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  1. You're welcome!
  2. trigger_teleport has a field called "Local Destination Landmark". put the name of the landmark-entity in there, that's all it needs to work.
  3. I had a similar problem, solved it by just using a info_landmark(at the bottom middle of the trigger) and connecting it with the teleport trigger. The keep angles flag isn't functional, but it works when done like above.
  4. ... but no shit, we're gonna have vampires and simpsons character models in patch 4.20, this is just the thing this game needs...
  5. Do you have any reference projects, something to show? I do not think that you'll manage to pull this one off at all, its too much. So pls post some work of yours, or nobody will believe you!
  6. there's the lighter which already uses the kind of light-entity that would be needed for a flare/glowstick. i support the idea, but a new view and world model would be needed to integrate it to the rest of the items. but actually, there is the lighter, the maglite and the flaregun(maybe add lighting to the flaregun instead of adding flares?).
  7. I could always use some help with texturing so i would love to have him in the team he could also do new map textures or redo old ones
  8. i like your art, texture artists are always needed! is it ok for you if i hand you an example model over, so you can show us how well you are doing with the asset creation process? i`ll upload you the reference, the 3d model, the ao-texture and the uv-map.
  9. Not on high settings i guess, your graphics card will be the problem. You should try it out, the game is free and it even runs at ~30 fps on an intel hd chipset
  10. cap your servers updaterate to 20 or something around that value ("sv_minupdaterate 10" and "sv_maxupdaterate 20", makes you send 20 updates per second per client), it saves a lot of bandwidth i use this: sv_maxrate 60000 sv_mincmdrate 10 sv_maxcmdrate 60 sv_minupdaterate 10 sv_maxupdaterate 20
  11. its because crazy people rape the updaterate on their servers, like forcing it to 128 per second!! (20 to 60 recommended and also fairly enough), results in 60kB/s or more per player with only 60 zombies on screen, madness
  12. hey Just wanted to ask: why do people often force the updaterate to 66 or even 100+ for their nmrih servers?! I always understood that the updaterate determines how often the server hands out updates to the client. so why da fuck do we need network updates more frequently than the average monitor refreshes its image, even though its not going to change how the server simulates the world(tickrate)? there is not much happening in 1/60th of a second, so why are you wasting bandwidth and cpu for this? or did i get it all wrong?