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  1. fire around 60 rounds through an ak then grab it by the barrel. Then get back to me.
  2. Bulllllllllllshit. As a person trained in first aid and having to treat some serious cuts on myself, blood loss with properly applied pressure won't happen.
  3. Stop saying bullshit. I have a road flare right next to me and it's listed burn time is 20 minutes.
  4. blast them with the shotgun before they can reach me.
  5. the guns are already much less accurate then their potential, so you can take this as a sign of low operator skill.
  6. jamming is stupid, and it's safe to assume weapons are already in the high ready position due to the speed from which they enter ironsights. I don't think it's easy for one to bring up sights so quickly from the hip.
  7. agreed on all except the tanker garand. Really weird, I'd rather have a 2A1. Pocket pistol could be a nice spawn weapon on maps, less powerful than pistols you find later on but still a good weapon when there's a runner up in your face.
  8. it's the standard issue rifle of the US military, which would be the primary armed force responding to an outbreak (other than the fuzz), so I have no problem with it. Which is also why I like the M9 being common. The only military that issues it widely is the Belgian Army afaik.
  9. Kind of rare? I'm sorry but a pistol that fires a non-standard cartridge (which itself is expensive), with a price point over $1,000 is going to be REALLY rare. You must live in a really rich neighborhood then. why would it be useless against unarmored zombie heads? tell that to FN? if AP rounds were so effective against soft targets, why did they waste time developing spoon tip bullets to specifically be more effective against armored targets. 9mm lacking in stopping power? it's that way for balance reasons if you've read Maxx's posts. 9mm is perfectly fine against soft targets, and standard AP 5.7 would be even less effective than 9mm, arguably (inb4 wound vectors) It's available to civilians, but the primary market is LE and Military. FN just makes almost all of their products available to civilians in semi versions (don't tell me the SCAR is a civilian weapon solely because the SCAR17S and SCAR16S exist, they were originally designed for the military) M67s being hard to find? my ass. They'd be everywhere and there are probably more M67s produced currently than Five-seveNs will ever be produced. Would it ruin the game? no. Would it be a completely redundant, out of place, addition to the game? hell yes. I have something against people suggesting just their favorite guns to be added to games in which they totally do not fit the settings.
  10. they all kill in 1 headshot in realism mode, the only mode worth playing
  11. why with all the AP weapons? they'd be useless against zombies, rare, and military only. Everything this mod doesn't need.
  12. reformat computer... it's the only way (only as last resort tho)
  13. Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis.
  14. it should fall off if you shove a zombie with it attached, slow your aiming speed by 20%, and melt off if you fire too many rounds too fast