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  1. I would like to use this server-side. I run custom player skins already with sm_skinchooser. Can this be used that way? I ask because this looks like a client-side mod/mut.
  2. Ok. I got it working now. The ax still does not look correct in the hands, but every other weapon does, so there is a tiny bit of trade off.
  3. Ok. I got it working, but now the weapon is on the player's arm, so I'm going to mess around with settings. EDIT: Now I got it to the point where the weapon is slightly out of the hand. Aya and Vin Diesel. Aya Video: http://youtu.be/m8ebTXwz-cE Vin Diesel Video: http://youtu.be/jDcjCM5adOI
  4. I've spent two days off and on trying to get this working. I've had some problems though with the model not animating correctly. Now that I have listed this stuff, can anyone explain what else I need to edit to fix animations? Here is where I am at so far on this: VIDEO: http://youtu.be/4n90w8MpKs8 Arms are stuck, legs don't move, and hands are still Bateman hands. Model is just stuck.
  5. Hi. I've been running 2 servers from this host for [1upZ] for quite awhile now. I write here to mention that I appreciate their good customer service and fast response times to support tickets. Somebody must have put a lot of time into the install of TCAdmin on their host servers (for NMRiH) because it does not come with a template for this game.
  6. Alright, my shared servers are now SKD2013 updated as well. I'll put back those nmo maps in the cycle (Chinatown and Lakeside).
  7. My one dedicated box is fine, but my two shared servers at jestservers under a TCAdmin system don't update the SDK 2013. I put in a support ticket there so at least I see the problem is on their end and not the latest build of the game. I had no problem updating my own dedicated box (T1 connection, 24 gigs ram, + extras), but I find myself still at the mercy of shared hosting on some accounts. Apologies for the thread. Thanks for the "sv_setsteamaccount" rcon inquiry.
  8. Yep. My servers are Linux. I updated them both with Steamcmd.
  9. Lakeside and Chinatown problem on Linux, clients get stuck at loading screen. I'm going to have to remove those maps from my rotation
  10. Hi. I run a few servers. It sure would be nice if you had an area here on the forums that gave information about each update. Last night I noticed my client was once again downloading an update. I went to this forum and found nothing about it. Every time there is an update to the client/server I have to run an update command on my servers. I check this forum every day and like to see update information about it here --that makes good sense to have it on your own forums. -Ron
  11. Danger Girl was certainly the hottest Q3A character.
  12. The guns don't look so bad. I've seen lots of terrible modeling in my time. I like the NMRiH models just fine, but maybe some CSGO people might want this, or maybe people want something different at different times. It is always nice to have addition content for gamers. People like to have options. I personally would rather see more player models, but my idea of having hot and sexy female models that squeak all cute and such did not wash well with others.
  13. 1) Can I have additional spectators connected to an "8" player max server? I was thinking that there could be a "maxplayers" cvar and a "maxspectators" cvar or something like that. I'm not sure how that works in Source games, but this seemed like the right place to ask this question. 2) Can the Source Tv feature work with this game? Re: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SourceTV I ask because in Steam I don't see anything for that in the "server" tab, but it is there for other source games.
  14. Marcus, Is there a way to resize the window view of the mOTD? On my servers it is a very small window people see.
  15. Ok. This worked. I am running on CentOS on my dedicated box.