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  1. I just tested the mods commands I found, there I found the npc "npc_national_guard". I tested it with the command npc_Create_aimed as the normal npc_Create doesn't exists. whyever?? Now I have the Question: When do the National Guards fully work. I know they already have weapons anims + they can walk but A: Zombies ignore them. B: They ignore zombies and us(if they're supposed to attack us). and C: They only spawn with the m16 (C isn't a problem but National Guards with mp5s or shotguns aren't wrong or? So can you tell me in which patch/release they are useful for custom maps
  2. 1. Some new Characters... 2. I would like to have some big or very big maps like chinatown with a little survival setting meaning that the zombies come from an ending of a map and are roaming the empty city. Players start scattered in buildings and maybe add some Npcs like cops or civilians who are shooting/fleeing through the city and get infected when killed. It's pretty the same like a normal survival map but bigger and like a pre-outbreak map where the infection is infesting the city and isn't already infected. 3. Hmm, that's hard, a third option. I choose Different zombie types like Cops that holster pistols and maybe stunbatons as a new melee weapon that have a 1/2 chance to drop when killed and fat zombies that are slow or national guard zombies that have bulletproof-vests.
  3. thanks for fast reply. I will note that okay.