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  1. So, if you really want a Law Enforcement character THAT bad, I vote for Jim Lahey from Trailer Park Boys, he's been preparing for the Shit Blizzard for as long as anyone can remember.
  2. When you come out of the doorway from the theater or apartments, in the corner to your left there's a HL2 red-grey long propane tank, take that to the chain-gate door on the gunshop and it should hook up and explode after a few seconds, then you can open that blue door from the inside.
  3. That's really up to the mapper's discretion Kevin, if they want to let people know specifically via flags, let 'em do it. I don't really think it should be a mandated thing.
  4. Nah, it'd be better if it was really a thing for it to be something admins could spawn on their servers if they did it via a plug-in or add-on, trying to use pseudo-mind bullshit just seems silly. "YOU WERE TIIIRED ALLL ALLOOOONG BUT NOT REALLLLYYY".
  5. So, spend a lot of time making animations and a weapon, and then toss it in the toilet after it's on a server for a week? Nah Joe, you cray.
  6. This update's been good so far, slogging through what little problems I've seen, a few suggestions and some feedback. Feedback: Melee weaponry as a whole has gotten better, the new tracer system really shines with weaponry like the sledgehammer. On the flipside, melee weaponry and their ranges have been flipflopped in some instances where machetes have to get as close as the claw hammer to have their arcs land. The new damages assigned to most melee force you to use charge attacks more often, not really a complaint but something that's required to be done without getting bitch-slapped by zombies. The Bow I couldn't figure out for the life of me, hopefully they'll add a crossbow for casuals like me to fire arrows, because I just eventually walked near point blank to the zombies and plonked them in the head with arrows to avoid shooting in all different directions with the arrows. (Are the arrows supposed to stick into zombies if their heads didn't explode? I've just have had arrows bounce out of their face and they'd fall over.) Firearms seem largely unchanged besides their new sounds which give a real kick to how they should feel. Shotguns seem a little less powerful, but I didn't find ammo to use them more often then I'd like. What I am proud about is .357 and .308 rounds now pierce multiple zombies AND kill them, I've had problems in 1.06 where I'd shoot a zombie point blank in the head with the 686 and the shot'd completely pass through their heads without killing them. Grenades/throwables: I really didn't get my hands on anything besides the TNT, which has a HUGE blast radius. I was proud to watch at least ten zombies explode on Toxteths' graveyard thanks to those things. Zombies and their new runner animation look miles better, zombies search for people more and on some maps things have been fixed where they'd avoid ledges they could drop down to continue chasing. Zombies also don't do the strange moonwalk to the side where melee weapons would go all fucky and you could land 5 hits with a sledgehammer until you reset it with a shove to get its' pathing to focus on you. Stamina *feels* like it's been revamped, my character didn't get as tired as often as you do in 1.06 and it seems a bit more forgiving, I'm glad about that. Weight of items has been redone as well, which I was glad about since gauze doesn't weigh a butt-ton and a wrench doesn't eat up 1/3 of your inventory space, good job on this. Problems: Melee is the big one here, apart from the strange arc'ing and ranges of some weaponry, they *CANNOT* break barricade boards, nothing can be broken with them (Excluding weaponry without melee arc's such as fists and gun shoves) They also can't break the main starting board in Chinatown, the one wedged in the gates of the spawn. A few melee weapon damages have gotten nerfed, some of them don't feel so much as kill-death weaponry now as much as melee (which they should, I wouldn't exactly list this as a problem, just felt to include that.) A map has boarding locations you can't place barricade boards at, such as the interior of the chapel in Silence, although I think this might just be localized to that map. Bandages cannot be used until you're bleeding, which is strange because the first aid kit is labeled "emergency bandages and antiseptics", also, first aid kits do not stop bleeding on their own, only if you heal to full health does bleeding stop via first aid. There's a spot where the gas can in Chinatown can be thrown up onto the repair-shop's "roof" via Half-Life's telekinesis. The Bow, there's no indication of where the arrow'll fly besides using the notches on the sight (Which makes sense), and even then the arrow seems to be prone to shoot whichever direction it pleases. Some voices don't seem to work, I get autoset to Cleric's voice set trying to use Captains'. That's all I got so far, most of the mod seems better, I'll post any more bugs in the Github and any more feedback in here.
  7. I guess they sort of compensate that I THINK every other round you can respawn without a token, albiet at 50% health. The expiration thing for the tokens goes both ways, what if someone's a complete chump-ass cuntass team-killer, he goes into the corner of a map and racks up a ton of tokens and can effectively mow people down without consequence because he'll come back 100% health with no infection. Like I said though, both ways with the whole "We'd be ready for him" thing. I don't think they shouldn't expire because then it makes a sense of safety, something people should never really have in a zombie survival game. It's basically insurance that you'll come back, some people neglecting that they even have tokens is always fun to watch. I can agree though that killing yourself is silly as hell, though.
  8. I think I can think of a few. handgun - Pistolero, Gunslinger shotgun - Scatter-brain'er, Why Aim?, Hunting Hobby rifle - Sharpshooter, Lining 'Em Up, Camping Expert. military & police guns - Militia Man, Citizens' Arrester, Conscripted explosives - Wave-Maker, Explosive Temper, Anarchists' Cookbook Enthusiast
  9. Yeah, there's no such thing as mutations, you're just a dead dude who's hungry. They don't usually wanna, or ever want to let you control zombies 'cause they don't wanna draw comparisons to Zombie Panic.
  10. I think it provides a nice contrast to all the tight spaces, unfortunately there should be a way for zombies to access rooftops that people usually stand on, hugging to ladders so they can group up zombies for easy dispatch.
  11. Yeah like a survival map where you're in one of those Mexican cartel labs with all the cocaine and weed bricks stacked all over tables.
  12. Draco I think the can idea's been suggested over and over, but they don't do it considering they look at tissue damage effectiveness. A can flamethrower won't burn muscle (fast enough) to render the zombie(s) in question inoperable. Also muskets would be a bit pointless don't you think? They take forever to reload and required standing still, hell, I don't think I know anyone who knows how to effectively load any of the damned things anyway. The guns in NMRiH are all really straight forward but this one would seem kind of out there.
  13. Or just check the previous voice actor auditions, Maxx pretty much pitched guidelines to most of the people anyway. You just basically have to sound realistic and record the simple response system; "Yes" "No" "Help" 'ect. That's if you don't lie again and actually post some stuff you've actually done.
  14. They're still working on zombie-clipping, I'd assume, since runners can get caught behind shamblers at the moment without pushing them.
  15. Well yeah, they see you as stimulus and don't know how to get to you, so they're gonna bunch up on the wall under you reaching at you, but can't quite get you. I've distracted zombies for my team-mates before. It's at least logical if you think about it.