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  1. Evan 21 California, Pacific Time Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Malek91 Your PC specs: Intel i7 950 @3.07Ghz 6gb DDR3 AMD Radeon HD 6900 250gb SSD Running Win7 64bit Your GitHub account: http://github.com/Malek91 Are you a Linux User?: No Are you a server host?: No, however I help administrate and maintain the [ZG] NMRIH servers so if beta servers are needed we may be able to swing something. Have you tested a game before?: No, just a few MMO betas. Are you a Level Designer? No Do you have an Oculus Rift? No
  2. mines running but no server list, just started today, very strange.
  3. The Pvp gameplay video doesnt look too bad: http://www.eurogamer.net/videos/the-war-z-pvp-gameplay-trailer Idk im not gonna get my hopes up but its definately worth a try. Day Z was fun but the lack of any form of cooperation and the glitchy zombies kinda ruined it for me. Maybe the standalone game may be better but it seems like it will still have the same engine problems the mod had, so I dont really see it as being a huge update over the origional.
  4. I've noticed this with weapons, occasionally ill be rushin through zombies poopin headshots then all of a sudden a zombie will take 4 or so headshots with a 45 with no apparent reason. Gets a little frusturating especially when they attack. Of course maybe these zombies had some kind of head trauma while they were alive and got a titanium plate implanted into their head surgically. That's another option! See not always bugs!
  5. Im going to do my best to describe the problems ive been having, after work ill try to post some pics too. So, im not sure whats going on, my game was working fine, then all of a sudden I started getting weird graphic glitches: 1) The red circle in the inventory menu is gone. All I see is the weapons floating in a transparent circle, which makes it very difficult to know what ive got, since I cant see how full my inventory is. 2) When zoomed in with the scope of the hunting rifle, everything is black, I can see the red circle around the cross hair, but nothing else. 3) when I fire certain weapons, black blocks float up from the front of the gun, almost like they are suppost to be either smoke or heat waves from the tip of the gun, but they are just black and grey blocks. I know it seems really weird, basically what I have done to try to fix the problem is: Verify integrity and defragment cache of Source SDK and Source SDK base 2007 Complete Uninstall and Reinstall of NMRIH Does anyone else have ideas on what to do about fixing this? The block thing is livable, but the inventory screen makes me frusturated.
  6. Better to just delete the post, I had to read through all the thread to find out why I cant download it. Honestly there is no point in having a map in "Finished Maps" that cant be downloaded.
  7. I agree, I saw the thread with the PEDOBEAR model, saying it should be added. God please No. The pimp is cutting it close, but pedo bear would be the most stupid addition. If anything if it gets added it should be reserved for server owners to decide who gets it, just when they want to mess around. I would love to see some more realistic player models though, Even if they are modeled off of celebrity characters, like Daryl and glen, haha skinny asian model and rough looking redneck. It adds some diversity, which is good, but not when it gets turned into a joke.
  8. Communication with the military is through flares, signaling where you need a drop, if you could contact them via radio, flares wouldn't make a whole lot of sense. I am all for randomness, but I like the idea of keeping drops higher end weapons and ammo, I dont see the need for wrenches and fire extinguishers in a supply drop. Also we need to have an option to drop items directly on the ground from the supply drop, or have it dump automatically after a little time, its hard to have to fight off zombies and try to empty the supply drop into our inventory, then onto the ground, then pick up our items, just so it will disappear.
  9. The backpack concept is a no brainer, something I would be surprised if we didnt see in the future. However I just dont see crafting fitting well with the game. Simple combinations could be made, but they would require a completely new inventory system to "Combine" items. Im all for the flashlight and laser idea with duct tape (even if we used what we currently have, bandages.) But the problem is that new combinations would not only require new models for all weapons that could be modified, but new animations as well, unless the gun just dropps off the screen and comes back with a flashlight/laser on it, which would be more likely. Honestly I would be happy if we just got new items added that would have the same affect, like flashlight clip or laser clip that pressing "F" when you have a two handed weapon out would attach. Maybe some NVG's haha. But beyond that kind of crafting I see problems. When would people craft? Mid wave while everyone else fights off zombies, or will everyone have a crafting period between waves, so people have to stand around waiting, or waiting for a respawn.
  10. I see, well I would suggest to increase the time, the problem on this map was basically farming supply crates, since sometimes zombies get stuck, you could have plenty of time to farm crates without the wave ending and a new horde approaching.
  11. I figured, so what is the intended mechanics of a supply drop? The ability to call 1 per round if you have flares, and certain rounds dropping one automatically?
  12. I like it, as long as we keep it purely Player vs Zombie stats, no player vs player But I seem to remember the devs talking about the problems with having information being shared between all servers. I could be wrong. I think the topic was about having skills and upgrades being carried with you server to server.
  13. Yea! If you read the "Day by day Armageddon" series thats where they come from! Haha
  14. Also Im not sure if it is a bug or not, but it seems like you have the ability to call too many supply drops. While it really is helpful, we were able to call about 3 drops per round, since we had flares. Not sure if this is intended, but it definitely made things easier on us, maybe too easy.
  15. I know a lot of people have similar problems to yours. Im not sure if maybe its the time that I log in to play or what, but RARELY do i come upon griefers or TKers. Sure a lot of people are new and arent the best players, but they try. I hear a lot about players killing other players and trying to piss people off by prolonging the round, but rarely do I see it first hand.