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  1. Haven't been on here in the longest time. Glad to see a lot of things have been and are being upgraded. Definitely waiting for steam release (come on, Valve!).
  2. That would be interesting for #3, but I think it should be the player going into rage mode. It would be cool to see some zombies just go freaking nuts though. heh. For #2, do you mean like they could have a hatchet on their belt or maybe a knife on their leg and we could kill them, take that, make badass weapons? Because that would be sweet! TAAAAPE! A lot of tape too.
  3. What a professional, what a professional response. -.- So it looks like just rage mode then, eh? Was kind of hoping for that custom starter weapons feature... Oh well.
  4. @Estevoo: Yes, I know it dumbs down the realistic part of the game just a tad... but having exclusive weapons for characters would be awesome. "Custom made" also means they are altered in design from the original axes, pistols, etc. ...Collect zombie eyes then? Idk. Rage mode sounds a lot better, stamina mode kinda sounds meh. @Jangalomph: Read first part of this post. Exclusive weapons to the crate drops would be awesome though. These would be new additions to the already in-game made weapons like a new pistol, aa12, new machine gun, etc.
  5. A couple of new ideas... 1. Starter weapons - Every character has a weapon they can start out with. For Bateman, it could be a chainsaw or an axe. For Walter, he could have a pistol, etc. etc. These items cannot be dropped, sold, etc. because they are custom made to fit the characters that are wielding them. They are to stay with the character at all times, and cannot be dropped even after death. 2. Collecting zombie heads & accessing exclusive weapons - Buying exclusive weapons from the crate drop with the amount of heads the player currently has. The more zombie heads, the more awesome the weapons/items are. A new feature, if implemented should allow the character to cut off the heads of zombie corpses to collect them (does not take up storage space). To add to the realistic part of the game, I thought it would be best to play this off as a need for scientists back at a base or something like that, because they're experimenting on the zombies. 3. Rage mode - No rage mode = Unrealistic. The characters are not calm 100% of the time... Fighting zombies, calm? They can't be. You need to have the characters let off steam on zombies. I would suggest a "the higher the kills, the more time for rage mode". In rage mode, their melee weapons swing faster, they power walk/faster run, and their guns reload faster. No more than that.
  6. Did... Did Steam forget about this game? I sure haven't. Have y'all tried emailing them back, or did you finally hear from them? :/
  7. Awesome job! I can't wait to get this on steam! Hopefully you'll be able to post news there too like all the other games (I don't have that many indie games on steam, so idk).
  8. I don't think the voice acting for the ammo check should be eliminated... I just think that both should be there. The voice AND the text. I'm certain it would fix that issue. As for the weapon system... I do agree that I was disappointed by the even lower amounts of weapons you could carry.
  9. 1. Faster paced humans (including building up doorways increased speed) 2. AA12 () 3. Knocking zombies over by running into them (stamina amount would probably have to be increased for this)
  10. I love it! Playing this immediately!
  11. I honestly don't think a zombie fps game is complete without an aa12, unless it's set way back in the past.
  12. Baby zombies wouldn't make real sense to me, honestly. The kid zombies creep me out enough. lol. "Quit running, demon chiiiiild!" *runs after me, and I shoot 'em with my pistol* "Well... that was overwhelming." <-- My first demon child kill in the game.
  13. If armored zombies are planned, does that mean characters could potentially get their armor by killing them? Alright, maybe i'm daydreaming again. lol XD Still, it would be nice to get armor in one way that includes a body vest and a helmet. Kinda like The Punisher's setup. Protects the neck, you know. If this does happen, making armor supply drop only would add to the realism of course.
  14. I don't know if this is the case already, but maybe you could limit some weapons for supply drops only. A few supply drop only suggestions that I believe would be great contributions to this mod... AA12, Walther P99.