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  1. How I see this game mode as: God vs Tiny Ants... Firt of all, it's already difficult enough for some players to struggle fighting against the zombies. When you add the deathsquad to thw equation, you get armored runner Zombies that shoot at you and probably be unstopable. The Deathsquad is just too OP for the survivors to win in every way especially when you get experience FPS players to join the Deathsquad team which will probably hive the Deathsquad team a 999-0 winstreak. Not to mention if the survivors have to scavenge for supplies while the Deathsquad team are prepared already. This game mode is basically a pvp but with only more weapons and supplies for one team. So I would completely disagree with this game mode...
  2. Akimbo is just inefficient and a waste of ammo. Bad for players, good for trollers. I can't see a single benefit in akimbo when you're in a zombie apocalypse...
  3. So what you're saying is, that FEMA bags are a drag and thats what makes it fun? If that's the case then I totally agree with you. What I meant was that the FEMA bags should have a specific location for ti to repair the zone so it doesn't automatically repairs the zone when it enters. The location is an idea to minimize accidental usage of FEMA bags upon wntering the zone...
  4. The point of not having a crosshair is that it increase realism by not having a floating holographic croshhair that tells you where you're pointing your gun. The crosshair is purposely taken out of the game because this is not Counter Strike. Players are forced to aim with the iron sights because that's how the real world would do. I hope you understanf why I will never agree to pit crosshairs in the game...
  5. LoL DrHammer, is your username really just a username or because you are a university lecturer with a real Doctor degree? "I luv deez dokter" -TF2 Heavy-
  6. Can we get back on topic? Yes the FEMA bags are a nusance and annoying which is one of the reasons why i rarely play survival maps. Maybe they could add a small specific FEMA bag zone like they did with the health crates?
  7. Please keep the idea to a very realistic Zombie Apocalypse situation. Bad ideas such as akimbo weapons and alien space rifles aren't even close to real. This is NMRiH not Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Mode...
  8. Really? How many of you people have a cat's eye instead of normal human eyes?
  9. I still don't think it's pointless, however your statement is currently true. That's why there is an ancient art and method of staying alive together even though 90% of the server population is n00bs. I don't know if you ever heard it before but it's called COMMUNICATION, TEACHING and TEAMWORK. If you're experienced, then you should be able to survive adequately only with a melee...
  10. How about we just add hadoken, rashingan, and a spirit bomb as well? (Too much?) The point is that this game is realistic and not many people know martial arts that well. Most people just know that to inflict damage, you need to: 1. Bring your hand behind your body 2. Thrust your fist in a very powerful manner 3. Hope you land your fist on your enemy I think adding an uppercut wouldn't hurt that much. I mean whoever plays PvZ 2 have seen a zombie's head come off by an uppercut...
  11. I see it as quite pointless. If you're a teamplayer, you want to work with your team as effective as possible and having that radio is the most important thing for communication. What's the point of seperating then?
  12. I think this thread is getting off topic...
  13. I disagree and agree... Disagree because you used the word thread while I'm pretty sure you meant threat (Just kidding ) The real issue is that the zombie runner is pretty much a fresh zombie that just died a few hours ago so it still has the strength and stamina (what's left of it) so it should be the same as other zombies. Other zombies that bite you isn't 100% going to infect you and so should runners because they're both zombies.
  14. Why not make it like Bloodseeker's (Dota 2) rupture? If you move, then you will take more damage. But if you stay still, you still lose health but it's almost a near 0 loss. Because eventhough you apply pressure, blood is liquid, so it still will find it's way out of tiny gaps...
  15. I support crawlers. They're the living dead. They could operate without an active heart, I'm sure loss of rotten blood would not kill them (or probably will since the brain still needs blood to survive). How do zombies operate? That is the big question...