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  1. For some reason I read the thread title and thought you'd made a nms map out of the hl2 trainstation level, they do give you the bsp and I can confirm your train escape would work.
  2. You do well to listen to gregster; he'll teach you everything; he'll teach you how to pee.
  3. News The map has been passed off to gregster and is in private (more or less private) beta for the time being. OPEN BETA is expected to be released before wednesday. My dear computer, proudly producing ttt_hendrix, ttt_floyd, and nmo_cold_black, suffered a stroke in the form of combustion into fire and smoke the other day and is officially deceased. This has been a minor setback for the map but obviously from the first bit of news it's all still on the rails. However while in "private" beta I can't make major changes to the map, seeing as the point of beta is to make sure it works, I've begun reskinning players so they fit with the story of the ship level. Based off my experience with pakrat, reskins that are paked into a map should take effect while the map is running and dissappear after, utilizing this, I started today, without Photoshop (my dearest companion), turning Bateman into the ships doctor. As a side note, GIMP is a motherfucker and it's tools are shit. Anyone else think he looks like Archer?
  4. Ok rebuilt the whole navigation mesh by hand and completely rewired all the zombie spawners, they now function and the game is at a good difficulty. I'm honestly pretty unhappy with the appearance at the moment, it's not at the standard I hold myself to, but hey, that's why it's called beta right? All that's left is a more privite playtesting to make sure it all runs smoothly, fixing whatever's wrong there, then you guys can have the sucker.
  5. If you guys could post any and all information regarding zombie spawning besides the wiki article (I know where to find that), it would be greatly appreciated. Currently the agenda is as follows: Fix Zombie Spawning problem OPEN BETA If that's not enough encouragement then I honestly don't know why I'm making the map. >.>
  6. Breaking News There's very little left to do guys, Objectives are set up and I'll be playtesting them with Gregster (my main squeeze) at a point soon in time. Just working out some gameplay problems regarding zombies and elevators, if that's general enough for you.
  7. Let's try to get moderators of a small community removed after having 5 posts guys.
  8. Bear in mind, most of the interesting shit has not been shown in the posted material, I'd like it to mostly be a new experience when you play.
  9. Quick question, are zombies in zones already traveled through slain by a trigger_hurt or does that game handle that automatically?
  10. Absolutely with the lighting, the focus at the moment is to finish functionality and most of the latter updates will be aesthetics. The push for Beta is mostly to give everyone something to do.
  11. Totally justified bump: What you're looking at up here is the Turbolift system, it's three lift chambers, featuring lots of glass for space viewing, that randomize the players experience. Every time you come to a turbolift, you will randomly end up in one of three locations in the next zone, there are a total of 27 unique combinations of gameplay. I've also included a noclip view of the entire level, starboard side, showing the different zones [columns] and the three floors each contain.
  12. Seeing as he's starting out with entities I'd say leave that for a later version. Mostly cause I don't want to wait for you to figure that all out... I want to play it now!
  13. Exactly, the idea with visleaves is that they should for as many parts as possible (aiming for all) be square. Not sure of your knowledge on optimization, but here's the most common link posted anyway: http://www.optimization.interlopers.net/ If you know what the terms func_detail, area portal, hint, and occluder are then I'm sorry for any insult to your intelligence.
  14. The flamethrower boss zombie sounds like it could be fucking scary.
  15. Looking hot man, just be sure to optimize that architecture proper, it's got a lot of slants which worries me.