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  1. An interior-based map where the survivors stumbled upon a quarantined, strange compound in Western U.S. All the employees seemed to of died due to the disease, as the entire compound is infested. It seems as if there were some military presence here. All of the workers of the compound (employees) lay dead, in their normal black clothing, dead... Will you find your way out? The only objective is to escape the compound successfully. The compass won't be here to help you, there is going to be multiple alternative routes, you basically need to find your own way out of the compound. For most of the routes you'll still need "key items" but like I said, the compass won't be helping you. The only objective is to get out. I'll add more information and pictures later.. Pictures are below.
  2. I think it'd be cool if we could use the fuel can for more than just an ammo item for the chainsaw(s). Such as, being able to equip it and pour gasoline/fuel onto the ground however long you want until it runs out, and then if you have "matches" in your inventory you'll be able to throw one in your puddle or line of gasoline, setting it on fire. It'd be useful for, let's say, on Chinatown, someone's using the torch on the padlock on the gate and the horde is moving towards you. Someone could pour a line of gasoline some feet away from the zombies, and light it on fire. If zombies walk into it, which they will, they'll catch on fire and die easily, but it's also punishable since some could turn into flaming runners. Also more functions with weapons that include different resistance types and damage types, such as with a knife you can slash or stab/pierce.
  3. Thanks for the replies, I hope I get to finish this in the end! I am looking forward to adding puzzles, however the key-items used to open certain doors WILL NOT be glowing, cause it makes it too easy, lol, so puzzles will be tricky and it'd be an adventure having to open certain doors. Think Resident Evil, having to run back and through the mansion having to get key items, etc.
  4. You could go into hammer editor, spawn a random prop/ragdoll entity, go to properties, and browse the models and type in "zombie" in the filter bar, and it'll give you all the zombie models. Click on one and select "skins" to the right, and it'll give you the list of bodygroups/skins. Or you could try extracting the models and materials to Garrysmod if you have it, and select the skins and stuff.
  5. Joe ain't weird, he's just an average joe.
  6. Then the forums shot itself.
  7. Is it possible to make your own scripted NPCs and port them to NMRIH? This sounds a bet far fetched but I was thinking about it. I was thinking about making Zombie Dogs, or porting zombie dogs, in a way, (not entirely sure) for a map I'm working on, it came to mind after I played through hellgates, a custom map, and saw some different zombie types. Doesn't even have to be as far fetched as a zombie dog npc, just is it possible to code your own NPC in NMRIH? Maybe make a copy of the shambler file and change some values in there and call it a new npc?
  8. When and whenever Source 2 comes out, do you guys think you'd try porting it/making a new NMRIH based on the Source 2 engine? I believe valve already said Source 2 would be available to all developers, modders, etc. Also are there any updates at all? Haven't heard news about NMRIH in awhile.
  9. I've been thinking about these two movies for awhile now (28 Days Later and 28 Weeks later) and I must say, they are great. Now I was thinking about a survival map that is similar to this scene in a way. (I could only find the DayZ Edition! Lol) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqidU6fXwAA What I mean is a survival map similar to this area, with the hill and the house, and an increased runner spawn rate. This has to be one of my favorite scenes from these two movies.
  10. How far is it away for the team to fix up the runners? I'm just wondering, they aren't that much of a problem.. They are like the glitchy ones on DayZ Alpha, where they just keep on stopping whenever they get close and you're still moving. Even when you run out of stamina, they still can't catch up to you. They should be a lot more crazier, being able to hit awhile run, their speed sped up a lot, and their animation crazy. I'm just asking, how long away is it for the runners to be.. "fixed" or "re-vamped" or "improved.". Thanks, if you answer.
  11. Oh my god, that made me laugh so hard.
  12. Then extreme muslims came out of no where and butchered you after you got conscripted into the U.S Army for some reason. Then Canadians came from the hills and shot up all the extreme muslim terrorists. The world was saved.
  13. *SCRAPPED* -I am making a new map, I wasn't liking how this was turning out. Sorry! yes, it will be nmo.
  14. Sorry if you liked the idea of a map like this--I wasn't liking how it was turning out, so I am making a new map. It will be NMO.
  15. lol, I know what shingles are. That's just a place holder for now until I get more ideas of what to do.
  16. Zombie's being attracted to sound isn't copyrighted from l4d, and why the fuck would any player think that? L4D has no walkers, or children. It is common sense for them to be attracted by sound
  17. I am adding lighting today
  18. lol that might be because I have brightness pretty high up in my settings..
  19. Ok I got a problem would be nice if someone could answer this... I set my zombie spawn brushes up, add the overlord zombie helper... Start mymap, used nav_generate, and zombies still do not spawn. What could be wrong?
  20. Wooo! updated with pictures!
  21. Yeah! Thanks so much. Of course I will post more updates, I am going to work hard on it today. Thanks for the reply!
  22. a) I kinda want to see this but yet I do not want to see this after thinking about it. I dunno. Bee) This is already implented but happens rarley. c) Nah, they can just make 100% chance for infection from all bites..I dont know why 1 bite wouldn't infect you, I survived a round after getting bit 6 times with no infection. 1 bite should be what it takes. d) Yeah, I would love this, but I believe it's hard to implant into source.
  23. +1 Lunging would work
  24. The gameplay in NMRIH to me right now feels a bit limited, but of course it is still fun. It feels like it needs more elements, espesically more zombies or zombie types. What I had in mind was "scripted events" or scripts of some sort mappers can easily put in maps, or shit that just happened at random. Such as a runner horde (People that say a lot of runners will make your comp blow up-Your wrong. I played with cheats and had 50 runners coming at me with some friends, there was no lag at all.) Some enviormental events, such as airplanes flying overhead or hearing in the distance "Help me! Somebody help me!" Or a lot more moaning in the background, and maybe if you do add a runner horde event-Then add a horrifying scream to it to notify the players of what is happening. I was also thinking of a unique extraction..It would be by train, but the train won't go on itself. Once to pick up the players, A player will have to manually start the train and drive it. Not like full-time driving but lets say your on the track and you have to turn the train to the left--You have to pull the left lever on the control panel. If the players fail to do that, the train crashes and all the players on the train die. AKA they failed. That would require heavy cooperation, and maybe as the train is on the tracks there is crazy runners breaking inside the train by the windows, or climbing in by some holes. Another suggestion that probaly has been suggested a lot, is something like from Left 4 dead..Where you can get incapiated, and you need a teammate to help you up. Like hanging off a ledge or something. I wouldn't say this would be "stealing", as it is a unique feature and I enjoyed it in my days of playing Left 4 dead. Would add more Co-Op moments to the game, such as where you realize that your teammate is gone from your group and then you find out he is wounded severly in the back, on the floor. It would activate him to bleed, but you can still help them up but when they get up they are still bleeding- To heal them you would need to give them bandages or a first aid, if you have one in your inventory. (unless they were hanging off a ledge) Another idea is "Unique Map starts". What I mean by this is let's say, the map starts with survivors on an airplane...YOu can roam around in the airplane but after about 5 minutes, distrissed noises come from the pilot (NPC) and he says "we're going down!" And then everyone's screen turns white, and after some seconds you are in a enviorment where there is a crashed plane and zombies wandering towards it. (What would be hiliarious is if you add player-activated events on the plane, such as you can go in the cockpit and fuck around with the controls and manage to kill everybody or even kill the pilot therefore crashing the plane earlier.) Another idea for a player-activated event is opening the airplane door. Once opened, All the players start to slide out the door, falling to their deaths. Also, some questions that I would appreciate if answered. 1. When do you think the crawlers are coming out? 2. I heard that the runner is bugged at the moment, as in the constant stops that occur from it is an attack they are trying to do that does not exsist. When will this be fixed? 3. What is planned for the next major patch? 4.WHen will the Dev Journals get updated? Barley anything is there regarding the upcoming patches. 5. I heard something about more zombie types from a dev a long time ago (or it might be my imagination) if you can, can you give me a list of what your planning for the zombies? More ideas below... Zombie Type suggestions *Screamer: This zombie runs right at you regardless of zombies in the way. It is extremely aggressive much like the Witch in Left 4 Dead. Since it looks strange to allow all zombies to walk right through each other, it is to be placed in areas/zombie path ways where it will never collide, thus revealing a corner-cutting needed to make it come alive. It's screaming could blind your focus on which direction it is coming from. (Joe's Idea) My part of the idea: Can attract other zombies to the area it is screaming at. *Fire-Zed: This zombie would be a fire-fighter in full gear (I bet in the start of the infection, there would be fires occuring, therefore firefighters in full gear being infected) He would be resistant to molotolvs and a weak resistance towards explosives such as grenade and TNT. However, he will not have the ability to bite but he will still be able to grab you, but does not damage. His hits would be a bit different-Maybe some having weak hits as they have gloves on, therefore no claws can scratch you, or some may not have gloves on and does normal claw damage. *Hank Hill zombie: This zombie would be a propane technician (before the infection) and has a suit on (without a helmet, and his face would look rectanglish and has glasses) and has a propane canister strapped to his back. If you shoot the propane canister, there will be a small explosion that would kill the zombie itself and the ones really close to it. This zombie would be VERY rare as I doubt there would be much people like this before an infection... *Tarman: This zombie would be covered in tar, and basically melted down to flesh and bone.. He would look like the one from Return of the living dead, but not so funny looking. He would be far more scarier, and of course far more vicious. If he gets caught on fire, he would instantly die because of the tar all over him. He would also be pretty rare. A National Guard idea Once a player encounters a neuteral national guard, he would stop and aim at you, but at the same time he would ask something over the radio... "Survivor found...Does not seem to be infected, sir, orders?" and it would either be "Smoke 'em" or "Ignore them, resume task" or "Help them get to a evac center". Highest chance of them saying Ignore them, but a mapper could also place down the national guard and set to what they would do. If player leaves the radius of the national guard, such as running away before he gets a chance, He would yell over radio "He's running!" and wait for a quick response that would be either "Let him go" or "Shoot him down!" RARE INFECTION SYMPTOMS At one point, as the screen has growing veins on the sides of your view, ALL of the sudden your entire screen turns black, and heavy breathing is emitting from the player. Then vision returns, but everything is in zombie-view..Basically this gives you a short time to play as a zombie, basically its half-infected. You can now claw other players, Grab them, or bite them. All of your weapons drop. Also, the voice menu would be changed..The voice would be morphed, and voice lines would include "I feel...Like I need you..." "Som-Something...Is wrong with me" The player model would also be the same UN-infected model. I would love to see a player going up to you as a short-termed controller of a zombie with a normal model and be like "Hey! Got any pil-" (lol). This is also the only way I can see playing as a infected to work, or a separate game mode. another rare symptom example.. Fake death. At the very end of the infection vision, it turns black. You are unconscious on the ground, your immune system managed to calm down the infection a bit but it shuts down your brain for 10 seconds (black-out). After 10 seconds, you get back up, player-controlled as a normal survivor, but the infection restarts once your back up. This would be a rare chance for a player to get more time if he/she didn't have the pills at the time. Turning into an infected awhile your still standing up. Would be pretty scary. (Same thing as player-controlled zombie thing for the first rare infection symptom idea) Energy Drink/Shot An energy drink or a syringe you can find that upon use will raise your health up to 100%, but over time it will go back down to the % you had before you took the shot. A suggestion to NMRIH mappers that I would like to see in maps I personally like maps that give you a feel. What I am saying is, let's say, that at the start of the map it is dark, and the survivors have been through a lot, killing zombies and all of that, losing teammates...They enter this underground place and after clearing out the underground place they find a ladder that leads all the way up to the surface. The ladder is long, and as the first player that climbs the ladder music starts playing, calm music, and the skybox (once you reach the surface) Changes into a morning day, and there is barley any infected around. Similar to this scene from Metal Gear solid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgaYe4ZYYyY More warning signs to health! Now, this really NEEDS to be added. IfPlayerHas100%HP- Normal Screen IfPlayerHas70%HP- Screen with some tiny cut decals IfPlayerHas50%HP- Screen with more, bigger cut decals IfPlayerHas30%HP or Below- Black and white screen with some cut decals Or just another system, just more warning signs to health..Or maybe, holding C could show a health bar along with the compass and objective. I saw someone with an Orange name, and since his screen was just normal, he probably thought he was doing good, so he went up to this runner and the runner just took him out with one hit.