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  1. The map will have two versions, the one Morgoth has been working on is the "Long" version. To sum it up: Long Version: The map you can test right now, featuring most of the original elements of the Leon A scenario as you know it. Short Version: A objective based and shorter version aimed to be more casual friendly, more directing while some puzzle solving remains. Don't worry, the long version you are testing now from Morgoth will always exist as it is.
  2. Hey Gothic Funny you mention about the Plug collection and it's alerting music and zombie spawning, that is exactly in the document, I'm waiting for feedback from Riley on the document I provided for some feedback, please add me on Steam: skippy52 or Skype: skippymurphy and I will gladly provide you with the latest plan for the short campaign. I'm looking for all the feedback I can get! Thank you.
  3. Hey guys. I have been spending the last two days writing out a document for a more objective based and more streamlined version of the RPD campaign, I'll be sending it to certain members for their input, advice and opinions on it as it progresses. So the plan is for both more casual fans and the hardcore fans to have their RPD fix!
  4. Sure, we will look into the ruby and re-compile as necessary, hopefully that will fix the issue your having.
  5. Hey guys. We would like some input and opinions about some of the doors in the station. As some of you may know the station has a key system following the suite of playing cards (diamond, club, heart and spade). I tried to think of a way that would suit the RE style and also represent which key is needed for the which door. The original game requires checking bare doors to find this out, for a co-op experience I thought a door carving would make it clear and less hassle for the players: We are looking for your opinions, do you think these doors would benefit the gameplay? or should the original doors be used?
  6. Hello everyone! It's great to have more time now to work on the RPD, we will have more regular progress to share in the near future.
  7. I had a few ideas about other maps I'd like to make for NMRIH, but considering I probably will never get the time to actually make them here is two objective map ideas. SS Shipwrecked The survivors of a spreading infection aboard a vast ship must make their way to a communications tower to radio for chopper evacuation, but the ship has been heavily damaged from a collision and is now beginning to sink, the survivors must keep moving to reach the communications tower before it's to late. The ships automatic anti-flooding systems already making life even harder. Icy Isolation Inspired by a personal favourite The Thing, survivors of a research facility has been cut off with no safe option in sight, their only hope is to collect the necessary parts and fix the damaged Snow Mobile outside in the blinding snow storm with only the faint glow of the guide poles to direct them to each section of the facility. Stick as a team to fetch the parts or risk splitting up and face getting lost in the snow, or being another victim for a undead researcher.
  8. Thanks for the advice guys, we continue to keep our options open, luckily we can continue making our content while keeping our options open.
  9. Hmmm, I'm starting to think a A and B version of the map would suit us best, the same escape objective but they go different ways. Cutting down on lights, particles and other assets in the map does not sound very appealing to me. I'm also thinking about the increased re playability of the map if we split it into 2 forms.
  10. Hello, I'm Shane the Lead Modeller on the Biohazard Project. Regarding our Raccoon Police Department map project I would like to ask advice from the more experienced mappers on the NMRIH team. The RPD is a HUGE objective map that ranges from the basement to the third floor of the station with high detailed rooms. We are using mainly static mesh's to minimize the strain on the entity limit and map in general but I need to ask your honest opinion about this before we continue our work. Simply put...are we leading ourselves to failure if we continue to make such a huge map? will we face issues with servers and connections? Would we be much better off making a more L4D styled progression and set paths? This has been something that has never left the back of my mind and I hope you guys could give us advice on what the safest option would be for a stable experience. If it comes down to it I guess having 2 versions of the map with different routes to the same escape point could work. Thank you.
  11. Hey Abilities I noticed your comment about the buzzing noise, I believe it's your PSU, I had the same issue but when I tapped the top of my PSU it would stop. Just wanted to share this because I have experienced the same. But as others have said try and keep your fan clear from dust, allowing a clear passage of air through your fan to your system and vice versa. Forgive me if this is counted as derailing a thread.
  12. Hey Hellroom thank you for kind words. We are working with the NMRIH team to implement some features when they have the time, for example the green herb patch for healing needs coding done on their part and they said they would be willing to support us with what we need. Thanks.
  13. Hey guys. I just wanted to stop in and say we are still alive! Progress has been slow for a while that's for sure but we are trucking on and progress should improve greatly soon. Thanks.
  14. Great addition, keep those updates coming.
  15. I made quite a few of these models for my old project Outbreak: Condemned.