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  1. Well, To be honest I havent looked at this map in ages, and despite my wishes I do not think I will finish the map completly. Side Note:If someone wants to maybe take over then be my guest, just msg me first and I will send you the Map and such :)/>
  2. Yesterday, on September 11, 2012 NMRiH was Givin the Green light for Steam. Hopefully this will be a step in the right direction for getting updates, and will probably even help with getting more people! so Yayyyyyyyyyyyy! We have thumbed up NMRiH enough, and its on Steam now. yay.
  3. Make a gun, or some guys head.. you know, something thats not too easy(a table >.>) and something that is realistic.
  4. You made SkyCity? :|
  5. oh haha i read what you said wrong :|
  6. Does the Bulb Show up in the editor?
  7. I assume he means the Store's windows
  8. Because the layout of the 1st floor sucks, I'm changing it up a bit, and I'm Open to ideas. If anyone has a suggestion plz post it and i will consider it, do not suggest something stupid please... Here is a pic of the floor: The kitchen, and the stairs are not being moved/changed DO NOT SUGGEST anything for those 2 items. EDIT: I could consider a layout change for the kitchen if necessary. A logical floor layout should have at least: a TV room, a bedroom, and a bathroom, etc. you may also suggest closed off areas such as the upstairs bedroom. Closets are also nice. If you have a specific texture you want, or a color you can say that too. *The best way to convey ideas is to Edit the image with lines where rooms/furniture should go.* Thank you!
  9. I can judge: Lanix I have the ability to host a server
  10. If its really a big problem, i will change the link to a different site. but since the link is fine. i will not do this.
  11. YEAH TOTALLY SCAMWARE.... Why the f*** would i put up all this work and these screenies with a SCAMWARE link? retard
  12. Just makin sure you copied all of the nmrih files to the orangebox folder, correct? if so then that error is very simple, just copy gameinfo.txt from your steamapps/sourcemods/nmrih folder into your orangebox/nmrih folder. If not, then i am stumped
  13. What do you mean? Every direction you look you see a house, until the fog fades too thick, then you can't see anything. Its not near like Isolated> 1 house, surrounded by trees out in the country. Nor like flooded> 2 buildings that are surrounded by rocks and tress etc etc. townhouse> A house, surrounded by other houses in a neighborhood-like setting If you want more house's i'd have to have floating houses.
  14. Heres a updated map and stuff. Link at top of page
  15. Thank you good sir