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  1. It should use all available cores depending on the settings used (though it may lead to some instability). I can't remember if you have to force it or not using launch options like you used to with TF2 a few years back as I don't have NMRiH installed on this computer atm. Either way I'll probably port "Chris's FPS config" (link) over to NMRiH as it should provide a sizeable FPS gain with little to no problems when tweaked properly. mat_queue_mode 2 nearly doubled my FPS in the 2007 branch but the instability caused crashes when I looked at a large quantity of models, I haven't had any crash related issues in TF2 since I started using it again a few years back so it should be stable enough (I'm assuming it will since it works fine on TF2 for most players I talk to now and the latest push on github for the Source SDK base 2013 is from a month ago? Might need to confirm.). Either way, the 2013 branch should be better than 2007 regardless of what hardware people are using. If you're interested you might like playing around with the linked configs and seeing what you can get away with, i'd be interested to see the benchmarks but I can't do them myself at the moment.
  2. G-guys, how about that g-gameplay. P-pretty good, r-right? ;_; I fucking hate all of you. I have the biggest boner right now like seriously I feel like i've rediscovered the lochness monster or something Jesus Christ call the Ghost Busters or something.
  3. Great work so far, I can't quite see if you have one already but you might want to add a bullet trap to the shooting range portion (just a simple slanted wall should do), it'll add a bit of extra detail to it with out having to put too much work in. Also, place a zombie model in it's idle animation next to the targets and re-size them so they're a little more realistic in terms of sizing. Loving the wall mounted guns, maybe add strip lighting to showcase them a little better? (could have one flickering/sparking as well). I'd consider making the place look a bit looted/messy like other people mentioned. Maybe put some advertisements for various companies/new products on the support pillars you have in the middle of the main room, you could even make them look like they are framed and have a reflective glass to make them especially spiffy. Consider adding some barred up windows to the front side. Maybe add a running gas generator powering the lights so there's an excuse to have a bit more ambient noise to break things up? Some trees lining the opposite side of the street might provide a little bit of contrast as well. Have a ceiling tile or two that has fallen out to make the interior feel a little more open maybe? Add a staff washroom + break room? You could even have the door side wall of the shooting range have a soundproof glass window for an office that overlooks the shooting range (random keycode to open a safe with a few grenades in the manager's office?). Maybe make it so the floor in the shooting range is a different type behind the firing line as well in order to break things up a bit. Police car with flashing lights out on the main street to show how desperate even the police were for weapons & ammo? There's lots of ideas you can pull together, try to tell a subtle story like Zombie_Expert mentioned by adding small details that paint a bigger picture. Good job, keep play testing and keep adding more detail, this map has a lot of potential. Looking forward to seeing more updates.
  4. Hover over "LIBRARY" in the top left on Steam and select "TOOLS", Right click Source SDK Base 2007 & select Properties, Click on the "BETAS" tab, Change "None - Opt out of all beta programs" to "steampipe -", Click on the "LOCAL FILES" tab, then click "VERIFY INTEGRITY OF TOOL CACHE" so it updates to the latest steampipe beta. If it doesn't work after that then you're just going to have to wait until Valve puts out an update. Edit: ssba beat me to it Double edit: Appears to be working for me
  5. There's too much new stuff to list since I've been gone that I won't even bother. The porting to the 2013 SDK alone makes me feel tingly in areas I didn't know could tingle that way. Must, get, computer case, soon. Great job , I can't wait to play.
  6. Anyone else heard about this? It's basically a class based shooter like Brink but with a lot more class customizability/tradeoffs, ie: play as a sniper that can revive players but can't heal them etc or vice versa. There's no class restrictions when it comes to defusing, pushing the tank etc (any player can do all the objectives on their own - but there's "perks/classes" that add bonuses for capturing, defusing, planting, etc etc) which in my mind could sidestep a lot of the issues with class based shooters & pub servers. You can also sign up for a chance to be in the closed beta starting on October 15th. http://extraction.nexon.net/ I'm not keeping my hopes too high since it's going to be F2P & published by Nexon but having played RTCW:ET I'm hoping Splash Damage will pull it together and make some major improvements over what Brink was. The gameplay looks pretty good so far and it looks like they're trying to make something really different for an already saturated FPS market. It's a bit gimmicky but the Echo system they have going also looks pretty sweet, it's basically a hardcore stat system so the developers can balance maps, skills, & weapons while also giving players more info on their performance in-game: In a lot of the earlier interviews they did back when it was named Dirty Bomb Splash Damage mentioned a lot about keeping the game competitive and maintaining a high skill ceiling. There's also a good interview on LinusTechTip's Youtube channel which seems pretty promising (but has a lot of buzzword hype): They haven't added an in-game cash shop to the latest builds yet so i'm hoping it ends up being basic stuff like camos/skins/gun-remodels that don't effect stats. Otherwise they'll run the game into the ground before it even gets released. Mite b cool? And on an unrelated note, I finally brought my old computer parts over to the new city. Still waiting on my new computer case + monitor + keyboard to ship though! (& Yes.. i'm still working on nmo_militarybase, didn't want to bump the map thread though unreasonably since it's nowhere near a playable state & likely won't be until the winter holidays.)
  7. No problem grasn, There's more awesome stuff where that came from too . Extremely simple way to generate amazing ultra high resolution skyboxes using Space Engine http://en.spaceengine.org/load/core/spaceengine_0_96_full/2-1-0-14 http://en.spaceengine.org/forum/21-514-1 I'll be doing a full tutorial on generating skyboxes using this method tommorow, but tonight i'm off for Easter dinner. There's another method which is much more complex but will give better results using Wilbur, World Machine & Terragen 2 that i'll probably do at a later date - but using Space Engine to generate skyboxes provides ridiculously good results for the amount of work you put in and it's incredibly simple to do.
  8. The brass knuckles would probably be doable. They might be able to re-use the current punch animations & hand textures and & put some brass knuckles in, even if they clipped with the first person hand models. Maybe have it so the brass knuckles replace the "hands weapon" when you have a pair in your inventory and have it so you do additional damage with them over bare fists. I don't know how much benefit they would provide over traditional melee weapons in a zombie apocalypse, but they would add some nice variation to the current melee weapon line-up.
  9. There isn't one currently packaged with the server files, although there really should be. I was actually working on a custom server .cfg package for servers a while back but never ended up releasing it because I didn't finish it. Here's the server.cfg in it's current state: // ******************************************************************************** // * // No More Room in Hell - Community Developed Server.cfg * // Version 1.0 - September 13, 2012 * // Latest Version: http://avidblur.com/nmrih/server.cfg * // * // ******************************************************************************** // ............................ Basic Server Settings ............................. // // The name of your server as you want it to show up on NMRiH's Server Browser hostname "This is what your server will be named!" // The contact email for your main server admin (more than likely your email!) sv_contact "serveradmin@example.com" // Makes your server private so only people with the password can play on it // Blank = Open to Public sv_password "" // The region of the world this server will report as being located in // -1 = World // 0 = US East Coast // 1 = US West Coast // 2 = South America // 3 = Europe // 4 = Asia // 5 = Australia // 6 = Middle East // 7 = Africa sv_region -1 // Is this server running on LAN or is it accessable to the world wide web? // 0 = Internet // 1 = Local Area Network (AKA "play-with-friends-behind-a-router-mode") sv_lan 0 // Enable communication over voice via microphone sv_voiceenable 1 // Players can hear all other players, no team restrictions 0=off 1=on sv_alltalk 1 // Password for rcon (remote connection), can be left blank for no RCon, it's recommended that you make a secure password. // Need a secure password? Check out https://www.grc.com/passwords.htm for automatically generated ones (use the first one listed as "random hexadecimal characters") rcon_password "" // Name of the .txt file containing a list of maps the server should cycle through // mapcycle.txt - All maps // mapcycle_objective.txt - Objective maps only // mapcycle_survival.txt - Survival maps only mapcyclefile "mapcycle.txt" // A comma seperated list of tags that will show up in the server browser & make it easier for users to find the server they're looking for // "Official" tags: // custom - If your server is running custom gameplay settings/configs // objective - If your server only cycles through objective maps // survival - If your server only cycles through survival maps // IE: sv_tags "example1, example2, example3" sv_tags "" // ............................ Download Settings .................................. // // Allow clients to upload sprays etc (NMRiH has sprays disabled by default, so 0 might be the best option) sv_allowupload 0 // Allow clients to download files sv_allowdownload 1 // Maximum file size allowed for downloading individual maps/textures etc (Calculated in MB) net_maxfilesize 64 // Allow downloading of maps/textures/etc from a website for faster download speeds! // NOTE: If left blank (sv_downloadurl "") connecting clients will download custom maps etc directly from your Gameserver. // // Example: 1 - Game server has a map called "nmo_example.bsp" located in the map folder // 2 - Web server has the exact same "nmo_example.bsp" file located at "http://www.yourwebsite.com/nmrih/maps/nmo_example.bsp" // 3 - Therefore, sv_downloadurl should be set to "http://www.yourwebsite.com/nmrih/" // sv_downloadurl "" // ............................... Network Settings ............................... // // Min bandwidth rate allowed on server, 0 = Unlimited sv_minrate 0 // Max bandwidth rate allowed on server, 0 = Unlimited sv_maxrate 60000 // Minimum updates per second that the server will allow sv_minupdaterate 0 // Maximum updates per second that the server will allow sv_maxupdaterate 66 // Minimum commands per second that the server will allow sv_minupdaterate 0 // Maximum commands per second that the server will allow sv_maxupdaterate 66 // Amount of seconds that need to pass without a user sending data to the server before they are dropped (AKA: Timed out) sv_timeout 30 // ******************************************************************************** // * // Custom NMRiH Gameplay Settings * // * // IMPORTANT: Add "custom" to sv_tags above if your server uses custom * // gameplay settings! * // * // Uncomment the line below (delete the "// ") to customize gameplay settings * // by editing the "nmrih_custom.cfg" file in your /cfg/ folder. * // * // ******************************************************************************** // exec nmrih_custom.cfg // ******************************************************************************** // * // Advanced Server Settings (Best left untouched!) * // * // ******************************************************************************** sv_master_legacy_mode 0 exec banned_user.cfg exec banned_ip.cfg writeid writeip heartbeat I'll likely release a properly updated package containing all my custom server configs if there's enough demand for it. There's quite a few things i'd like to change however. The server.cfg shown above is just a snippet from the 66tic version. You should download the non-updated files from here for the other .cfg files as well (mapcycle.txt, mapcycle_objective.txt etc etc: http://avidblur.com/nmrih/latest.zip
  10. Double posting with the final concept for the heartbeat monitor. It's a bit out of sync from the moment the heartbeat starts to the duration of the flatline but this could be easily fixed. (I didn't add the additional frames for filesize & animation smoothness reasons).
  11. Since no one else is taking one i'll give it a shot. #1 (Most likely the issue - and also in one of the threads on the forums if you search up "Validating Steam Files"): Validate the steam files for Source SDK Base 2007 Simple, Right click "Source SDK Base 2007" > Click "Properties" in the drop down menu > Click the "Local Files" tab > Click "Verify integrity of tool cache..." Let me know if it still doesn't work after and we'll go from there.
  12. Have you installed Source SDK Base 2007? If not do so in steam by clicking the blue "ALL GAMES" in the top left of your Steam Library, setting it to "TOOLS" and then double clicking "Source SDK Base 2007" on the list to install it. Then restart steam once it's finished downloading. If NMRiH doesn't show up and run right away from your games library after restarting Steam try running "Source SDK Base 2007" and then closing it before running NMRiH. If that doesn't work, it's probably because you haven't given me all of your Bitcoins and installed your vidya on the properly designated VIDYA GAEMZ drive (or you need to verify the cache files for Source SDK Base 2007).
  13. Thanks guys, I'm on a bit of a concept splurge now that I have some more time on my hands to work on this sort of stuff. Even if none of this gets implemented in 1.07 or later it will hopefully provide some ideas for people to build and brainstorm on.
  14. Thanks for the feedback guys. I like the idea behind the heart monitor too, there might be a better way of implementing it though (in my mind it's a scrolling vtf file that's animated to add a "glowing dot" at the end where the heart beat reads out so it looks like a real life heartbeat monitor, i'll see if I can post an animated gif as an example later today to better clarify what I mean). I've never thought of how to do HUD design for survival horror games, so providing a good balance between immersion & giving the player the information they need seems a bit hard to me (I've mostly done HUDs for arena shooters - which are pretty much meant to be as bare bones as it gets). Glad to know you like the Zone icons Maxx, if they ever get implemented I can whip up the image files for them if you need them or someone else on the team can probably make something more stylized.
  15. Tree Generators: Online option: http://www.snappytree.com Offline options: Arbaro, ngPlant, & tree[d] (A personal favorite!) tree[d] is probably my favorite because you can also export render images to a file for use as things like sprites, as well as customize the textures for a more personal touch. Pic Related tl;dr: Procedurally generate trees, export to .obj, then compile to .mdl