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  1. This is a highly discussed topic, and I sorta feel the same, but no matter what, if a zombie apocalypse were to really happen, I wouldn't trust anyone, becuase anyone can betray anyone.
  2. Yep, discussed a long time ago, by me! oh I feel so special.
  3. Players who own ArmA II probably already know about the popular modification that is gaining fame and popularity all around the world. What is said to be the closest thing to an actual zombie apocalypse, Day Z is an alpha mod for ArmA II and ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead. (Note: You must have both of these to play the mod. You can get the Combined Operations pack which saves you $10.) http://www.DayZmod.com Honestly, this is one of the best post-apocalyptic zombie games I have seen to date, and it is still in alpha, and the features are endless. You start off at the coast off of a map named Chernarus, which takes place in Russia, a disease that has swiped the entire population of this country in russia, and you start off with few supplies (food, bandages, a gun, ammo, and a Sm. Backpack.) Basically, it is never ending, servers can support up to 50-60 players, includes Perma-death (When you die, your player is restarted, the mod is runned on its own database that stores every detail of your player, what he carries, and his status), and real-life 24 hour shifts, so if you were playing on a server, depending on the location of the server, determines if it is nighttime or daytime. Do research on it, watch video's following one character, anything, because I am definitely buying these 2 games to play this mod. This game is really unique, because watching some of these videos, and seeing how people decieve eachother, makes me think of what the real world would do if something this trajic was to happen. When you kill survivors for their supplies, soon enough you will become a bandit, and hated by almost everyone. So, definitely, on my next upcoming payday's, will definitely consider getting these games.
  4. I will see if I can make it it's about an 8 hour drive from where I am at. Wouldn't mind meeting the developers. DRINKING IS BAD MATT
  5. Heh, can we add a bladder system, anyone?
  6. Eh, I'd hate to see this become the next call of duty, honestly, does every game in the world have to have PvP to be good? If I want to kill other players, then I would play a different game, because this is a zombie survival game, not something like Raccoon city (Resident Evil), because that is what it shouldn't become.
  7. I do not believe that the SKS is overpowered, I have to totally agree with Flash about this. A bayonet's blade is abnormally larger than most knives around. Plus considering the SKS is a lightweight Semi-auto Rifle, it shouldn't be too hard nor merely hard to do a basic stab. Especially on rotted flesh that wouldn't have any protection, makes it like cutting through butter. And why is it an issue with not having a gun? most people I tend to play with prefer melee weapons over guns, even though guns are more powerful, they prefer melee because it's what they have to rely on for their survival. I don't think filling a map to its boundaries with guns is a good idea. This would also promote team killing, or just a couple of trolls with the right guns and the bad thoughts. The hatchet wouldn't smash a skull, but make a large split-end. And, finally, Zombies, the undead, zeds, whatever you call them, they do not need water, for they get the energy from flesh.
  8. Ah, didn't notice. Just posted this one then I guess I accidentaly double clicked? Otherwise, sorry about that.
  9. Fallout 4 is being made with the same developers of Fallout 3, but they claim that this fallout will top the entire series, that this is a game that will be anticipated, and replayed over and over again, and i'm hoping that it is cause I had to play Fallout new vegas 6 times to get all the endings. True, the modders will definitely make an impact, but there trying to make countermeasures for it. But then again Fallout is easily modded, with just the click of a mouse.
  10. My soldier gamemode thread?
  11. We all know about the problem about the Objective mode saying that there should be a health pack that can be used to heal yourself, or another player that desperally needs it, but this was a small idea that came up to me. Around each map could be an adrenaline shot, in which case, when injected, you gain a speed boost and your health is temporarily raised for a short amount of time. Sort of how L4D2's adrenaline shot works, but if found multiple times and an overdose has been injected, the player can get somewhat blurry vision, and have withdrawal symptoms (such as health loss, and capable of sudden death). So that way, if all the health packs are taken, you still have hope.
  12. Bethesda sure does have alot to work on, but the rumors and fabled stories are true Fallout 4: A post-apocalyptic RPG strategy game. First of all, Fallout: New Vegas was NOT made by the lead developers of Fallout 3, and Fallout 4's setting is still being decided. The thread discusses what people want to see come to fallout's series, where it takes place, and the need for an online community. Multi-player will be introduced to Fallout 4, just like it is to The Elder Scrolls. http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1370254-fallout-4-speculation-suggestions-and-ideas-thread-62/ All of this supposedly claimed to come out in the era 2013-2014 Next, The Elder Scrolls Online While it has been in development since 2007, they (the lead developers of The Elder Scrolls) are finishing up the online portion of Elder Scrolls, so it is a time to behead your friends in what's to come of the mid age series. You can see the official Announcement about The Elder Scrolls at: http://www.bethsoft.com And finally, to make up for this waiting time, the lead and co-lead developers are prepping to release Dishonored, which is near the end of this month, and let's hope this will pass the time waiting for these "Anticipated titles for the future."
  13. What is your first name or screenname? My first name is Eryk, and my screen name is [sNG] Optionism What is your Timezone/General Location? I live in south Texas, so I am US Central time URL to Steamcommunity Profile (Link to your steam profile) http://steamcommunity.com/id/Optionism Do you have prior Alpha/Beta Testing Experiences? (Not needed but feel free to brag) What are your computers specs? (ram, processor, graphics card, operating system, etc.) AMD Turion II X2 processor P520 (2.3GHz) ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 Graphics card (up to 1917mb HyperMemory) 4 GB DDR3 Memory 320 GB HHD Clear 4G Internet connection, which is pretty fast since I happen to live a street down the wireless antenna. Able to run most games to the max, like CS:S, Gmod, even NMRiH. Have something else you wish to voice? (Optional) -Well, just got unemployed recently, so I do have alot of freetime now, hoping to do some offhand things. Making an application was one. -I love to beta test things and give my opinions and ideas, most of which are greatly supported by others, and I really have a keen sense for bugs. -I do have a microphone and prefer it over the alternative, I still don't understand how you can read people's text from far away, I think it should have a system like the microphone does. But unfortunately it does not. -I really love this game for the fact that it is a good zombie survival game, well, I prefer it over others. Would love to go behind the scenes as a beta tester.
  14. Excellent thinking, because in actual life, the .308 has devastating stopping power, not to mention the size of one, but this is enough power to dramatically pass through at least 1 zombie. This is a good idea to add to the game overall. Great thinking, fellow engineer!
  15. I though through this very carefully, but then realized it will probably not work, but i'm still putting it out there. A new gamemode called Soldier mode. Basically you play the role of a soldier in a squad of up to 8 soldiers, but this would take place during the first sign of the infected, sent to eliminate the threat. Realizing that the undead heavily outnumber you and your squad, and not to mention you lose connection with HQ, you are practically left for dead. You have to try to find a means of escape to live, such as setting up a communication post to radio an extraction chopper. In the beginning you are dropped off by a chopper, starting off in the road or LZ location, like a rooftop. What you start off with varies for the most part. You are supposed to use the radio to contact the extraction chopper once your mission is done, but, unfortunately, your means of comm. become useless, as you lose the connection to base, in which you are forced to try desperately to contact HQ any means necessary. -Either be equipped with M16A4 or Riot shotgun, full ammo for either. -Sidearm either be a beretta, colt, or magnum, full ammo for whichever one. -Melee could be machete, mainly cause there is no knife/combat knife -(Will randomly select few players) 1 standard Fragmentation grenade. -All survivors equipped with radios. -Flashlights would have to be modified a bit Now, not sure if the pills that supress the infection were created or not(Phalanx), but if they were, they can be spread across the map. This game idea really followed one of my earlier ideas for a Tactical vest, which would work really well in this gamemode. I do understand the extra crap that would have to be made, a playermodel, maybe if you decide to make a combat knife that would fit the soldier type, new maps to be made, a lot of shit, thats why I realized it might not be possible. But if it was, there would have to be a flashlight attached to the suit of the soldier, or the rails of either the M16A4 or Riot shotgun have attachable/detachable flashlights Zombies would practically fill areas, and they wouldn't be easy to clear out. Tight hallways, tight streets, everything would be a challenge about this gamemode, even making it. If it were an easy task, which it isn't, i'd have much more to add to this gamemode, but I am still thinking this through, like what can be done to make my ideas possibly be a project. (If there are any questions for this gamemode, I will be happy to respond as soon as I can.)