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  1. Well, if we're gonna be putting HK's in, might as well put in for an HK 33.
  2. Look around, and you can find 9mm. Gunbot is good to use for it, and Ammoseek. Also, nice pistol, blows that you'll get it in like 4 months at least. I got a Kimber Model 82 and a new Stoeger Coach gun. And I'm fixing on getting an M16A1 kit. Pics soon.
  3. Mini-14's are great rifles, just don't pay too much for one.
  4. That's pretty freakin' neat.
  5. I also bought a Stoeger coach gun last week. Still waiting until I can pick it up, though.
  6. Wat. They're very fun. The most fun thing about them is shooting thousands of rounds without paying much.
  7. Mosin's are always a great choice.
  8. Yeah, the Kimbers are selling like hotcakes, even more than the Garands, apparently. It looks great as it is. I was surprised to get USGI wood, guess my notewriting skills are pretty good. I mean, why go for "Correct" when you can just enjoy it the way it is, a great rifle. My rifle has most of the parts matching, HRA bolt, barrel, trigger group(I think), etc. Which doesn't really matter to me, it's just cool that most of the rifle stayed that way since 1953. A Heritage Rough Rider is a good start, cheap, single-action, .22. it eats all ammo, since it's a revolver, and it's a single action, which means it'll last forever. Other than that, take a look at Rugers, and S&W's. Do you have a FFL 03?
  9. Just sent in for a Kimber M82 from the CMP. And bought a shotshell reloading press, too. Nice M1 you have there. One of the last ones made.
  10. Oh god yes.
  11. Sounds amazing, as always.
  12. Well, that blows. CA bans suppressors and SBS's. But not AOW's or MG's.
  13. Not unless you like tax stamps and waiting long periods of time.
  14. As long as it turns you into a pumpkin at midnight.
  15. Op needs to die innafire.