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  1. i love you. yea zombie you are living in your head. everything you have listed that you can do, in reality you can't. yes, gaming is all you have, which is playing games only. all in all you are full of shit.
  2. 80k, are you mental? if you wanna do game art, go to community college and take traditional art courses.
  3. community college.
  4. update on dat shite character few fuck arounds
  5. hah. thanks but cyn is the lead character artist, won't work.
  6. even a kid with talent, you give him something new to do, he'll suck at it. 1 percent is talent and rest is work. if you aren't failing, you aren't learning. this was one of my first zbrush sculpts: so fuck off. if you like something, do it. stop whining.
  7. unless you are planning to travel outside US, you don't need college and that stuff. you are fine, you live in US, tons of studios there. pretty much everything Maxx said about schools. they'll teach you how to extrude and tell you to fuck off. school doesn't teach you anything, you have to do it yourself. oh and about some schools that guarantee that you'll get a job after finishing their shit, my dick. however it seems to me that you don't want to learn. let's say you start today, it would take you anywhere from 4 - 6 years to get to a level where people are interested in your work and willing to hire you. i started character art when i was 16, i'm 18 now. and i had no fucking clue that this is (hopefully) be my job. i'll be able to get a job in about year or 2, right now all i get is unanswered emails. that's how it works. usually.
  8. i like trevor. i wasn't really impressed, they could've done so much more with the game. i guess that's saved for multiplayer? hope so.
  9. i am working on some shite.
  10. no. they are jagged. softening the edges fixes that problem.
  11. soften up those edges.
  12. done i think
  13. drop the blocks or at least make them blend in better, looks silly.