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  1. seems pretty bad lighting and overall boring map.
  2. hell gate was a very cool man which i really enjoyed! love your stuff man!
  3. looks really nice man! nice to see you still got plans for the map
  4. Looks like its coming along well!
  5. are those mannequin models that iv seen from nightmare house 2?
  6. Radius Culling always lags my PC. Its for sure 100% evil along with carve tool.
  7. tip. dont use func_wall for walls. unless you need to disable and enable the wall.
  8. Very interested to try this!
  9. Nice looks great!
  10. Looks good man! Going to download and check it out now!
  11. nice
  12. I managed to land on the helipad. But by chance. Had some bf style deaths. Noob pilot.
  13. I like your ideas. The problem I have with NMRIH and these ideas is that you never have a weapon for very long. "Ooo I got a m16 with night sight and flash light" 30 seconds later.. Player dies. Player then is very disappointed by the .22 pea shooter that they find next time they spawn. What I'm trying to get at is that in NMRiH guns are guns. Sure some work better than others but not by much. They all can kill a zombie at some kind of range.
  14. If only displacement support 3 sided shape.. haha Looks good man!