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  1. Axe, shovel, sledge, etc, even stabbing with the long-ass SKS: The game seems to treat pole-arms like they do equal damage regardless of what part actually hits, being close enough that you could only smack them with the pole itself or don't even have room to spear with the SKS. 1.07 is great so far for tweaks and stuff, but I'm still a fucking lumberjack. Would be great if certain weapons took a bit more skill and consideration to use than simply being able to "headshot" without crosshairs. What if the axe, shovel, sledge, etc and SKS did poor damage up close (when you'd be effectively just smacking with pole or stock)? Or we assume the player is automatically adjusting the position of their grip of the pole, but this is again reducing their leverage by holding it closer to the end which would decrease the impact anyway. Not just for a bit of "realism", but really the game needs more variety in how weapons handle. That and the axe is a goddamn machine. Seriously. Take it over the machette even.
  2. Been following NMRiH since... 1.04? I just now finally realized: The player character wields the shovel like a god damned moron. You swing the blade flat. This: -Increases air resistance, making each swing harder. -Blunts the damage as opposed to the thinner edge of the blade. You should swing the blade edge-first. Think about it. It's a blunt double-sided halberd. Granted some shovels like snow shovels have little "walls" along the sides rather than definitive edges, the shovel I'm looking at in my shed that's the same style as the one in NMRiH is at LEAST comparable to my machette in thickness with: -More mass -More force at the end when swung with the longer handle The only downsides are that it kinda feels like it wants to curve when swung and the edges are blunter than the machette... ...but when you're talking about smashing open bone-eggshells, not cutting through flesh, the sharpness of the blade hardly matters once sufficiently thin to concentrate the force. Would still do 100x the damage to soft tissues anyway than the blade hitting a torso flat, especially something undead where bruising does nothing. tl;dr The shovel would be a better weapon for smashing skulls than this game portrays
  3. I always thought the in cannon explanation was the Redeker plan. Sure you don't think you're overrun, but the guys with the supply and extraction choppers who wait for you to clear a hoard see that you're overrun and the shelter is destroyed. It's not that you automatically die, it's that the national guard considers you a lost cause and so no more supplies or extraction. As for gameplay, actually I'm sure it would play a LOT differently if zombies only ever pathed for players. That might get interesting.
  4. So then it is a trivial request for some alternative map versions where runners are twice as plentiful, spawn all throughout the round, and start at wave one? I've noticed since this update the quantity and starting wave of runners seems map dependant. Would really like a hardcore server that does nothing but hardcore variants of maps with more runners.
  5. People have no foresight. At all. -Barricading head-level, then smashing down the board shortly thereafter when they can't headshot the zombies through it. -When time can be used to an advantage, they would rather waste it. When time is against them, they already wasted all their ammo. -A guy with a gun can't count or compare the relative sizes of numbers. -A guy with a gun and a handfull of bullets will act like he can take on the world. Once they find a gun, they are inclined to use it and nothing else on everything until they are out of ammo. -Even if it's just breaking a barricade board. -Even if they are in an invincible spot the zombies can't reach, but they can hit the zombies, they will use all their ammo before switching to melee. Bad cliches before logic. -Lets hole up and stockpile in the gunstore (that only has a few boxes of ammo) when we need to be defending an entirely different location and respawn elsewhere... because gunstore! -There's only so many supplies. I teamkilled you so there's more for me. I'm more likely to win by taking on the world all by myself. (No really, I've had a guy try to justify killing for ammo... because somehow 20 bullets can do more than 20 zombies if they're held by one guy. Fun part was he was a crap shot at point blank anyway then ragequit after being grabbed from behind because no one was there to keep his back clear.) -This guy just got infected and will turn in a few minutes. Rather than let him go Rambo with an axe to do as much as he can now that he has nothing to lose, then use the shotgun I've been following him with when this shotgun makes his zombie trivial, lets kill him right now before he can do anything useful.
  6. Anyone else noticed Perks, [rigid/fixed] Classes, XP, Unlocks are a recent trend in game design that's been infecting other games you used to appreciate for not having it? IE Halo, Elder Scrolls, Tribes, etc.
  7. I think what NMRiH has going for it is not specifically realism, but more of a low constant tension that you can't get with fast-dies-in-one-hit L4D flash-mob zombies. The kind of tension when you realize you're going to be blocked into a room or a path in the hoard closes up in front of you. When you're constantly dancing 6 inches from getting infected and are always paranoid of being grabbed from behind. When a dark doorframe is scary because something might grab you from the side as you exit. When your back is against the wall and this one zombie keeping you from escaping out the back particularly tougher than usual as they close in on your back. When you have to leave a precious item for another supply run. When you check your ammo count and look at the zombies remaining. When several runners are piled against a single board barracade that you have no idea when it's going to snap but you only have a melee weapon. When being too exausted to sprint quickly to/from the supply drop and realizing you won't be able to get behind barracades before the impending wave of runners. That being said, I like the idea of breaking melee weapons. It worked EXTREMELY well in System Shock 2 which maintained a constant tension (though mostly through atmosphere as opposed to NMRiH gameplay features). Edge of my seat from the tension, then get backed against a wall with a handgun that jams every other shot with only 6 rounds left and frantically unjamming while I can hear the next monster closing in. Brilliant experience I've pretty much never seen in any other game. Technically we already have a melee weapon that "breaks". The chainsaw with it's limited gasoline. Best melee weapon in the game, balanced by it's limited use. This would work well for the other top-tier melee weapons. Perhaps not break entirely, but dull or some other means of hinderance. IE Blunt weapons warp and cutting weapons dull. Or something more unique like if you miss with the fireaxe and hit the doorframe, it tends to get stuck there. The machette being flimsy dulls and warps after enough use. The sledgehammer does little damage if you swing too close and smack them with the pole rather than the end, damaging the pole. Last 20 zombies and the axe is stuck in the wall? Baseball bat bent to hell? Time for the unfallible pipewrench. Sure it's as effective as a rock, but it's indestructible. Assuming 20-40 kills per person per wave, 100 kills for a machette sounds pretty reasonable. Though depending on how stupid the other players are I might end up doing 80 in a wave. 100 kills should be enough to get you to the end of chinatown with a backup firearm. I'm picturing a brief 5 second progress bar while holding 'use' on an axe/machette/hatchet stuck in a doorframe before yanking it out. That delicious "...shit" moment as the hoard pours over and you can't get to it.
  8. Sadly I've been trolled enough to appreciate anyone who uses anything more difficult than the shotgun and chainsaw. I've been in an epic standoff myself. 3 TK-ing wankers vs me and one other guy on Flooded in 1.04 (Or was it 1.05?). He blocked them from chainsawing me after respawning long enough for me to escape. I slipped off into the night and picked up a sniper rifle and fireaxe. I destroyed their barricades with my axe and picked off one through the windows with my rifle, all while slipping though the zombie hoardes effortlessly with my axe in shadows. The second guy charged me around a corner with a chainsaw and NEARLY killed me, but he was already damaged and my second shot killed him. The last guy was holed up upstairs and had wasted all his ammo leaving him nothing but a sledge. I had two shots left and one or two melee hits would probably kill me. I slipped past the stream of zombies through the doorway with a perfectly timed shove and the last wanker bolted across the bridge. I missed my first shot. I had him pinned around the corner, he would not expose himself. After some time I gave chase but I missed the last shot point blank. After dodging his slege, hitting him once with the axe, I realized we were about to be trapped by the hoard coming up the stairs and bridge. I jumped the stair railing onto the stream of zombies, sprinted across them without getting hit, broke a grab RIGHT before I got bit, and slipped through a crowded doorframe with another perfectly timed shove. I quickly worked my way up to the sidedoor and briefly exposed myself with my rifle before hiding behind the doorframe. He took the bluff and did not charge me or was just too busy holding off the streams from the stairs and bridge. A cluster of zombies was now headed up to the sidedoor. Once they were blocking, I leaped down and they began to funnel in from the side as well. From outside where I could still see his nametag and hear his struggle, so I watched from the night as he was inevitably overwhelmed. As the last man standing, before the game was lost to zone destruction, I left that place of death and headed into the woods where I disconnected. Sadly, the other guy who died at respawn made this all possible quit early and didn't get to see this. Also sadly, all my other teamkilling experiences involve me getting randomly shotgunned or chainsawed, the voting system fails, then everyone starts quitting. The end.
  9. In the 1.06 influx I still hear "What do these bags do?" quite a bit. Just occurred to me: Tooltips. FEMA bags, zones, medcrates, hammers, and the flaregun could all use a tooltip that explains their usage. Toggle off the install-default on newbie tooltips in the options menu, but by the time they do that they've probably seen: -What a zone is and how you lose (Newbies don't know they're part of the Redeker plan) -What FEMA bags do -Medcrate positions and how they respawn -Flare-gun usage for supply choppers on some maps and how you need to empty the old crate -How to barracade (and that you can crouch jump, weird I find people in a Half-Life mod that don't realize that). -A few tips on spending ammo and basic strategy
  10. Aye, I know. I've seen that happen in many source games. I just keep thinking one of the many hybrid solutions that I've seen proposed could be incorporated at some point, but I also realize the dev team has more important things to focus on for awhile.Then the real issue would seem to be that the majority of servers within a decent ping of me have FF on because... because. Awesome update so far other than the personal hell. Ran into more trolls with FF on already, also found one server with FF off where a guy that would waste shotshells on players faces if they ever took damage. Looks like I'm just going to have to figure out which servers have turned it on because servers don't seem to advertise the FF status. I guess I can use the blacklist or something. Players in NMRIH seem to migrate from server to server often, with failing teams or map changes or if enough people quit for their own reasons. It becomes difficult at a moments notice to find a server with enough players already on a map I want to play, and now one that ALSO kept FF off. It's probably just my shit luck. The "only infected players can be TK'd" should work, though the only possible suggestion to improve it would be a player command to toggle it individually. A nice voice chat command "I'm infected, kill me" with it's own key and mollyguard. Thanks for the changes to address griefing in 1.06 though! The one thing that's been keeping me from being able to play nmrih consistently. Glad it was addressed.
  11. This is getting really, really old. First two 1.06 games I joined consisted of the majority dead trying to voteban the only two living teamkillers and the vote always fails. Majority vote is not enough to ban? Which is bullshit because I never see a teamkiller anymore that doesn't have a silent partner, probably for that reason. I appreciate the extended vote time, but the real issue is you rarely have a full 7 people voting against 1 guy. Usually half the people quit when a teamkiller first shows. 3 dead people should be able to votekick 2 living team-killers. The third game I joined ran great for about one round, then trolls follow. I didn't stay long enough for the rinse and repeat. I'd just "kill the trolls so they leave" like I've heard numerous veteran players say... with my barefists when they have chainsaws and shotguns and camp spawn. When this is greenlit, and teamkilling is still an issue... oh dear god. The influx.
  12. Glad I'm not the only one annoyed by the sledge. The fact the hatchet is so meh at imploding skulls compared to the featherweight machete really irritates me too. I'd rather it at least 1-hit on charged swings so it scales with the fire axe. The hammer I actually get quite a few kills with, usually because all weapons are taken and no one else seems to know what a barricade is. I think the machete and shovel (with a new jabbing animation) need their own "headshot" hit box at the neck.
  13. Ughhhh, trying to tell noobs not to waste ammo. "Don't waste shots on lone zombies, we'll need the ammo for harder waves." "so? fuck you" "You should use your melee weapon more." "no melee sucks" "Save your ammo for runners and tight situations" "thats stupid"
  14. Permanent Karma tracking would be great, it IS sorely needed, but it sounds like a lot to implement. That would basically be a mini-me VAC. I think there are simpler solutions that are still better than the current vote/ban system. The first major difficulty when I'm now dead and spectating after being teamkilled is when the "Voteban this person?" Vote comes up, two things happen: -Someone asks "why lol" -"!yes" "Vote failed" "!yes" "!yes" "!yes" "!yes" - and then it happens multiple times because 10 seconds is a TINY window to type when you need to be constantly moving. I think there needs to be: -A given reason for when the votekick pops up from a list of the most common: IE "Team-killing" "Objective blocking" "Preventing spawns". -An unlimited window to vote. Would have to change the vote input, obviously, such that there can be multiple running, such as "!yes1""!yes2" etc. Another simple solution would be giving just you a vote option after being team-killed, where the offending player is auto-kicked/banned after two or three marks against them.
  15. Minimalistic info is not necessarily realistic. I should think my character could judge his own limits. Right now we do have the heavy breathing indicator, but it gets hard to judge when you're in that for some time. Generally I try to pace myself and keep out of the heavy breathing range of fatigue. However, on occasion it becomes unavoidable. There is nothing more infuriating in this game than when my character can't swing his weapon or shove... and I don't find out until it's too late. There is no fucking way my character couldn't feel so fatigued he'd know he couldn't swing/shove again. Can we get an additional indicator when you have enough fatigue for only one swing/shove? Perhaps another as well when he's completely exhausted, and can't? Personally for me it would be cussing, or barely anyway, being too short of breath.