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  1. Thanks for the nice words.
  2. Oops. I said RE2, but that is actually the beginning of RE3 before you reach RPD.
  3. Resident Evil 2. Nice!
  4. So this is the map you were talking about. It looks really good.
  5. In my opinion, corridors are the best form of optimization (certainly the fastest). If a map is designed correctly you won't need anything. Unfortunately designing a map correctly isn't always in the interest of good art, so that is where area portals, and hint/skip come in. Also, in my opinion, 90% of the time don't worry about stuff loading a little bit beyond where you can see even if something is optimized by a corridor - it may load a section of it ahead unless it is completely away. This is perfectly normal, and why the engine breaks visleafs into sections (based on size too) because it actually can be beneficial in some cases because the engine wants to break up a large area so it doesn't have to load it all at once (which can cause performance drop the first time you enter it). As long as your world brush form 'rooms and corridors' you should be fine. Area portal are really for REALLY heavy scenes (which aren't good to begin with) where you need to desperately reduce draw count, or complexity, or you are trying to make something work because you want it for artistic reasons, and you need dynamic loading to accomplish correctly. Although, remember this is dynamic loading and it does effect performance itself because it is calculating them dynamically in the engine rather than in the compile phase with vvis. On the other hand hint/skip are just making edits to the visleafs, and again this could slow down performance as well since it will be making more calculations at once depending on how much 'pre-loading' you remove. Also, it's adding more calculations because you are dividing the visleafs, and every time a player leaves a visleaf and enters a new one that is a calculation too. This is why keeping your world brush clean orderly is very important if you want to bring a room to the art limit. The best way to reduce draw count is to convert func_detail into models, because the actual geometry is not what is slowing down a scene. It's the fact that each brush regardless is using one draw count, and each draw count effects the rendering process. A model is only one draw count regardless of it's geometry. Unfortunately in our version of source (non-retail) lighting on models is terrible, so you must still use func_detail for a lot of things. You just have to find out what should be a model, and what should not.
  6. The reason for this is because the non-HDR version of the skybox broke when we moved to SDK 2013. For this reason I did not compile the ldr cubemaps either, and that will create weird errors as everything will reflect the broken skybox. It will be fixed because there is an update for the level in the next version that addresses this. Thank you for taking the time to report this.
  7. Hey, Quag. You may remember me - you made me a portfolio on ZG like years ago. How are you doing? That is so cool I didn't know you were working on this. I wish you the best of luck with your business! I hope the movie does good so I can say I used to talk to one of the guys who made it (and so you do good).
  8. Well, the interior walls that you can see both sides of aren't going to be 64 grid, but the ones that are external, and make up the edge of the level are going to be always 64 grid. In my opinion, you should return to 64 grid, especially when making up external parameter of rooms (and corridors), and sealing it 64 grid.
  9. Yes, that is exactly correct.
  10. if you seal da level on 64 grid, and then work mostly on 64 grid on things that you can, and then down to 32 16 8, and 4 (for doors only), those textures will actually fit perfectly, and the texture's lines will actually align to your brush work on '.25 .25' scale '0 0' coords. Which is default. This is actually how every texture works in hl2, and in our mod, and also how the models snap. If those textures do not align then you are working on a low grid, and you are creating a whole lot of work for yourself because now you have to manually texture, and fit everything. I actually learned this AFTER I created nmo_junction, and I could of created junction a whole lot better, because I wouldn't of met the technical limitations as early as I did - probably in half the time. I should make a tutorial on proper level design. Honestly, I've learned a lot of stuff from our level design team, and others that you just cannot learn on youtube, or any tutorial website.
  11. To sew 2 displacements those 2 displacement's vertices must align. This is solved by making them the same size, and same power before you paint the geo. I hope that helps.
  12. Wow, that is really cool Durkhas.
  13. Has anyone got troll toll yet?
  14. Guys, please don't post here unless it's really important. This is for applicants, and staff only. Thank you.