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  1. I think it'd be cool if we could use the fuel can for more than just an ammo item for the chainsaw(s). Such as, being able to equip it and pour gasoline/fuel onto the ground however long you want until it runs out, and then if you have "matches" in your inventory you'll be able to throw one in your puddle or line of gasoline, setting it on fire. It'd be useful for, let's say, on Chinatown, someone's using the torch on the padlock on the gate and the horde is moving towards you. Someone could pour a line of gasoline some feet away from the zombies, and light it on fire. If zombies walk into it, which they will, they'll catch on fire and die easily, but it's also punishable since some could turn into flaming runners. Also more functions with weapons that include different resistance types and damage types, such as with a knife you can slash or stab/pierce.
  2. Thanks for the replies, I hope I get to finish this in the end! I am looking forward to adding puzzles, however the key-items used to open certain doors WILL NOT be glowing, cause it makes it too easy, lol, so puzzles will be tricky and it'd be an adventure having to open certain doors. Think Resident Evil, having to run back and through the mansion having to get key items, etc.
  3. An interior-based map where the survivors stumbled upon a quarantined, strange compound in Western U.S. All the employees seemed to of died due to the disease, as the entire compound is infested. It seems as if there were some military presence here. All of the workers of the compound (employees) lay dead, in their normal black clothing, dead... Will you find your way out? The only objective is to escape the compound successfully. The compass won't be here to help you, there is going to be multiple alternative routes, you basically need to find your own way out of the compound. For most of the routes you'll still need "key items" but like I said, the compass won't be helping you. The only objective is to get out. I'll add more information and pictures later.. Pictures are below.
  4. You could go into hammer editor, spawn a random prop/ragdoll entity, go to properties, and browse the models and type in "zombie" in the filter bar, and it'll give you all the zombie models. Click on one and select "skins" to the right, and it'll give you the list of bodygroups/skins. Or you could try extracting the models and materials to Garrysmod if you have it, and select the skins and stuff.
  5. Joe ain't weird, he's just an average joe.
  6. Then the forums shot itself.
  7. Is it possible to make your own scripted NPCs and port them to NMRIH? This sounds a bet far fetched but I was thinking about it. I was thinking about making Zombie Dogs, or porting zombie dogs, in a way, (not entirely sure) for a map I'm working on, it came to mind after I played through hellgates, a custom map, and saw some different zombie types. Doesn't even have to be as far fetched as a zombie dog npc, just is it possible to code your own NPC in NMRIH? Maybe make a copy of the shambler file and change some values in there and call it a new npc?
  8. When and whenever Source 2 comes out, do you guys think you'd try porting it/making a new NMRIH based on the Source 2 engine? I believe valve already said Source 2 would be available to all developers, modders, etc. Also are there any updates at all? Haven't heard news about NMRIH in awhile.
  9. I've been thinking about these two movies for awhile now (28 Days Later and 28 Weeks later) and I must say, they are great. Now I was thinking about a survival map that is similar to this scene in a way. (I could only find the DayZ Edition! Lol) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqidU6fXwAA What I mean is a survival map similar to this area, with the hill and the house, and an increased runner spawn rate. This has to be one of my favorite scenes from these two movies.
  10. Oh my god, that made me laugh so hard.
  11. Then extreme muslims came out of no where and butchered you after you got conscripted into the U.S Army for some reason. Then Canadians came from the hills and shot up all the extreme muslim terrorists. The world was saved.
  12. How far is it away for the team to fix up the runners? I'm just wondering, they aren't that much of a problem.. They are like the glitchy ones on DayZ Alpha, where they just keep on stopping whenever they get close and you're still moving. Even when you run out of stamina, they still can't catch up to you. They should be a lot more crazier, being able to hit awhile run, their speed sped up a lot, and their animation crazy. I'm just asking, how long away is it for the runners to be.. "fixed" or "re-vamped" or "improved.". Thanks, if you answer.
  13. Sorry if you liked the idea of a map like this--I wasn't liking how it was turning out, so I am making a new map. It will be NMO.
  14. lol, I know what shingles are. That's just a place holder for now until I get more ideas of what to do.