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  1. oh nooOoO i got a brain!

  2. All I can do is laugh at your ignorance.
  3. I was going to play it with fpm
  4. I'm confuzzled
  5. Hey Guys I Want My Problem To Be Taken Seriously. Alright well I don't know what's happening with the UK problem but people who type like that are seriously annoying.
  6. Oh hey, this'll be really nice for me. If it had automatic camera uploads that'd be even better [doubt it though since it's for businesses n stuff]
  7. but I'm Caucasian I only really pick the ones I can kinda identify with lol That is not realistic.
  8. I'm sorry sir, you have AIDS.
  9. it's a bit...empty right now. as in it needs random trash props spread around imo I dunno fuck. Pretty late but Morgoth, do you see the "map pimpage" title there? IT doesn't mean post a hammer screenshot of the grid it means that you post screenies so people can tell you how it looks / what to improve on.
  10. NMRiH's dev team are short of resources to do character models right now AFAIK.
  11. See Morgoth?
  12. Yea I saw, I felt compelled to never release my CS:GO one after I saw it, but eh. It was a while back tho you made it tho, and you've gotten MUCH better.
  13. Maybe he's not online right now Morgoth. So impatient.
  14. this stuff looks really good. Jealous of your ability