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  1. once you made the server go into console by hitting '~' . Next type 'sv_cheats 1' hit enter. Next type 'sv_lan 0" hit enter. Next type 'map (whatevermapyouwant) and hit enter.
  2. I've been mapping some and having a good time. But its not long before I start encountering MAJOR issues that make making a dynamic map difficult and/or impossible. The zombies pathing and AI is a major stumbling block. Often they will stand in a room and do nothing. Its not a nav issue (nav_edit shows that). Having an attack target only fixes the issue occasionally. It feels like they need to be more aggressive in searching out people. If we could give the zombies a 'squad' or child name, a mapper could then make entities that share that property allowing us to selectively grant vision to rooms by placing an invisible entity. I'd love to have a flag on zombie spawners to select runners/children only. This way waves can be made more or less difficult, and more control over the spawns is always a good thing. Why can't we directly control the percent of runners/children. The first runner wave always has WAY more runners than the following waves. Standard source engine features are missing such as cctv cameras. And before I'm flamed, yes they are available in sdk 2k7 The ability to give random spawners unique names to facilitate trigger based spawning. As it is, I have to have a door unlock or open to give new weaponry/ammo at a given round.
  3. All of them? Haha 1 or 3
  4. I'm working on a tower defense style map. I'll tell you what i've learned so far. You want to give the zombie spawn an attack target (the zone they are moving towards) you want to block the zombies LOS so they cant see you from the shooting stations. this is done using a LOS clip. To prevent the player from moving out of bounds but so they can still shoot past the invisible walls i use a player clip texture rather than noclip. I use a trigger that sounds an alarm and flashes lights when they touch it to announce when the zone has been breached. I am using math counters to keep track of the round so i can have rooms that open up unlocking new weapons at specific rounds. When the map is closer to being done i'll post it so you can get a better idea of what im talking about
  5. Correct, I had been playing on servers and hosting yesterday without problem edit: stupid download for 1.4 slowed down to 200k a second. 30 mins left Edit 2: A full re-install fixed the problems.
  6. patch, I'll download the full build and test that now, be back in an hour
  7. Same crash happened in chinatown on one of the official servers http://www.mediafire.com/?kjs47bj17mchwg9
  8. I'm having several errors with 1.4 ammobox_board are not spawning fa_m16a4 shows ERROR in editor/game fa_1911 shows ERROR in editor/game Also getting a crash soon after loading the custom map I have (which performed well in 1.3) I have no idea whats causing this crash so here are the crash files
  9. I love you both, here is a picture of a squirrel
  10. Is it possible to add some outputs to overlord_wave_controller so that it can act as a trigger for events on certain waves? An example: waves start at 20 zombies runners start at wave 2 children start at wave 3 resupply at round 5 additional routs into the shelter open up for the zombies at 7 additional routs into the shelter open up for the zombies round 9 round 10 is victory I feel that this would give us mappers alot of flexibility to create really interesting maps. I could have ammo respawn at a given wave, a wall collapse, a new zone open up, main lights 'fail'. It would also give another option for ramping up the difficulty with each wave in addition to, or supplementing, the additional zombies increment field. Thanks for reading, Alex
  11. I'm moving on to another map design because I'm not sure how fun this would be. I am releasing this bsp for anyone to do anything with. Just credit me if you making somthing playable out of it. A lot of time when into recreating the Winchester and its neighborhood from google maps Here is some of the screens. Its perhaps an hour away from playable survivor. here it is http://www.putlocker.com/file/7DAEBC8EB19DCFB8
  12. Your the best! Here's an adorable kitten to look at for your help
  13. Glad i'm not the only one. If i manage to get one made that works i'll share. If you have one, please share it! EDIT: I've put together a map that I believe is close to having several working objectives. Its in a zipped folder here It's 100ish k. If someone could take a look at it and tell me what I'm missing I would be very grateful. Here is how its supposed to work: Objective 1: Push the button to turn on the light next to it. Additionally there is a red light nearby set with OnObjectiveBegin to indicate that the objective is running (for testing purposes). It does not light up. Set to OnObjectiveEnd is a green light nearby to indicate taht the objective has ended) Objective 2: Open the door. Has the same red/green indicator lights. At no point do I get something pop up telling what my objectives should be.
  14. A friend and I are working on a map for the ongoing comp and we are struggling with the objectives. Is there an simple example map with a few objectives that i could look at in hammer? I think that + the write up would be very helpful. Here's a small tease http://steamcommunity.com/id/jdufault/screenshot/614971818280274930/ (I'll fix the link tomorrow if its broken)