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  1. Hey, just an update haven't been online due to the fact that I am busy ( looking for work ) I have everything done on the map just the lighting and that takes a good bit of time to get right so I will get it done asap. just posting this in case you think iv given up or anything
  2. Hey, I redone the wall, fixed the fog and tweeked lighting also soundscapes are done
  3. I redone the broken brick wall since you guys kinda didnt like it i will be compiling later to see how it is, also optimisations are done so all i need to do is add some soundscapes and a few minor details and its done!
  4. Broken wall anyone
  5. Hey, Thank you for the list, the reason why I never wrote thank you yesterday and posted on my map thread is because after I posted on the map thread I went offline for the day ( went to a party), I am only awake now so thank you for the list
  6. If anyone is interest in a copy of DOTA2 comment below and I will send you one
  7. Could someone provide me with a list of soundscapes and particles, its basically all I need to finish my map
  8. Update also I have a thunder lightning and rain added to the map will hopefully record a video later to show you guys
  9. You guessed correct maxx
  10. hello gents, created a ton of graffiti to place around the map to give some of the stores a feel that someone was there before the players some are referenced to movies
  11. @Abilities vents going through truss support is also in nms_northway also :/ it is barely noticeable too
  12. ohh neat trick payne, it looks good though, are those new tree models on the right too?
  13. hello again, just finished making the skybox so its better for optimisation, the whole map is blocked out, so i compiled and i have more pics