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  1. I know that this has been asked before. Hell, its asked about every game that has survived as long as this one has, but I need to ask: What is the current status of this game? Granted, I live pretty far removed from the everyday goings-on of this game, but before I get serious about making content, I need to know if its worth it. For example, these forums are dead compared to about a year ago. I know there has been a shift to Steam with the Steam release, but still... Second, I have heard rumblings about NMRIH 2. I can't help but feel like NMRIH is slowly being lowered into its grave. Add to that the fact that I can only connect to a handful of FUNCTIONING servers, and you can understand my concern. Again, I'm sorry if this has been asked a million times before. Mods, feel free to remove if you must. For someone with a little more time on their hands, could they give me the low down? Just a quick summary of whats been going on. Much appreciated.
  2. Much thanks nay0r. I apologize, but I have had little to no expierience with anything besides blocks and arches in Hammer. Never had a reason to until now. I think I'll go through, once the map is done, and adjust my scale. I can see where 8 units would make things like doorways and windows seem cleaner as far as texturing goes. Thanks again.
  3. Alright, I managed to fix the zombie problem, for the most part, with some clever nav editing. So, a few more questions: The first is for the more experienced mappers. With the diner, the wall has a curved arch leading to the roof. How would I go about creating the corners to link them? Here is a picture for reference: The second question is, how thick do you believe walls should be? As is, I'm mapping on a 16 unit grid, splitting the walls down the middle in order to create transitions, such as doorways. Finally, more along gameplay lines, if I force a flare gun to spawn on the map, should I ratchet back on both the resupply waves and resources on the map? And, how do I force random spawners to not spawn certain types of ammo if they are set to the ammo spawn group? Would I need to enter every ammo type I do want instead of using the spawn group?
  4. This is going to sound rather stupid, but how would I go about fine-tuning the nav file? I know that with Left 4 Dead, you could simply modify it in-game with console commands, is the same true here? Appreciate any advice you can give on this.
  5. I've added some pictures of the updated map. Hopefully, you will find them acceptable Three years ago, I started this thread with a little dumpy map. Now, three years later, I've decided to return on the same day I posted it to give you an update. I've completely reworked the map from the ground up, and I think it has benefited from it. Let me know what you think, and I'll be sure to post more screenshots as new areas are completed. For the more experienced map makers, I have a couple of questions: First, how do you decide how much ammo to put on the map? When is it too much, and when is it too little? Secondly, I'm having a problem with the zombie pathing to the safe zone, see picture below. They follow the red lines to attack the doors leading into the safezone. However, I want to get them to follow the green ones, as the round-about way they attack makes no sense. Finally, they seem to get confused in the large area to the right, directly in front of the spawn. Some will just walk in circles, while others will spend a few minutes trying to walk through the fence, before walking through the actual opening. I'm at a loss for how to fix this. I've generated, and re-generated, the nav about ten times, I've put helper nodes, I've clipped the fences to make it easier, but nothing seems to work. Any help is appreciated. Note: Blue boxes are zombie spawns. I'm open to the idea of leaving this problem till later, and then working with someone a bit more experienced than myself on it. This map probably has at least one major change in the near future. Stay tuned.
  6. Talk about raising the dead. I've finally crawled out from under the rock I've been hiding under (read: college), and decided to return to this project. I've rebuilt it from the ground up, and I think that it has benefited from it. I hope to have some screenshots up within a few days. Stay tuned till then.
  7. Looks pretty good. I especially like Zone B. I think it's the whole "we literally just threw some stuff together. Good enough" vibe. Will be watching this. Best of luck, and don't let yourself get to the point where you never work on your maps. Can't wait to see how this turns out.
  8. Things I would like to see: - Overrun Quarantine Zone: Some sort of survival or objective based map set in a quarantine zone. Would be great with the National Guard, when they are added. Possibly trying to re-secure the area or GTFO. Could work for either gamemode. - Army Base: They're already fortresses. Now its time to see how well they hold up. Perhaps could start the players with guns and ammunition in excessive quantities, but have no supply drops, forcing rationing. Just a thought. - Submarine: Tight quarters already, but add a zombified crew? Would make an interesting objective map, but I don't think it would work with current zombie models. - Some sort of Ship - Construction Yard: Difficult survival when all you have to walk on is a two-by-four or a thin slab of concrete... Those are my thoughts. Granted, some of those I'm already trying to make, but I thought I should add something.
  9. Well, I'm up to page 23. Jesus, so many damn AK47 requests. I'll add them to the list for the sake of a complete record. Once it's up, then I would love some input on what to take off.
  10. Damn fine job. I never could get used to using dev textures. I know, I know, breaking cardinal rule number one of hammer editing.
  11. Alright, I'll start making a list Also, once it's complete, we might considered emptying the 66 pages of suggestion. That's moderator or admin turf though Edit: I'll only make it up until this page. I'm not even going to try to keep up with every suggestion
  12. Here's an idea. And yes, I'm willing to do the work. Let's compile a list, to be stickied to the first page consisting of: A: Weapons already being considered by the devs and B: All of the already suggested weapons from this topic. It would certainly eliminate repeated suggestions, and we need a full list compiled anyway What does everyone else think?
  13. I like the Panzer V, but much prefer the Wildcat C5. Also, I know talk of new ammunition types is kind of pointless right now, but the .38 round might be interesting. If it's added, the S&W Model 37 might make a good revolver choice.
  14. It usually is 7.62x51. However, I've seen a few converted to fire 7.62x39, usually in places where it's a more easily accessible round. Still, I think we need some full auto rifles. The SMGs are the least used weapon in the game, mostly because they are hard to aim. I just feel rifles would be more used in a full-auto or three round burst mode. Obviously, personal preference here.
  15. Ok, got a few more: Ithaca M37 - I've suggested it a few times, but still would love to see this. However, maybe add a red do sight? The one my friend hunts with has this, and I've grown to like it. M14 - Similar to above Armalite AR-10 - Can be chambered for 7.62x39mm., an ammunition sorely lacking guns Heckler & Kock PSG1 - Similar to above. This is more to fill the military sniper rifle niche. Obviously, not a civilian weapon, but could still be usefull Springfield Super Match M1A - Relatively common civilian rifle. At least where I come from. More old fashion than the m14, and doesn't require re-chambering for civilian use. Also, Nailgun - Decreases the amount of time needed to barricade. Also, can be turned into a relatively effective weapon.