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  1. I would appreciate that very much, I got some nice NMRIH SFMs in planning
  2. That sir is exactly what I was looking for for my SFM projects ;D Can you make some models of the zombies/humans with parts of their head removed aswell? Like after receiving a headshot (If you do so gibs for those head sections would be nice) If youre wondering I could need those things for more high res zombie SFMs
  3. I recently started working on some decent SFM work (wont spoiler it yet), but I wondered: Do the current player models even support facial animations? It appears they dont, but I might be wrong... When I tried to create some dialogue scenes I wasnt able at all to get the facial parts working Additionally I would like to ask the devs to create some high res models of the players with face animation set (like the tf2 characters for example)
  4. My best guess are the cubemaps, somehow the same errors dont occur on the fixed version (altough this one has other issues) Still im stuck at this problem, I didnt change the lighting at all after my release (in which it worked fine before)
  5. On the other hand that is true aswell, anyways I dont know in what amounts and size he will use this; Based on my experience I can say, that it isnt that influent on smaller optimised maps
  6. Also if you want more rain than limited by one entitiy, copy the entity and move it over the first one, that will cause the rain particle effects to stack up.
  7. Well for some reason the lighting on my map screws up every time, same for all older versions which I had compiled, Does someone know a possible reason? It went fine before the 1.03 or 1.04 update
  8. For some reasons I was pretty short on time in the recent months, indeed the map is pretty outdated and im aware of the linear structure the corridors do have... Im currently trying to get things running again, but for some strange reason the lighting screws up every time I compile the map; @Camal3on: Did you have the same issues or did you already fixed it in your version of the map? Im looking forward to complete the map
  9. Great! Feel free to ask if youre stuck
  10. Huh same for me hehe (although I tried drawing some sections once) May I ask what program you will/did use to create the automated message, it could come in handy for my maps aswell, additionally if youre planning one more than one sections (stairs etc.), did you think of making the elevator useable?
  11. Since most has been said there is only one point I can think of; -Keep in mind that supply drops may land on the roof of the affected building (You may want to add a roof access or prevent that with clip-walls)
  12. Based on my own experience I can say that large fences/walls at the borders of a mostly square map look terrible, so here are a few things you can do about that: -replace one or more sides of the fences with cliffs/mountains (maybe the base is at the base of a mountain valley?) -add a forrest behind one of the fences -add some water sections: -Maybe a small lake? -Or a river? As always bonus points in things like look if you combine multiple of these elements
  13. How about a nice gloomy basement section, you can add a zone to defend there aswell; Additionally: In case the zone gets overrun the generator breaks and disables some lights/or other rather important stuff If you need help for those effects let me know
  14. Well yeah: Some time passed now and NMRIH got a few nice updates, I recently checked and noticed that these updates made my map unplayable. Unfortunately I was way too busy with educational stuff to find time to fix that, additionally a community map pack was already released, thats why I will try to work on a fix or rather a more extended version of my map. Beforehand I cant say how long that will take due to my free time for this being rather short... If you can think of some nice ideas/concepts to complement the map let me know; The overall goal is the increase the stability of the map (the effect count is at its limit btw)
  15. I am pretty busy on other stuff and school I have to say. Anyways I tested this map in MP a couple of times and it didnt crash during that part :S Known issues are that there are sometimes moments your screen freezes due to the size of the map and area portal switching... I already cut out many effects before I uploaded the map to maintain a more fluent play experimence. Anyways the main problem is that the map almost hits the limits of the 2007 source engine, which will probably be the cause of the crash, I will have a look at it and try ton fix that.