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  1. Looks nice! Gonna give it a try tomorow!
  2. No no no. I didn't make a whole new file. I just removed the whole house and build it from scratch. It's still the same file. But I'm just optimizing it etc.
  3. Hey guys, just wanna tell you I'm working on getting gasstation to 1.07. I'm just kinda remaking it. Wasn't the top quality before.. Some mini teasers. This is not complete work at all, and don't mind the lightning, I just created some fast to do the pictures. What I have in mind: -Remaking the house. -Adding roof again. -Redoing the front (maybe the back yard yard super lake thingy power thing.) -Adding extraction. That's what I've planned so far, just thought I wanted to tell you guys.
  4. Yea, it had quite a few... Issues.. Kinda embarrassed looking trough it now
  5. Yup, says itself. The download is here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/q7so43ek26bs2zb/nms_trainstation_v3.rar Here's the old thread for information and pictures: http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=8926 There ain't really anything new. -Decreased it from 13 to 10 waves. -Added the glock. I'm also working on gasstation, but that's gonna take som time. I have big plans for the next version!
  6. Wow, I really feel dumb now. Used 2 hours or so, searching for answers and trying to fix it... Welp, I'm done with that map, moving to the next.
  7. Really? Wow.. That really sucks yea.. Well, thanks for the help!
  8. So, I'm trying to compile my 1.06 to 1.07. But I have some problems with it. When I try to compile it i get this message: The danish part translated:"The Proccesor can't get acces to the file. It's being used by another process."
  9. Thanks for the kind and big words. I thought about extraction. But I don't really know what kind of extraction it should be.
  10. Of course I'm gonna add the new weapons etc. More mapwise. Something like this? Gimme a day or two, and you got it!
  11. Well, I'm gonna make my maps (trainstation and gasstation) playable for 1.07 tomorow. Just quick asking if you guys wan't something new to them? Something added, removed etc. Then hit me with that lovely sausage.
  12. Great idea! Gonna make my maps for 1.07 tomorow. I'm quite busy for the time, but I can find time for that tomorow.
  13. Ok, I checked other forums and found some solutions that may work. -If you're playing on a laptop try to turn off your mousepad. -Check that your mouse is correctly plugged in. -Try to use a A4 paper as a mousepad. (No idea why, but for some people it worked)