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  1. sv_safezone_counter_per_player_sec : 1 : , "sv", "cheat", "rep" : Amount of HP drain each player counters per second. sv_safezone_drain_per_zombie_per_sec : 0 : , "sv", "cheat", "rep" : Amount of HP safe zones lose per second per zombie occupying. sv_safezone_empty_drain_per_sec : 0 : , "sv", "cheat", "rep" : Amount of HP safe zones lose per second with no players. sv_safezone_empty_drain_time : 10 : , "sv", "cheat", "rep" : Time a safe zone is empty before it starts draining sv_safezone_heal_amt : 10 : , "sv", "rep" : Amount safe zone heals at once sv_safezone_health : 100 : , "sv", "cheat", "rep" : Maximum HP of safe zones. sv_safezone_max_drain_per_sec : 2 : , "sv", "cheat", "rep" : Maximum amount of HP safe zones can lose per second from zombie occupancy. sv_safezone_reactivate_health : 25 : , "sv", "cheat", "rep" : Amount of HP safe zones reactivate with.
  2. Dude, this feature is already in the game since survival mode got released... Press c and turn around. Don't look at the compass itself. There will be big letters (A, B, C...) that indicate where the zones are. Now to the feedback: Pros: -1.06 is awesome! -1.06 is awesome! -1.06 is awesome! Cons: -No new nmo maps -No new zombie models -Zones are kinda pointless now in survival because you don't loose if they get overrun. Suggestions: -more nmo maps -new zombies -new weapons (for .308 and 7.62 ammo types)
  3. They want to be prop_dynamic_override. I use these chairs in my map too.
  4. Sometimes nav_generate isn't enough. Type nav_edit 1 in console and you'll see the nav mesh. Go to the points in your map where the zombie spawns are and check if there are nav areas. If not make them yourself.
  5. Item Spawning Setup
  6. Check the finished maps section for map releases. Hershels Farm B8
  7. There are 31 Servers showing in my server browser. pings ranging from 40 to 350. Check your filter settings.
  8. Host or play on a server with realism mode. In realism mode you can kill every zombie with 1 headshot even with 9mm and 22lr.
  9. Yesterday I tested your map(b3) on a full server. It was fun but there were way too much weapons. Now theres even more in b4. So much weapons, thats not even funny. Plus you have a huge gunstore thats almost empty. There were like 4-5 packs of ammo and 1-2 weapons. My suggestion is to remove most of the weapon spawns and fill up the gun shop. Make the doors locked so you have to find a key or code to open it. Otherwise the map is great.
  10. There is no real god mode. noclip makes you invulnerable though.
  11. I downloaded your bsp and got it to work. Heres what you need to do. Start your map with sv_cheats 1 and idle_autokick_enabled 0. Type nav_edit 1 in console. Look down at the ground in front of you and type nav_mark_walkable. Type nav_generate in console and it should work.
  12. Try this: And read this Topic: Changes to spawning and navigation