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  1. Trading: 2 AirMech beta passes What I want in return: Unwanted game gifts! :~]
  2. So yeah, just wondering if anyone has a spare Dota 2 invite and is willing to give it away? :3
  3. Here's one of my better/longer tracks. ^.^ http://soundcloud.com/theevilsandwich/ambiance-4
  4. I agree, I was just testing around with a few things within the audio editing program, thanks for the feedback by the way, it's greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi, my name is TheEvilSandwich. I am applying for a 'Scary' Ambiance Sound Guy position. :-P I haven't had any experience in sound production per say but I have had 4 years of experience with sound control at my school. :-P So if you do accept my application, then that will give me some good experience. ^.^ You can contact me using my email: theevilsandwichlawl@gmail.com - You can also contact me on Steam if you wish: My Steam Page. (Although I know that isn't the most practical way to contact someone) You can have a listen to a couple of tests I have done, they're not the greatest, but I am improving. ;] Click here to go to my soundcloud page. :3 Thanks for considering my application!
  6. Nice Death shirt! ^.^
  7. Wow, that's freaking amazing. 0_0 \m/
  8. And here's just a couple of good songs: :3
  9. Anyone here like any brutal death metal/slam death metal? If so, here are some good songs:
  10. Iron Maiden - The Trooper Then Decapitated - Spheres of Madness
  11. I'll trade The Ship for it? ^.^
  12. Oh, derp. It's just that I have two Community Beta passes in my gifts on steam, maybe Valve are trolling me >.<
  13. So, I got these 2 "Steam Community Beta Access" passes, I'm not trading them for much as they are obviously not worth very much, I would gladly trade them for an unwanted Steam gift or a couple of decent TF2 Items (Preferably unwanted Steam Gift's though) ;]
  14. Yeah, sounds good. ;3
  15. Nope. And that's why. ;]