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  1. Just pray that you can have a third leg in your crotch someday. For now, let the Index/Middle finger duo's do the trick.
  2. |NMRiH Dev| Maxx: we all have our secrets MightyKebab38: One we all share in our crotch. Even the dead does. MightyKebab38: Covered up by this fucking SYSTEM's clothing SYSTEM. MightyKebab38: SYSTEM= MightyKebab38: Something MightyKebab38: You MightyKebab38: Shouldn't MightyKebab38: Trust MightyKebab38: Ever MightyKebab38: Man MightyKebab38: See what I did there? |NMRiH Dev| Maxx: Acronyms MightyKebab38: ^^ |NMRiH Dev| Maxx: A Combination Requiring Other Nouns You Meant to Say MightyKebab38: The last word, I am unsure of. MightyKebab38: Just look into my profile, read my avatar. It says it all. |NMRiH Dev| Maxx: Not sure MightyKebab38: if Max. MightyKebab38: or Maxx. Yeah.
  3. Though, what made me relate it to NMRiH is that how fast the infection spreads (like the girl there), how similiar the first guy is (xD), and most importantly, how teamwork is a failure in almost every nms map xD
  4. You should try reading the topic, As I've said I didn't made it xD.
  5. The title says it all. Credits go to the guys in credits (too lazy to find, and little info about them).Oh, also: It's not possible to find it on youtube. I randomly came across a website that had the video URLed. I don't know the website, but the youtube link stays in my web history: Apparently it's about 4 survivors dealing with infection etc.
  6. 'sup. Had these in mind for a long time so I decided to publish... First to start with Gamemodes: Crossroads At the start, 3 players get selected as National Guards (Depending on the player count). The remaining four are fleeing survivors. They both have custom roads designed for them in the map, and they cannot jump out of it. They will meet occassionally, though. And they will need eachother's help to proceed. For example: Survivors have came across a Garage. They need to find a gas can, fill it up and pull the lever to open it. However, the lever is missing. It is the Marines' job to find the lever and toss it over the survivors' location. The two teams cannot meet until a certain point, (survival in the end of level etc.) But they can watch eachother's backs via bullets. Additional Info: The National Guards equip the following: M4A1 Colt 45. ACP Both fully loaded. Scavenge Similiar to Left 4 Dead 2's Scavenge, but this time it's not gas cans! (Well, not in every map) The game starts out like a regular survival game, but this time the survivors need to gather resources. Food, Drinks, Gas etc. The map is large, many places to check for specific resources related to them. There are two bars: Zone and Resource. By dropping items into a specific location, resource is refilled lightly. Zone is something everyone is supposed to know, a zone you need to defend. You start out with 50% resource, you need to fill this bar in order to call for an escape. Now to the additional suggestions: Boss zombie: A specific zombie type like a Tank from L4D series or a Carrier from ZPS. Hard to defeat, easy to get killed by, the 'Boss' zombie needs cooperation to kill. I currently cannot decide how it would work but Players would want something challenging aswell. Female Character/Voices: I usually wonder why there's only males in NMRiH.... You get it. Wrench: So far, the Wrench is one of the most weakest and less-used weapons in NMRiH since the release. I would like to know if the development team could code this little weapon as an objective item. (Unwelding nails of a vent, etc.) All from me for now. Sincerely, MightyKebab38