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  1. Started this about 30 mins ago Abit of doom/quake influence ha https://soundcloud.com/fists-of-rei/nmrih-9-armoury-jackpot
  2. This is the one i started doing but not happy with it tried to stay close to the day of the dead theme i could make something complete different but i thought that would be cool lemme know if the link works https://soundcloud.com/fists-of-rei/day-of-the-dead-fema
  3. https://soundcloud.com/fists-of-rei/nmrih-8-psychopath-batemans-theme
  4. Added a few more.
  5. Thinking also if i do, i want someone from the forums to do the digital cover artwork
  6. I'm thinking to finish and release them on bandcamp a whole album(and possibly a few e.p's after) for free if you guys wanna use them on Nmrih that would be cool working on to get the next one up on soundcloud ..brooklyn
  7. Fersigal i def will i have about 7 so far,all early progress..will start posting them
  8. Thank you ThoughT ill def consider that! im not happy with the fema i made so far..i but ill throw up the snippet soon so you can hear anyway... thinking of redoing it Also started a new one few hours ago its called bandit confrontation..and its on that playlist now
  9. What the title says I thought id give it ago Here are 2 early snippets (rough progress) https://soundcloud.com/fists-of-rei/sets/no-more-room-in-hell-early I will update more very soon on that playlist the next ones Brooklyn escape (extremely carpenter-ish). The fall of Chinatown. Fema (1985 day of the dead theme remake/reprise). Trapped.
  10. that alarm hmm you could try find an arp synth slap some delay and reverb on it and mess with the Eq fook it ill try have ago if i come up with anything ill let you know lol
  11. awesome lou is it gonna have the day theme playing xD
  12. Oh hell yes :D
  13. was awesome back in the day, last man standing servers were sick and other than day there was that dawn of the dead map too
  14. Would be really cool to see this as an objective or even survival map, has anyone thought about doing a day of the dead map? if anyone use to play land of the dead road to fiddlers green and remembers the day map with bub! props!
  15. this looks cool