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  1. they actually did before but they changed it. maybe they changed it because it was too easy and you didn't really care much about being infected because all you needed was a thing of pills and you are good. personally im fine with it keeps you on your toes and makes you be cautious of getting bitten.
  2. i love your sig OP
  3. probably survival but that is because im a sucker for horde modes
  4. why not hope you announce event and stuff would be cool for you to show what maps will be in rotation, modes,options etc.
  5. god im not gonna look forward to these hackers and griefers....*sigh* but that's the cost of fame
  6. man the servers are packed and the private servers are huge! i played it at about 12PM my time and only 50ish servers were up came back at 8 PM and bam 170 O____O
  7. eh top down not my style
  8. so how can i download this hmm?
  9. the first idea reminds me of the map of Verruckt from COD zombies but like Verruckt it needs to have a goal or reason to come together the game shouldn't just end when they team up and head to the vehicle its too short.but there needs to be a danger constantly like the death wall in Fear 3's fucking run mode you need to be able to make the teams constantly moving so one team wont cause the other to die or wait forever. the other sounds like a ton of fun especially with the drop because i can just see people going guns blazing over it! would love to have this mode. i wouldn't mind idea 1 but i would LOVE idea 2 in some form
  10. can you 1080 noscope? in all seriousness though sounds like a mouse problem because ive never had that happen to me