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  1. Don't know any word to describe this, used closest known word, I didn't mean roleplay at all, just realism. And your idea with tracking the teamkillers. It would be very, very hard to do so - what if I have killed lots of players before for any other reasons than being a bastard, in self-defense, because they had pills and in need they refused to share (survival instinct), maybe because they had been blocking my way and zombies were coming for me? Would I get banned for these reasons?
  2. Your idea is valid and quite good (I was lazy to post anything when I have read it for the first time), but I can partially disagree with morality. It would be like... metagame? I mean, it would reveal if someone is a teamkiller or not, even if players didn't meet that guy at all. However, in some cases it's very useful, especially among the newer players. 'In contact' and 'Health' can be merged as 'Status'. Player that is out of range is listed as 'Missing', a player that died in certain radius is listed as 'Deceased' and so on.
  3. Could be an additional option for servers to enable these features, as difficulty levels and additional options are confirmed.
  4. I know it was talked about as I am here almost since the release, but what I wanted to say it's that difficulty levels and additional options are on works or, at least, that they are planned features.
  5. Hey everyone. I have received key for early access of 1.07 today. I decided to make a playthrough, mainly because I wanted to show the new feature of the game - dynamic music which I gotta admit is an awesome addition to the game. However, it's my first two videos I have ever made ( I have no video editing programs to put it into one =D ). Any suggestions or feedback are welcome. Thanks for watching P.S. - Framerate was messed up because I was recording the video.
  6. These difficulty levels and other options sound very promising.
  7. Well, no. Xendrid allowed us to make videos or screenshots, anyway, he encouraged to focus on testing.
  8. The entire thread is about healing player at the end of wave, to prevent survivors killing themselves. I just suggested the curing thing alongside too, for the same reason. I have mentioned, if player is infected/bleeding, the FIRST token would be used to get rid of these negatives. And I'll say again - if you can't read and understand what you have read, don't comment at all.
  9. Can't you read? The post above you written by me suggest the same thing.
  10. I'm not a rifleman, I mean, I don't like having a bulky weapon in my inventory. I do like to be prepared for any situation and a rifle takes too much of space. Because of this reason I ignore any rifles around, unless it's a last resort.
  11. Yes, it's tricky to do so. I have done it dozens of times too, but before recording this video I failed to survive twice in a row unarmed, so I thought it's better to not waste the time and do it in a safer way. Indeed, I wanted to survive to show the 'rescue' music.
  12. I'm sorry to say this, but I am 100% against your idea. These player-controlled zombies would destroy the entire game. Zombies with human-ish behavior and intelligence are beyond co-op boundaries.
  13. I used Fraps since I was not aware of other recording software. I have tried MSI Afterburner as you suggested, I won't say it runs as smoothly as usually, but it's much better. Normally, I don't take any weapons so early, except for an axe or a machete, but in this version of game I felt somehow unsafe for the first time in few months, thanks to your music
  14. Name: Erikas Age: 18 Location: Lithuania, EET (GMT +2) Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Eriixas Laptop Specs: CPU: Pentium Dual-Core T4500 2.3GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 320M (1GB VRAM) RAM: 4GB HDD: 500GB OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit GitHub Account: http://github.com/Eriixas/ Other: Tested a Beta before?: Only once - Heroes and Generals Everything else: no
  15. I do agree that tokens should be handed less often and that they could not expire, but only for a current lifetime - after death all current tokens could be lost and player would respawn with 50 health. Infected or/and bleeding players would respawn as infected or/and bleeding survivor no matter how many tokens they had. Only exception is a player that used pills and infection is stalled for a while. An unforgivable punch to balls indeed, fitting the game description. Players that survived a wave with less than 50% health could 'regenerate' the health up to 50hp before a new wave of hungry zombies comes for them. But what about tokens? Players with one token would ignore the 'regeneration' thing, but instead, they could get 50hp back, and two tokens could heal player to the maximum. If player was infected or is bleeding, the first token would be used to remove these negative effects while other remaining tokens (if any) for healing or in case there are none remaining - the default healing up to 50% would be used. I know it's not perfect, but in my opinion, with a couple additions and corrections it could do well.
  16. The ideas overall are well arranged. I like the part of taking an extra weapon without having it in inventory. Let's imagine a situation: you are cornered, having full inventory of firearms, but you have none melee. You are barehanded at the moment when you suddenly spot a fire axe. You try to take it, but everything that happens is that fire axe starts hovering in the air. Maybe being barehanded at the moment of taking an extra weapon would the main condition to success. Taking an extra item 'into the pockets' might be problematic. In my opinion if a survivor has one more thing than it's limited would result in running disability. While having too much in pockets, two or more pistols kept behind a belt, two rifles strapped over a shoulder it's ain't the best condition to run, is it? Hope so this thread will be read by devs (or if they have already, they will tell us what do they think about this).
  17. Hmmm... How about bandits randomly raiding your safety in survival gamemode on later rounds? Imagine, shootouts, zombies swarming everywhere, who wouldn't like it? The bandits would come there for supplies. Well, talking about bandits, there could be less and more organised ones. I mean less organised would have worse weapons, without any tactics and shit. More organised bandits would be more prepared for a raid. They could have been watching the survivors for a while, so they know where are supplies. If most of supplies are in zone A, their destination is obvious. They would come in, get as many supplies they can and then dissapear - like bank robbers from movies. If a raid was successful, for example, at least half of bandits survived, they would come back for another raid one or two waves later, if they're more organised - they'd come with reinforcements.
  18. The infection is feature that makes this game a real zombie survival game. Still, there is something missing there, I feel that. Also, in one of recent patches the dev team added another feature to make this game even more of survival - bleeding. Bleeding is nothing more than *orgasm sounds* every several seconds for now. I come with a couple ideas for both infection and bleeding. Don't get me wrong, those ideas though are small, so they are important, in my oppinion. Infection could be improved in various, non-complex ways. 1. One of such ways is to make infection spread time based on fatigue. If player used all his stamina, the infection is spreading much faster, let's say 1,5x time. When player regain his former stamina, his infection spread is slower again. The idea is based on heartbeat rate. I believe, the game's infection is spread by blood, isn't it? Faster heartbeat rate means fast infection spread and while being idle - slower. 2. While infected and pills are not consumed, most of advanced players delay use of pills as long as possible (including me). My suggestion is that delaying more time make pills work for less time. Simple enough, but I'd say it's worth to consider adding that. The bleeding is plain, I'd like to keep that, but improving visual and sound effects. Sound effects - it would be simple enough to have moaning sounds while bleeding every fifteen or so seconds voiced by all voice actors for each set of voice. While talking about visual effects, I could suggest base it on heartbeat rate too. As faster it is, more noticeable it become. It could be permanent until player is bandaged, unlike it's now for a split of second. Also same goes to the damage, faster heatbeat rate - more damage is inflicted. Any comments about infection and bleeding are welcome.
  19. I do fully agree with you since most of players think it's hard enough as it is now.
  20. My point is that Resistance of infection can be used to trick players. I won't say that it could happen so frequently, but think of it as more challenge. Anyway, I think even if you resisted quick infection that way, you are infected anyway and a hour or a day later you will end up as a zombie (without of use of pills). Besides that, it can be an improvement for Realism mode, I consider it would fit.
  21. I've an idea for that. In the initial supply drop, the crate contains only weapons, maybe a bottle of pills or a healthkit In later supply drops the crate ontains only ammo, bandages, pills and medkits.
  22. What if sometimes, when a healthy survivor is bitten, the signs of infection shows up, for example, a minute later? Just imagine, you were bitten and you told yourself 'oh, thanks God, I'm not infected' with a big relief. A fellow teammate asks for pills soon, you don't know you are infected yet, and you given a bottle of pills. Later it turns out you're infected too, but there are no pills anywhere to find. You end up as a zombie... So does your friend.
  23. You're right, of course. That was my idea indeed.
  24. I'd say infection rate climbing could be applied on Realism mode only, I don't see anything bad by that.
  25. But for instance, being idle makes the infection slower than now, but while moving it gets faster. It would be useful for players to stay while their friends go and get pain pills or something.