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  1. http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showuser=8968
  2. I hate to bump this thread, but what does 'hardcore survival' do? And Realism?
  3. I think he means a server side way to disable player health from appearing on their heads.
  4. We had a thread not long ago, and some people were reporting the error without SourceMod. But I don't think thats been truly verified yet.
  5. Settle down. Tell us what you have done already to try to fix the problem.
  6. Verified. Works great on my 1.07 Server.
  7. The main link is not properly updated. http://www.mediafire.com/download/1e7hcjfykzu8afc/nmo_dead_labs.zip Here you go. Straight from the 1.07 Map Thread.
  8. This. It's always been v7
  9. If this is the case, then how come there isn't more people commenting about the issue?
  10. Indeed it isn't hard to kick/ban from console if you have access to it. (And Rcon I imagine? Never played with Rcon.) I prefer SM due to it being able to autocomplete names to type in along with RTV, and Nextmap voting.
  11. NMRiH isn't recognizing the commands, is there anything special besides plopping the folders into the Addons section?
  12. This map is quite well done, but I have only one issue. The http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/720868802611199830/15EA7684EF979AD959B6854A1BB75A4C00465DE8/'>Bus at the end is impossible to get onto due to it being error models. Is there any way to fix this?
  13. Wait, ULX works with NMRiH too?
  14. Well, Duck. And here I like my RTV.
  15. I'm late to the party but I'd like to address the following issues for 1.07. • Weapons/Items get stuck underground, or they get stuck behind places you can not reach. Or they get stuck in the world itself. (See: First time entering the streets, by the ambulance there is an invisible wall preventing you from reaching those items.) • Players are able to reconnect and immediately respawn back in-game. (Unsure if this is a map issue?) • Some objectives are confusing to do. (The computer. We all thought we had to bring it into the computer desk's across from the objective room. The barricades looked breakable.) • The final area/standout area is confusing for players and they always get overrun. We have no idea what to do, and that blank pause showing the survivors doesn't prove any hints either. Overall, theres some problems but I've yet to see a map like this that lets me explore.