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  1. Are you sure you have the 1.06 files in a folder called nmrih which needs to be in Steam\SteamApps\sourcemods. ? Also are you sure you downloaded the full version of 1,06 and not the patch ?
  2. Yeah i'm hosting on linux, changing the case of the file name didn't help. As i said if i load any of the standard maps, there is no problem. No rush anyway, waiting for the next version
  3. Hi, I'd like to try out this map and host in on my servers for others to play. However, i uploaded to one of my servers and set it as start map but it seems to be preventing the server from starting up at all. If i switch back to a standard map then all is ok and the server starts up. I have renamed nmo_Hospitality.nmo to nmo_hospitality.nmo and that didn't make any difference (i have tried both ways.) In the server console is the following error: Then the server will segfault and crash, any idea's ?
  4. Just moved to a new dedi server so could someone remove these servers: Hosted by UC Gamers [uCG] Hell On Earth #1 | Survival | FastDL [EU] [uCG] Hell On Earth #2 | Objective | FastDL | [EU] [uCG] Hell On Earth #3 | Survival & Objective | FastDL | [EU] [uCG] Hell On Earth #4 | Survival | FastDL | [EU] [uCG] Hell On Earth #5 | Objective | FastDL [EU] And replace them with these please: [uCG] Hell On Earth #1 | Survival | FastDL | RTV | [uK] [uCG] Hell On Earth #2 | Objective | FastDL | RTV | [uK] [uCG] Hell On Earth #3 | Survival | FastDL | RTV | [uK] More servers to come
  5. That is incorrect, Sourcemod 1.6.0 should run on most source-based servers and it runs nicely on nmrih 1.07 aswell It may be possible that an update broke sourcemod for Dota2, and that with 1.6.0, sourcemod now works again with it, but to say it is only for Dota2 is misleading.
  6. Even if somebody managed to make an nmrih port of superlogs, would it not require a fair amount of extra php coding to get HLStatsX:CE to support nmrih ?
  7. Indeed, in order for sourcemod to load on 1.07, it appears that ONLY hg849 will load. You can grab it from the following link: http://www.metamodsource.net/mmsdrop/1.10/mmsource-1.10.0-hg849-linux.tar.gz It would be nice to know if this is a linux only issue, so maybe some windows hosters could confirm this ?
  8. Yes, you will not find any 1.0 servers anymore because that version was released over 18 months ago
  9. Indeed, the title of the thread doesn't seem to match the actual content of the thread
  10. Hi, Maybe it would be a nice feature to have a sv_steamgroup option added into NMRiH 1.07 similar to a feature that already exists in L4D/L4D2. Basically this feature allows server hosters to specify the id of a steamgroup in the server.cfg in the following format: sv_steamgroup steamgroupid. When this is setup all members of a steamgroup would be able to see all of the NMRiH servers linked to that particular steamgroup in a nice scrolling list of connected servers. In some ways, this could be used a an alternative to the in-game server browser. It would be nice to hear the thoughts and opinions of other people on this idea
  11. i have actually tried both the one included in Metamod 1.10.0 and also by creating one via "made a vdf" I've PM'ed you
  12. I've got an identical setup but Metamod simply refuses to load I can't figure out why either
  13. Hmm that is weird, When i try Metamod 1.10.0 it completely refuses to load at all. In the metamod-fatal.log file it shows "failed to detect engine version" I've set this up more times than i can remember so i know that this should work. What OS are you using ?
  14. Just a quick post to try and find out whether any fellow 1.07 server hosters have even tried or been successful with getting Metamod + Sourcemod running on 1.07 build ? While Metamod 1.9.3 loads up perfectly, both Sourcemod 1.5 and Sourcemod 1.6 appear to cause a segfault on my 1.07 linux servers. Just wondering whether this is a linux issue or whether the windows server hosters are having the same issue?
  15. I think this has more to do with the fact that 1.07 is not public and only a limited number of people have access to 1.07 currently