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  1. Neat. Can't wait to try it.
  2. Me: Simon 16 Sweden, Central European Time http://steamcommunity.com/id/donutsisnotgood/ Specs: 16 GB RAM, i5-3570 3.40GHz, 1 TB HDD, 120 GB SSD, Windows 7 Ultimate - 64 BitGifthub: https://github.com/SWEGTAOther: Are you a Linux User?: No Are you a server host?: Not anymore Have you tested a game before?: No Are you a Level Designer?: Yes Do you have an Oculus Rift?: No
  3. Okay thanks. Thing is that I tried not using a team at all, but that didn't work. I need to know this
  4. (Reposted) I'm currently trying to figure out what's wrong with my admin skin list. I do belive it is because the model list goes after teams. For example: team1 and team2 . What team is played when it comes to nmrih?
  5. ^Thanks <3
  6. Hey there! My name is Simon and have been doing voices for my Youtube channel and other projects for a while now. My Youtube channel is youtube.com/SwEGTA for those who care. I generally do dubs and such of ingame cutscenes or just voice some of my own characters. And I have recorded about 3 files of sound test. The first 2 are ammo checks (rounds and mags). The third is the bleeding out sounds. https://soundcloud.com/theloneproject I have named them: Ammo Check # 1 Ammo Check # 2 Bleeding # 1 --- I sound a bit young and as a matter of fact, I am young! Well 16 to be precise. I'm from Sweden. Have a good day
  7. Really? No one knows? Well shit..
  8. It's probably dead since everyone here seems to be so rude.
  9. I'm currently trying to figure out what's wrong with my admin skin list. I do belive it is because the model list goes after teams. For example: team1 and team2 . What team is played when it comes to nmrih?
  10. Cool! Thanks And like I said, I'll credit you guys for the soundfiles used. I'll put a little link in the description for it.
  11. Hey there! I'm currently making a zombie styled machinima in GTA San Andreas. I have done half of episode 1 with voice actors and all that. In about episode 3, the group of survivors (main characters) encounter and create a fued with another group of survivors. These people are somewhat of sadistic maniacs who wear masks, snipe down people for sport and steal other peoples supplies. What I'll do is simple: Use nmrih voice files for zombies and minor characters. Just whenever a survivor dies, they might shout out stuff like "I need some fucking help over here!", "Help!!" etc. Do I have your permission? And of course, you'll be credited for it.
  12. Yeah yeah yeah, we're not allowed to port over from other games. But what's up with the shows and movies lately? So, I'm just wondering: Do I have permission to try and remake the Willamette Mall from Dead Rising?
  13. <3 ... *molests you*
  14. Problem 1 Having zombies walk to the left or right, you MUST WAIT FOR THEM to finish. If you shoot them while they're walking towards a certain direction, they won't take any damage. At all. So you have to wait for them to start moving forward. The hell? Problem 2 I know this is not a bug, but the runners have terrible animations. And I really mean terrible. They can barely chase you once you walk left or right. They will have to wait, think then run towards that direction. So escaping them is really easy. Problem 3 The climb animation. What the f***? I know that they're not meant to be able to climb, but it looks so frustrating. Just looking at that horrible climbing sequence makes me want to exit out the game and set myself on fire. Just a few things that you guys should fix. Not all of them are bugs, but still.. The jar of dirt needs to be filled.