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  1. Your name - Chris Your age - 19 Your location and time zone - USA, Pennsylvania - EST A link to your Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197980213553 Your PC specs: Intel quad 2.7GHz, 512MB, 4GB DDR3, 500GB hard drive, win 7 32bit, screen res 1280x800. Your GitHub account: https://github.com/Breezy368 The next bit of information's not required but you'll get a higher chance of getting access: Are you a Linux User?: Yes, but I do not game on linux, so I believe this is not what you are looking for, Are you a server host?: No, but I've admined for css often, as well as worked with servers for other purposes (Mail/phones/etc) Have you tested a game before?: Not really, all just closed beta mmos, like scarlet blade, but I reported every bug I came across. Are you a Level Designer?: Yes, but probably not the kind you are looking for... I have designed levels for 2d games for friends before (really simple stuff) Do you have an Oculus Rift?: No, I WISH!
  2. I recently bought receiver and if NMRiH did that, I would love them forever! I already like that you have to pull your magazine out to check your ammo, and the way the gun mechanics work automatically are already awesome! Thanks for bringing this up, and hopefully a dev could tell us its chance of making it into the game!
  3. Thanks for the input, demo! I've seen a few of your posts now, I like what you have to say. Perhaps we could make the zones spit out A GUN or A LITTLE ammo every 4 waves, so it's enough to do something, but not enough to keep the team fed. Maybe that last little ammo could be used to push back the undead, or that extra pill bottle would save someone who is turning, as the dead flow through the doors and you have no way to stop them. The zone drops are deffinitely a preference thing, like I said. Just an idea I wanted to throw out there. I like where this is heading, clearing out areas is something I personally like doing. I want to feel like I took an area and now it's mine. The finite supplies is even better, making each shot count. I like the setup the have for the other style of defending for the helicopter, however. The box makes it important for the team to leave their safety nest. Thanks for your input!
  4. I like the idea of new survival game types. Would like to hear of its feasibility from a dev.
  5. A few things that I've noticed while playing survival, if this is mentioned somewhere else, please post a link to it! I've noticed that zones have been ignored lately. Almost every game I join, everyone holds up in the safest spots, and ignores the zones, let's them get destroyed with-in wave one or two, and just runs around the map. I often find survival has one skilled player that carries the team, and survives for a long amount of time, especially when they receive their extra lives. I remember a particular game I waited 30 minutes for the wave to be over. What can be done about this is putting more efforts on keeping zones alive. This means people will be less likely to just camp in safe spots until a few people die, then ditch and run around outside. Keeping players near zones would also help improve team work, because it would make the "good" players try defending them for the perks that would come from keeping them up. 1. Respawns should only work when there are zones above 0% 2. Zones should only spawn items when they are up, and have a higher spawn rate when above 75% (Note: Not critical to gameplay, but would give more incentive to keeping zones alive. 3. There should be an object the zombies are attacking, it feels weird defending an air space, and the zombies are hitting the invisible zone. The biggest thing I've noticed is new players don't even realize there are zones to defend. Examples of what could be used is a radio (Possible used to call in air drops), a reloading table (Could spawn ammo, also here is a link to a picture of what I'm talking about ---> http://www.ar15.com/mobile/topic.html?b=6&f=42&t=262015) 4. Some more ideas would be a gun cabinet (Spawns guns), a sports bin or tool cabinet (Spawns melee weapons), or even a medical bag that sits on the ground or hangs on the wall (Spawns medical gear). 5. As I'm writing this, I don't remember if there are voice commands that say lines, such as "Defend A", "Defend B", these would help the micless players. If anyone has anything to add or places this has been mentioned either by another community member or a dev themselves, feel free to add your ideas!
  6. Agreed, I really despise these servers... it just trains new players how to waste ammo.
  7. Dem kids mess your day up! xD
  8. Thanks for the reply! I was just wondering, because I saw pages upon pages of apps, with no replies!
  9. Are you guys even looking for beta testers? xD
  10. Didn't think about doing that! Thanks, that's how I fixed a sound bug I used to get with CSS, the echoing voices when sound setting was on high. Silly source engine.
  11. I figured out how to get images on here..... Here is the path I took to get to the irritating light
  12. I like NokiaSE's ideas, however it sounds like a lot of extra work for the devs. I like a couple main points you made: 1. Reloading does have it's annoying side 2.More zombie types would make for much more diverse gameplay, as long as it doesn't take away from the feeling of realism. 3. I also feel the spawn system to pull from the realism, however, it would probably be easier if the devs find better places to spawn them, as opposed to making a complex spawning system. For example, in nmo_cabin, I often find zombies "appearing" between me, and a closed door. This is very frustrating, because they just poof in out of no where, and often sneak up on me, even though I cleared the area, and there's no way more zombies could have shown up. 4. Finally, I agree with your view on firearms, if a shot is placed through the center of a zombies head, no matter what caliber, it should be an instant kill. Obviously this is a laundry list of work for the devs and is totally up to their discretion, but these are a lot of things that would make your game more unique and enticing for realism fanatics, like myself.
  13. I like how both of your songs have strong melodies, and both of them use stagnant rhythmic and harmonic support. It adds to the feeling of the apocalypse... I just wish the songs were longer!! xD
  14. I agree with Hellroom, the symbols were very splashy and repetitive! I personally didn't like the drum/symbol work. Other than that it was awesome!
  15. The first bug I found, was a highly annoying sound bug in the new map nms_northway, it was the sound of one of the lights on the ground that makes a loud, constant buzzing sound. This bug happens when I join a game that is already started, and the loud buzzing sound the light makes is obnoxiously louder than everything else, and plays no matter where I am in the map. It's a small square light that sits on the ground and makes a loud buzzing sound when you are standing next to it. The light is in a corner, in one of the parts of the mall that appears to be under construction (I have screen shots and can take more screen shots to show more of it's location if it would help, but I don't know how to post them on these forums). (I have pictures, but I'm not sure how to upload them) Second bug is I can't play back any demos I make using source's demo commands. The .dem file is in ...\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\nmrih I would have had a video to go along with my previous bug report if the demos didn't work.