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  1. You'll have to open your client developer console to see error messages. Here is a link how to open and use the client developer console: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Developer_Console
  2. Well it depends on, that server.cfg was complete. But after updates there can be changes. Old cvars may not work any more and/or new ones are being implemented. Your only way to successfully change settings (cvars) is by finding them and write those you'd like to change into your server.cfg. Oh I forgot to tell you: You'll have to enable your client console to type in the commands like "find" or you'll have to use your server console. It depends on how much access you have to the server. But I guess the easiest way is to enable your in-game console and use the "find" command. :-)
  3. Hi Railgun, if sourcemod is installed and running on your server you can use the command "sm_cvar". Just write sm_cvar at the beginning of a line. Ex: sm_cvar sv_kid_dmg_onehand 16 Be sure to never set sv_cheats to 1 or face the fact that anyone on the server can highjack your server! Regarding your other questions you can find a list of plugins here: http://www.sourcemod.net/plugins.php?cat=0&mod=24&title=&author=&description=&search=1 "The chance of a runner zombie spawning", should be available as cvar you can use the command find like this: "find chance" or "find runner" to search for the related cvar. "allow/not allow to use guns" is indeed not available as an easy plugin. "zombie damage" - well you can search for the "dmg" cvars by using "find dmg". Cya
  4. First of all I have to say, such questions about general plugins should be asked in the sourcemod forum: https://forums.alliedmods.net/forumdisplay.php?f=52'>https://forums.alliedmods.net/forumdisplay.php?f=52 This makes sure, that you'll get a good response within a short time. But to answer your question: As Winning117 said, by default you have to add the maps into your maplists.cfg file which should be located in nmrih/addons/sourcemod/config or nmrih/cfg/sourcemod I'm not sure right now. If the file is missing you should redownload sourcemod and be sure to transfer all files within the zip in your nmrih. If you add more maps into the maplists.cfg, then use the map file name like "de_dust" and use one map per line. Only the maps in maplists.cfg will be available to the players on the server since test maps etc. should not be accessible by normal players. Also, you can raise the limit of 5 maps per vote, but its highly recommended to leave it at 5. If any user wants to play a map which is not included in rtv, he has to nominate it before the rtv vote starts. That means, if someone dislikes the current map, he can first nominate (/nominate <- chat command) his favourite map and then use rtv to suggest the map change and his included nomination(s). More info on how the map change system in sourcemod works: https://wiki.alliedmods.net/Map_Management_Plugins_%28SourceMod%29#Mapchooser'>https://wiki.alliedmods.net/Map_Management_Plugins_%28SourceMod%29#Mapchooser
  5. Then you need to provide us more detailed information. Best would be to write each step down you did to install the server. Like: 1. Download steamcmd, 2. Execute command xyz, ... and so on.
  6. A google search of "Client connected with ticket for the wrong game" shows that it is probably a wrong appid, either your server or your client uses a wrong appid. Validate your client installation: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335&amp If that does not work, update your server. If even that didn't work reinstall it: http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/wiki/Dedicated_Server_Setup cya
  7. Well yes could be, maybe some Mac "security" settings that are blocking outgoing connections. With Mac you are on your own. Don't buy things you can't use/setup. ^^
  8. You don't have to forward any ports since you're using hamachi. You guys can disable hamachi and uninstall if the owner or creater of the server knows how to forward the port.
  9. Anything new? did it work?
  10. Seems like the mac users network configuration is somehow wrong. He can try to ping the hamachi ip by opening a terminal and enter: ping <server-hamachi-ip> If that fails he has do a google search of how to setup hamachi on mac.
  11. So sv_cheats 0 reset all cvars back to its default values... By the way: Loading a map or changing it, will execute config files, so some cvars could change. Also you don't need sv_cheats to be 1 to change cvars with sm_cvar. sm_cvar doesn't care about cheat cvars, it just overwrites them. Also a cause could be, that a mapper sets the cvar back every second or so, but thats rather uncommon.
  12. You can always use the find command, its a native command from the srcds engine. It will find any cvars (console variables) and commands available on the server. In my opinion much faster than using pastebin or any other list, since those could be false or old. This example will find cvars and commands that contain "sm_sl": find sm_sl "sm_slay" - sm_slay <#userid|name> "sm_slap" - sm_slap <#userid|name> [damage]
  13. Warning: Setting sv_cheats to 1 is very insecure, anyone can hack your server!!! For the sv_ commands. When using sm_cvar with only one sv_ command and without value you can see what the actual value is. Example to verify the value of a variable (its in german, but you'll get what I mean): sm_cvar sv_kid_dms_onehand 123 [sM] Wert der Konsolenvariable "sv_kid_dms_onehand" wurde auf "123" geƤndert. sm_cvar sv_kid_dms_onehand [sM] Wert der Konsolenvariable 'sv_kid_dms_onehand': '123'
  14. Please try this game.nmrih.txt: http://pastebin.com/vk3euxRj The offset was wrong for linux and mac, look here: http://www.sourcemodplugins.org/vtableoffsets/nmrih (Thanks to berni the Virtual Table Offset List for nmrih works again)
  15. Then you can slay a player in game with sourcemod? Normally the sm_slap command is not able to crash the server unless the offset of "CommitSuicide" is wrong.