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  1. hell gate was a very cool man which i really enjoyed! love your stuff man!
  2. looks really nice man! nice to see you still got plans for the map
  3. Looks like its coming along well!
  4. are those mannequin models that iv seen from nightmare house 2?
  5. Radius Culling always lags my PC. Its for sure 100% evil along with carve tool.
  6. tip. dont use func_wall for walls. unless you need to disable and enable the wall.
  7. Very interested to try this!
  8. Nice looks great!
  9. Looks good man! Going to download and check it out now!
  10. nms_hershels_farm_v6 - [1.07 VERSION] v6 Fixed error modelsv5 Fixed loading screen not showing Removed some unused assets from bsp Added hud text to tell barn campers to hold zones v4 Fixed npc animations for the motorbike rider Added crate to help noobs get on top the trucks v3 Fixed missing models and texture caused by 1.07 Changed lots of dynamic props to static Fixed some known god spots Fixed zombies not spawning for the finale Added Molotov spawn locations Added a few new item locations Updated nav file Changed skybox and ground texture Reduced bsp size REMOVED BY MODERATOR ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits Map Created by thegregster101 Custom Models: Weather cock - Cpt Ukulele Certains/Dead Cows/Scarecrow/Field Crops/Curtains - pedroleum Field Crops Modification - DormantLemon House Railings - fisheye/retextured by me Pillar/Book Shelves - css Valve Alyx Reskin - Major Dinoz Motor Bike - GTA4 porting by Ace00731 Chicken - RoadMaster/Jihad/MOZONE porting by L. Duke John Deer Tractor - TractorSource/Templaer Female Model - Gearbox Software/Cabbie/JorisCeoen -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. nice
  12. I managed to land on the helipad. But by chance. Had some bf style deaths. Noob pilot.
  13. I like your ideas. The problem I have with NMRIH and these ideas is that you never have a weapon for very long. "Ooo I got a m16 with night sight and flash light" 30 seconds later.. Player dies. Player then is very disappointed by the .22 pea shooter that they find next time they spawn. What I'm trying to get at is that in NMRiH guns are guns. Sure some work better than others but not by much. They all can kill a zombie at some kind of range.
  14. If only displacement support 3 sided shape.. haha Looks good man!
  15. Watch the survival map video.
  16. cool. I want more pics
  17. What i do Load game mat_specular 0 mat_hdr_level 2 Load map sv_cheats 1 buildingcubemaps 1 buildcubemaps disconnect mat_hdr_level 0 Load map buildingcubemaps 1 buildcubemaps disconnect mat_specular 0 mat_hdr_level 2 Load map
  18. nms_operation_halloween A small team has been dispatched to take control of a small outpost. The pipe line needs protecting.
  19. glow sticks.
  20. the orange lights are pumpkins...
  21. Great works.
  22. very cool! cant wait to play!
  23. Hello my friend. Here is my story. On the 25th of May 2012 I applied just like you and failed to get on to the team. (View my applicatoiin here) On the 30th of Jun 2012 I released my first NMRiH map called Hershels Farm. Throughout the next few weeks I updated it and added lot of improvments. On the 3rd of September 2012 Lou Saffire, the creater of nms_isolated and myself were asked the join the team. The following people all made popular community maps before they became part of the team. Lou Saffire thegregster101 Hypnosis billionlioe Could be more? Iv not thought about people before my time. My advise is simple. Create a map