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  1. compiling those SMD's into a .mdl file is one thing. the dota 2 beta in-game compiler already provides a fully functional set of .SMD's, a .vvd, .mdl and .vtx file within it's folders, so basically the only thing I should have to do is just replace the models in generic_sword_nodachi.mdl with the model inside the .mdl file the in-game compiler provides, if that makes any sense
  2. hi guys, kind of new here on the forums, first post actually; to get straight down to business, the problem i'm trying to solve is to get a custom model i've made for the dota 2 juggernaut hero into the dota 2 test build by replacing the files already in the game with my own. the problem, is that when I compile my .qc file, which looks like this (below), nothing really happens. no new files get created and the existing ones (generic_sword_odachi.mdl) don't get changed in any way. (they're not on read-only) $upaxis Y $modelname "items/juggernaut/generic_sword_nodachi.mdl" $surfaceprop "default" $bodygroup "sword" { studio "jugg_sword.smd" } $lod 1 { replacemodel "jugg_sword.smd" "jugg_sword_lod1.smd" } $sequence "ref" "jugg_sword.smd" //$jigglebone "Jiggle01" { // is_flexible { // yaw_stiffness 100 // yaw_damping 3 // length 20 // yaw_constraint 0 0 // } //} the jiggle bone lines are in there because I want a jiggle bone to be in my model, but for some reason studiocompiler crashes on that line, so still figuring that out as well, even though the syntax is copied directly from valve's own wiki. also, when I try to compile my .SMD files to get a clean .mdl file out of that, it aborts with an error saying it can't find "definebone.qc" with a path before it. i'm really new to source engine modding, so i'm still figuring out the basics of compiling models and getting them into the game. I have already submitted my sword, because the dota 2 beta submission tool takes .fbx files that come straight out of max, but that doesn't enable me to actually test my weapon in-game while fighting, unless ofcourse valve puts it in the shop. I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me with this, i've been cursing the windows out for four days now thanks in advance MaVCArt