, what is the team saying about it and my application (in case you are fine with the model yet)? I would really love to be part of this! PS congrats on becoming greenlit
  5. Want me t osend them to your mail?
  6. Thanks! Looks way better now:
  7. Changed requested things:
  8. Thanks for all the support coming from you Vincent! Also of course I am listening to maxx. Would be quite rude to just ignore him wouldn´t it
  9. Well maybe it´s hard to see in that screenie. I will send you the model and texture so you can test it yourself. Download: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/21595111/nmrih.rar rar containing vtf, vmt and all model files. Texture folder: materials/nmrih/ Model folder: models/nmrih/ PS: You are right, but realistic texturing is something new for me. Also the unwrap isn´t that nie on the feet, but I designed it to work so I thought it´s chrome there and doesnt need too much detail. Anyway I think it looks quite quite good seeing that if we worked as a team, a texturer could still go over the texture and improve it if needed.
  10. quick minor lighting update:
  11. Ok so this is something I did really quick, but I think it shows that I am also capable of doing realistic stuff (and thats the point in this model, isnt it?). So in case I am creating models for you in the future they will be a lot more detailed, texture and model wise of course. Also I will do LOD´s ,normalmaps and alphamasks then.
  12. Is there a special lightwarp you use on your models?
  13. Whipping up some bar stool quickly. I will later show it to you compiled in source engine.
  14. Thanks a lot guys! Well, the thing is, I haven't done anything realistic yet but if there is any prop that you need I could model and texture that so you see what I am capable of.
  15. Oh wow. Didnt expect a reply so quick. Amazing news! Also excuse my english but sometimes I cant express myself correctly cause my first language is german.