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  1. I'm all for SIGs but I think I'd stick more to the pistols in general. My reasons of liking them would primarily be this: SIG P220 in .45 ACP, it would kind of like an upgraded M1911, in the element it would feature an 8 round magazine by default SIG P225 (which wasn't what you suggested) it's a compact 9x19mm version of the P220, 9 rounds of 9x19mm of which i think this game needs more compact 9mm pistols SIG P226 in 9x19mm, something to feature as a direct analogue to the Beretta M9 currently in-game, while it could feasibly be considered identical in stats to the M9, a little varity goes a long way SIG P228 in 9x19mm, compact model of the P226, 13 round magazine, 9x19mm. We need more lower capacity semi-auto handguns in general and this fits the bill nicely.
  2. Derringers would be nice to feature in the game, more so for their simple use and the fact that they were available in pretty much all of the handgun calibers that are currently in NMRIH. My vote goes towards a .45 ACP Derringer, as we only have one other pistol chambered in the .45 ACP
  3. Would you say that these options could be just cosmetic or would they have to deliever some kind of effect in-game? I ask because the option of a "damaged" variant of an existing weapon has crossed my mind for some of the melee weapons, such as coming across a slightly curved lead pipe that has slightly less reach or a bladed weapon being dull, therefore loosing some of it's effectiveness. I've even thought about a different kind of maglite such as those extra long 5 and 6 Cell Maglites which posses a slightly longer reach.
  4. Exactly that, the attachments should be overall more than just optics and scopes, a wide range of options exist, barrels, stocks even down to what kind of firemodes they possses. I mean it's perfectly reasonable that you might find an MP5 variant with a fullstock but find it's a semi-auto only pistol carbine, the same goes true for other potential "short barrel" weapons like finding the a sawn off Winchester for example
  5. Reading over one of the Developer Logs by Rock it got me thinking about what ideas we could give towards the "Weapon Variety", I completely understand the "no attachments" despite them being simply attachments although I do consider them "variants" as you have no real choice on what your given but it does give some flexibilty in variation. Here's ideas for variations: Melee Cosmetic Variations, Synthetic on Metal/Wood on Metal - By this I mean variations in sense that you might find a Wooden Baseball Bat while also have a Metal Baseball bat, they'd function the same but would have cosmetic differences. The same is true for stuff such as the Hatchet and SledgeHammer which have a very classic look but they could feature a more synthetic look instead of the classic metal on wood while the opposite could be said for the Barricade hammer going from synthetic to classic wood on metal. Different Pipes - In the case of the Lead Pipe you could have different variations of the same pipe, while the difference is purely cosmetic they'd all function the same, for example, they could be bent, have a diffferent look or different styled fittings or entirely being a completely different metal alloy from steel, aluminum, copper or even iron. General "Variations" Flashlights - It's somewhat contradicting to the style of play to have a weapon feature a flashlight but as a rare chance it could exist. It would provide all the benefits of having a Flashlight/Pistol combo without the need for having a Flashlight on Hand. Two possible contenders for the pistols I can see are the Beretta M9 and the Glock 17 with the MP5A4 and Remington 870 also being strong contenders. Laser Sights - It's often "Tacticool" I know however I do see the chance to feature Laser Sights on some pistols such as the M9, Glock 17, even down to the Ruger Mk3 as I've seen "Laser Grips" for these guns before. They'd offer an advantage in hip firing but not so much in visibility compared to the flashlight. Suppressors - Its a small chance they could be featured but despite this, Suppressors are fairly common amongest Police use on SMG's (would you want a loud gun in a close environment with a bright flash or one with little noise and no flash) and even small game hunting for example some but popular contenders I could see are the Ruger MkIII, Ruger 10/22 and MP5A4, perhaps even the MAC-10 (with it's unqiue Sionics Suppressor). The upsides of using these guns is little noise generated and in addition reduced muzzle flash. Pistol & Sub-Machine Guns Night Sights & Target Sights - While these could be options for most the pistols, they'd purely be a cosemtic option. Some of these pistols could feature additions such as Tritium Night sights or Raised Target sights. While purely cosmetic, the differences would present a challenge for players adapting their eyes to a particular kind of sight. Optical Sights - In my mind I'm thinking only a one or two pistols are possible for this, this being the Ruger Mk III and the 686. The MP5A4 could feature a short range Red Dot Sight (the classic tube styled Red Dot over the more open types) while the 686 could feature the addition of 2x pistol optical scope. Revolver Options - For revolvers in general, I could see a number of variations, primarily in barrel length. It could feature an 8" barrel length, tied with an optical sight to become that Sniper Pistol you always wanted or become a 2" snub nosed revolver. The upsides of a long barrel variant is higher accuracy over long range but increased storage capacity while the snub offers less range in exchange for storage capacity. Stocks - Primarily referring to the MP5A4 and the MAC-10, as a variation some of these could feature different styled buttstocks. The MP5A4 for example could become an MP5A5 by having a collapsible stock instead of a full fixed stock. While the MAC-10 could feature the wire buttstock unfolded allow for less recoil overall. Shotgun Full Size, SBS and Sawn Off - This would effect the actual model and in turn the ammo capacity of some shotguns. For example, you could have a full size variation of the Mossberg 500A but also have a variant with a cut down barrel creating a "SBS" or Short Barrelled Shotgun, reducing its weight at the expense of range and increased spread. A Sawn off 500A would feature a cut barrel AND stock further reducing its size but at the same time limiting capacity to 4, increasing spread and inversely increasing recoil. Popular shotguns for the SBS I could see are the 500A and 870 with the Sawn Off primarily being the SV10 and 500A.Rifles Optics - Rifles would likely feature higher magnification scopes (in the x4 to x12 range) but also some could feature shorter ranged, Red Dot and Reflex Sights. Magazines - It was said in the Developer Log that we may see a Ruger 10/22 with a 25 round magazine instead of a 10 round magazine. So I propose that their maybe a variant of the M16A4 which could possess a 20 round magazine instead of the 30 round. I doubt we'd see a version with a 100 round beta C-Magazine. In addition I'd like to suggest an option for Taped Magazines that could be found on the CZ 858 or even clamped magazines on the Mp5A4
  6. Just a few ideas for possible inclusions of realistic zombie types that could feature in some form in NMRiH. Sleeper - Just an idea regarding the ability of "Sleeping" Zombies, like how some Zombies in HL2 behave, often times you can find a zombie slumped against a wall and it wont wake until someone passes it or they activate something where it will creep out from behind the shadows. Closet Sleeper - An idea revolving around a Zombie who hides in a closet and bursts out when a player crosses their path, this zombie would normally be a runner instead of the standard shambler. Grabber - Revolving around the idea of an unused HL2 animation where a sleeper zombie actually swipes the player that attempts to cross their path or attempts to grab them while in their "Sleeper" position, effectively holding them in place for a bit. In addition this also works with Crawlers (which are slated in the next patch) which would grab an unsuspecting foe. Bruisers - Basically revolves around Zombies with melee weapons (primarily basic melee weapons like the pipe wrench or lead pipe) which inflict greater melee damage up close. Jihad - An idea of a Soldier Zombie which is still carrying a live hand grenade in his hands which he drops on death.
  7. Well Military Flamethrowers are out of fashion now a days however, I would still hold hope for something like this: Aerosol Flamethrowers, short ranged, often one use items that are great when behind a barricade and to set zombies on fire and can also utilise the lighter everyone has to start with
  8. I too disagree with the addition of a full size glock, perhaps going more with a sub-compact glock such as the Glock 26 (9mm, 10 rounds) While I'm not against more "AR themed" variants I do think we're good with the current M16A4, the SCAR-17S is something I wouldn't imagine you'd see too often, your probably going to see more M14 variants, such as the Springfield M1A. In addition many M1 Garands can be modified for using .308 ammunition and it is an extremely popular weapon for the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) I would certainly like to see the Benelli M4 featured, perhaps as the Marine issue M1014. It would perhaps be one of the better semi-automatic shotguns and could even feature an added flashlight. There was talk in the past about the addition of a SxS Coach Gun and a Sawn off variation. While I am a fan of the 1887, the chinese Norinco variants chambered in 12 Gauge have had some pretty shoddy reviews in terms of failures to feed well. Regarldess I wouldn't mind seeing them in the mod, providing they are the full size variant and not the Sawn off version as seen in most modern shooters today. I do still hold out hope that a small sized pocket revolver could be featured, a 5 round .357 where it reloads via individual bullets instead of a speed loader.
  9. This kind of gives me an idea for a Scavenger type game-mode where players use backpacks to store heavy objective based items such food, water and medical supplies or other potential objective items such as gathering parts for a vehicle engine.
  10. I too agree that there does need a place in terms of a Snub nosed Revolver. More over I don't think there's really a whole lot in terms of the "Pocket Pistol" genre in NMRIH. While yes it's nice having alot of these high capacity 9mm's it'd be nice if we could get some low capacity, 9mm's as well. In the aspect of "pocket pistols" I'd like to suggest some options for them. Smith & Wesson 3913 - An 8 round 9x19mm handgun. Kahr PM9 - A 7 Round 9x19mm Handgun Kel-Tec P11 - A 10 round 9x19mm Handgun Bond Arms Derringer - Chambered in .357 Magnum, this tiny pistol is light but packs a punch NAA Mini Revolver - Chambered in .22 LR it's ultralight and small As well as some additional weapons: Smith & Wesson 625 - .45 ACP revolver that reloads using half moon clips Ruger SP101 - .357 Magnum snub nosed revolver, double action only Browning Hi-Power - A 9x19mm handgun with a 13 round magazine. Double Barrel SxS Shotgun - A classic double barrel shotgun with the barrels aligned in a Side by Side Configuration Marlin 925 - A bolt action .22 LR rifle with a 7 shot detachable magazine. CZ-527 Carbine - A 5 shot, 7,62x39mm bolt action carbine. CZ-527 Carbine Double Barrel SxS Shotgun Kel-Tec P11
  11. There are only three things I could possibly envision a "Backpack" being implemented in NMRIH as: The Backpack functions as a in-game pickup that instantly gives the user a myraid of diffferent ammo types in varying amounts (typically alot). Partially inspired by classic Doom games. The Backpack functions as a piece of equipment that is a super rare drop in objective and survival. Placing it on the ground gives those around you a temporary ammo supply point. The backpack functions as a means of storage in that when the user dies, they drop just their backpack instead of their all weapons.
  12. Just thought about this after using the FUBAR Wrecking bar for an extended period. What if when you shove with either the Wrecking bar or even the Crowbar, using the "wedge" could inflict greater damage than other melee weapons having it similar as a less effective bayonet stab of the SKS. It wouldn't kill outright but it would still inflict damage regardless, so that a shov with either of these weapons could still potentially kill a Zombie after striking it earlier with a blow? Anybody think this should occur?
  13. Might not have been used by the Military but it is often used as a Police weapon for launching Riot Grenades. Police Riot Grenades and Military High Explosive and Frag grenades are interchangeable so it could always be added under the premise it was used initially as a Riot Control weapon but the Military used it's own stocks of 40mm HE to control large hordes of Zombies. I've also thought about this, a pistol gripped G2 Contender with a short range scope. G2 Contender is also highly versatile, I think you can load practically any type of ammo into the gun with just a barrel change. Popular ones I've seen are .357 Magnum, .223/5,56mm, .308 Winchester and even 12 Gauge shells. I think you referring to the PSE TAC-15, a compound Crossbow using the frame of an AR-15: Personally I'd love to go with something like a Barnett Panzer V, great Crossbow in my opinion: Personally I think we could just do with a HK pattern rifle in general. We already have the FAL filling a role of a .308 Semi-auto, perhaps a HK93? I know Century Arms (even though their supposedly crap) make a HK93 copy called the C93. M4, despite many claiming it's not worth adding, I reckon could fit in, not right now though, it could be a weapon that the Marine NPC's could use. The M203 GL could be an extremely rare variant of the weapon. Maybe add a Red Dot Sight and a some kind of forward grip. I can agree with you on not having Light Machine Guns, however I think that static General Purpose Machine Guns could be feasible. I could see them being on the backs of abandonded Military Trucks or Humvee's, players could use them briefly but once all their ammo is used they are simply useless at this point. Take for example, the M60E4: Could be found in-game with a random ammo capacity between 50 and 300 rounds, could do as much damage as other .308 weapons but it's difficult to aim and it's loud (attracting more zombies than what its worth using it)
  14. Your name: Draco122/Drake Your age: 24 Your location and time zone: United Kingdom, (UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London A link to your Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Draco122 Github: https://github.com/Draco122 Your PC specs: CPU: AMD 4100 Quad Core Processor GPU: AMD Radeon 6670 HD Ram: 8Gb HDD: 2TB HDD OS: Windows 7 Home Premium Are you a Linux User?: No Are you a server host?: No Have you tested a game before?: Yes, for Zombie Panic Source for a time (was forced to leave due to older computer exploding and life issues) Payday 2 Beta (recent) Primal Carnage Beta Warframe Alpha/Beta Rising Storm Beta Are you a Level Designer?: No Do you have an Oculus Rift?: No Additional Notes: Can Provide Video evidence of bugs and problems, as well as beta play sessions on my youtube account: http://www.youtube.com/user/BloodDraco122
  15. Aerosol Flamethrower, simply a light and a can and there you go, you got your own short ranged flamethrower