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  1. Drivers, system specs?
  2. It has to be said... ITS OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!1!1!11!!!!1!!1
  3. Someone could point me in the right direction, but as far as I remember, the company is made from ex-COD developers. I can see a lot of similarities in the gameplay. As maxx said, since a lot of them were used to a quake like engine (Call of Duty's proprietary engine is based of the one used for quake 4?), they shopped around for a engine that was based of it. Source fit that requirement, but was changed as they saw fit. I wouldn't be surprised if they threw out or minimized the core BSP system (somehow with limited budget and time?). It's not a nice system to work with. As for the Source 2 comment, the current one you can license is the Portal 2.. Or so people say..
  4. Better be! With all that money I spent on the game.. (lol)
  5. Graphics driver version?
  6. - Have you restarted steam - Have you restarted your computer - Have you restarted NMRiH - Have you reinstalled NMRiH - Can you confirm that the "serverbrowser.dll" even exists? - Is Source SDK Base 2013 installed? - Do you have AV or Firewall software?
  7. Boot camp does wonders. Some of which may not be so wonderful. Since NMRiH and TF2 run two different code bases, it could be assumed that a change in that code has caused issues. Drivers for example, may not be able to handle the 1k output network packets that NMRiH does when a round starts to spawn zombies. And not to be rude or anything, but it may get to the bottom of this; why did you force rates in the config file? What happens when you remove them?
  8. A lot of us are used to using the built-in printscreen button on our keyboards. I can't remember the last time someone used bloatware for that. Anyways, the mod's concern is valid. First time I have seen that particular service, yet I've seen other "insta-upload" screenshot services. It's a word of caution to others, nothing more. Anyways, back on topic. I don't see any real reference to updating or upgrading the GlibC client library in any of those two links. The development tool is designed to take the code, and pass it though a compiler which will allow the machine code to work on any version of RHEL. It's no really any concern of mine, as a more stable development cycle should be expected to clash with a sudden upgrade of library requirements. Whoever compiled the code, didn't do their homework, and now we are stuck with a problem. Lets hope that version 7 is around the corner, so people don't have to provision to an "up to date" linux disto and then back again like I did.
  9. If you feel like you don't like the voices, you could always edit the sound files and silence the parts you don't like.
  10. You can disable the "app crash" dialog. This is done with a registry edit, which will batch scripts to auto restart.
  11. Yup, they changed it for whatever reason.
  12. Debian is under a "rolling release" idea, so you will always have up to date packages. The GlibC version isn't that new. Rhel goes for stability over functionality, so it's behind. You have to be using a really, really, really old version of Debian to have issues in the first place and then with updating too. What disro and version are you using? Ubuntu will be up to date out of the box.
  13. No. I could get into the technical definition of what a Class C IP address is, but that would be a waste of time. You won't have to worry about this.
  14. This ^.
  15. I write these things for people, and it makes me feel sad inside that no one reads them. From the wiki: http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/wiki/Dedicated_Server_Setup Mainly: Warning! RHEL or Red Hat based linux distros do not support the GlibC version in use with the exception of Fedora. This should be resolved with a 7.0 version of RHEL distros. If you are new to linux, do not use it. It's not forgiving, and can be a real pain. If you do not know what Red Hat Linux is, you should not be using linux to host your server.