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  1. So some of you guys might remember the first trailer that got released last year about "Cinema for CryEngine3" well finally after waiting they have released the debut trailer!!
  2. sv_cheats 1
  3. CSGO Updating coming August 14th
  4. Nice
  5. I think when it says 0 times used it means that I have used it in the map, lets see what the l4d devs have to say about this if they reply to that tweet.
  6. Nope I didn't install any custom campaign or cop any custom props into the game
  7. Ok is this just werid or what models\static\nmrih_officeboxes_paperdisaster2.mdl Found this while browsing the l4d2 sdk
  8. Oh yeah well not up to me he will have to talk with Dman or Maxx
  9. no idea what you just said
  10. See if I lived in the US I would be there
  11. I know someone who gave $100 to them lol, hope this isn't a fail game.
  12. I will make sure to read these.
  13. Models sucked until I came in and gave them sexy eyes Before: After: