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  1. I've been gone for a while now but keep up the great work. Awesome to see 1.05 coming along well.
  2. An open map with more than two places to cade into... Personally, if you block me out, I'm going to remember your name.
  3. This might just compete with NMRiH for me. Free to play can work.
  4. I agree. This game could do a lot with more action. However, the kind of action you suggest, more gunplay, is not what I'm looking for. I want more mundane tasks. More map interaction... more 'puzzles'... nuanced and intelligent gameplay to the backdrop of a massive zombie apocalypse. I'm hoping a map I make will work to that end. Beyond that... I have faith in the devs.
  5. Pay attention to the game. You do have a bag! Certain things also show up on your hip when they are in your inventory... so if you are turning and need falanx... maybe go and kill the guy who is carying it. Opening things is certainly doable within the bound of the engine... just up to the mappers.
  6. ArmA has a set-up where the 'head' is separated from the rifle. Now its not always like that, its more a toggled feature that only really becomes useful when some sort of Head Tracker is used, but it really does help with situational awareness and immersion (specifically with head tracking). Now, and I feel this will be the problem, afaik source MP's version of 'hit detection' is a check system of the position of both entities, attacker/receiver, from the attacker it will track from the player's 'head' or, as in another game BF2, where the server detects the client's weapon orientation. I'm skeptical about sharpeye working in MP situations without some really clever cgf skills.
  7. Pretty much a story focused survival epic where the zombies are the least of the threats and social interaction (with words or lead) is the main motivator. Combat would be fun but also not sustainable for the long term; a harsh unforgiving Stamina Mechanic would be a must, at least 1000 zombies on screen at a time (but rarely happens), a combat system like the condemned series, incredibly detailed deaths... like if a person is ran over have all broken bones simulated, the broken spinal column like jelly... a bloated black and blue belly... really nasty graphic stuff here... all to show you how ugly this world really is.
  8. 1. Effectively a Class system? You'll have a tough time convincing me we need character specific 'special abilities'. I'll deal with simple things like if you're the girl you can crouch smaller and fit in tiny holes. I'll even be fine with certain characters having maybe one more hit to health or maybe better/worse stamina... but don't be giving them "Wards" like in Hunter the Reckoning here. 2. Only Walkers or Runners? Gah no. Understand that the Runners are just enjoying a lack of rigormortis... all zombies are the same Romero esque shambler after some time. Mutants these are not... just the literal dead walking. 3. More barricade options? Already sorta ingame, the big problem is that Zombies don't have a way to counter this yet. But I'd hope its on the to large do list for this small dev team. 4. Falling Animation. Well... its not needed... but if they get the chance why not? 5. More animations. Good animators are hard to come by. There are countless things that animators could do instead of treating death in a more dramatic way. 6. No. No. No. No. No. 7. Reduce Child damage? Perhaps... they are easy kills though, despite their shortness. 8. Locking doors. This can be done simply through mapper skill... the only issue I could see would be that the zombies probably wouldn't be able to break the door down. This = too easy. 9. Better Zombie spawn mechanics. Afaik being worked on. I would assume a mapper is also responsible for this. 10. Key items go to inventory. Agreed. Probably in the works. Sadly its probably harder then we think it is.
  9. Nice to see some beams and such ^^. I was very in agreement with Maxx when I saw some of that.... but I figured it could just be place holders and what not. Forgive people if they assume that when you show them a brush box that it will stay a brush box. Heavily suggest modernizing that house a bit... it looks like it was built in the 1800's! All this means is the wall textures need to look more current and not log houseish. I know there are a lack of models and that this house doesn't appear to be modern or current but think along these lines when making a map... these houses need to feel organic (nmo_Cabin doesn't feel organic at all). A beach house is a really awesome idea for a map and could really set up a good different feeling if you really play up the fact that this is a beach house. A lot of brights, maybe bloodied and scorched due to the apocalypes in process.
  10. While I love the detail in your room I question the value of it. Its very tight and couldn't possibly support more than one person... and I would figure the Zeds would easily make escaping that room impossible. However, great looking map, I will certainly love to play it when its done. Would you release your models to be used by others?
  11. *Troll-face* I hope this doesn't affect reproduction... imagine if all babies are just dead alive anyways... Would go with the whole pro-choice thought that life begins at Birth... ;D *badum tish* Seriously don't take my post seriously.
  12. Maybe there could be 'medium' collision. Like a hard center that you can not walk through? The whole reason we have this Hard Collision was feedback over the no-collision resulting in tons of FF melee kills. The last thing I want to see in another Zombie game is lack of FF. So like a center cylinder of the player model is hard collision then put on a soft collision.
  13. +111111 to the first suggestion. SharpeYe is something I myself will look into now as well. I play PR:ArmA (a mod of ArmA) and use the free look feature alot and it reminds me of it a little. Depth hud... eh.. wouldn't mind seeing it in action but I really want Selfawareness.
  14. Just because it might be implemented doesn't mean it will work. If you want to try and crack the SourceMP Vehicle nut go ahead and do it. I'd rather the devs focus on more important game mechanics than a gimmick that just has a history of never working out in the engine they use.
  15. If the maps were on the order of STALKER maps... sure... but this is SourceMP. I think, while a nice gimmick if mappers want to try it (I have), it should not be a gameplay factor. The most I see happening is already done in Survival Maps where you bring supplies back to the points. Just assume that includes foodstuffs and you are eating whenever a zombie isn't around.